The Health Captains Club Heidelberg Forum 2023: European Health Summit aims to finding ways for Accelerating the Adoption of Innovation in Healthcare by connecting Healthcare Leaders to jointly learn, collaborate, and shape healthcare.
We will therefore:
  • Create two highly interactive days full of impulses, joint learning, and exploring ideas for innovation in healthcare
  • Provide the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals wanting to shape healthcare 
  • Together identify practical ways to accelerate the adoption of innovation
First Confirmed Chairs and Keynote Speakers
Our moderators. keynote speakers and panelists represent the wide spectrum of experts in THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB - from global enterprise executives to entrepreneurs and public health leaders

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB HEIDELBERG FORUM inaugurated on March 27-29, 2022 and is now being continued on April 16-18, 2023

Prof. Dr. dipl.-ing.
Dr. Serena Graziosi

Professor for Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnical University of Milan, Italy
Dr. Guiseppe Bonacorso

Vice President, Head of Decision Science & Digital Health Data Science
Bayer, Berlin, Germany
Elizabeth Ziemba

Founder and President, Medical Tourism
Newport, RI, USA

Women's Health Care Concierge Writer
Miami, Florida, USA

CEO, GI Digital
CIO, CorporateHealth Int.
new york, NY, USA

Chief Transformation Officer, HMM
Moers, Germany
Dr. Martin Seifert

Founder and CEO, Connexome
Munich, Germany

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital
Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Christoph Sensen

Szeged Csongrád, Hungar

Ph.D., MSc. Eng.
Yayoi Sakaki

Founder & CEO Project Ipsilon, Piano Teacher
Tokyo, Japan



Düsseldorf, Germany  
Ernst Martin Walsken

Founder Health 4.0
Cologne, Germany

Prof. Dr. med.
Surgery/Traumatology & Management in Medicine
Drees & Sommer SE

healthcare management specialist

Founder Healthcare Shapers
Eltville, Germany
Dr. Jasna Sabljo-Mill

CEO Dental Hospital
Freiburg, Germany

Vice President Global Marketing, BIOTRONIK
Berlin, Germany
You are welcome as Speaker
Health Summit Heidelberg
April 16-18, 2023
Dr. H. N. Nagaraj

MBBS, D.Ortho, MS Ortho, Deepak Hospital
Bangalore, India

President OF THE
The Keynotes - The Panels - The Debates. The Heidelberg Forum is a place where ideas become actionable. While the keynotes are meant to spark big ideas, the panels go into the details, leading to debates between all participants that should create concrete next steps.
Don't miss out.
Register by April 15. We look forward to seeing you there.

COVID-19 Aspects
We are fully committed to a safe event and will therefore implement at least all the official guidelines at the time of the event.
Pre-Conference  - April 16, 2023, 10:00-14:00
Chaired by the Francfort-Tel Aviv Twin Chapter of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB
|     10:00
at the Old Town Café Knösel anno 1863
WELCOME @ HEIDELBERG FORUM - start with a visit in the Old Town of the 1386 funded University Heidelberg by meeting HEALTH CAPTAINS @ Heidelberg's oldest café Knösel. Founded in 1863, it soon established itself as a popular meeting place for respectable citizens, professors and numerous students till today. Speciality: “Heidelberger Studentenkuss” (“student kiss”) – Anyone who has gotten that little present could hope for more than just a glance. Location: Haspelgasse 20, D-69117 Heidelberg, www.cafeknoesel-hd.de (self-pay, first come, first serve)
|     12:00
HEALTH CAPTAINS follows the "Schnefter-Walk" as you Talk-Students Tradition for “The Heidelberg Perspective” anno 1386
With a world leading medical faculty since 1388 Heidelberg is one of the leading European Health Sciences Clusters with the Heidelberg University, the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research and many more. It enables a powerful international pharma-, biotech-, medtech- and healthcare provider industry from Mainz to Basel, from, Frankfurt to Strasbourg. Formerly the "Rhine-Silicon-Valley" infront of the door was "THE PHARMCIE OF THE WORLD" we want to give together a WAKE-UP-CALL for "MOONSHOTS for EUROPE" and beyond for 360º NEXT GENERATION HEALTHCARE.

Guided HEALTH CAPTAINS WALK through the Old University Town.
Opening Ceremony and Reception - April 16, 2023, 18:00-22:00
|     18:00
HEALTH-Apéro Heidelberg: “The European Perspective”
Once you have arrived in Old Heidelberg, make yourself acquainted at our Welcome Reception with your fellow participants and members of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB. Grab a glas of wine or your favorite beverage to be well hydrated before starting coming together with other members and our guests of the evening
|      18:15
Welcome Note -
Dr. Caroline von Kretschmann, CEO Europäischer Hof Heidelberg
Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, President of The Health Captains Club
The European perspective on Leadership & Entrepreneurship in healthcare: “Health is a responsibility of the entire society”.
Providing leadership for sustainable health to navigate towards 
One Health
|      18:30
Medicine, Science, Art and Music – a welcome to all Health Captains and Guests
|      19:00
Women in Healthcare - Leadership and Equity
When there is equitable representation of women in the development of healthcare innovation and the delivery of healthcare, patients see better outcomes, companies higher returns, and society reaches more goals.

Female leaders are presenting case studies of successful leadership and a framework to achieve gender equity to engage participants of The Health Captains Club Heidelberg Forum in this crucial journey.
|      21:00
End of the official Opening Ceremony
Thank you for taking part cultivating that Health is a responsibility of the entire society. TOGETHER FIRST. Leadership starts with you - welcome on Board @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.
|      21:00
Europa Bar
Reflect on the welcome, the concert, and the keynote. Discuss with your fellow guests and try THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB COCKTAIL from Manhattan and Föhr Islands at the Europa Bar – with Faith, Love, and Hope.

Open End.
Heidelberg Forum Day 1 - April 17, 2023
|      8:30
Coffee and Conversation
Once you have arrived at the Hotel Europäischer Hof, make yourself acquainted with your fellow participants and members of the Health Captains Club. Grab a coffee, tea, or favorite beverage to be well hydrated before the start of two days of inspiration
|      9:00
Welcome - Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet and the Organizing Committee

Introducing the headline topic for the 2nd European Health Summit Heidelberg Forum:

"Accelerating the Adoption  of Innovation in Healthcare"
|      9:15-10:45
Panel Discussion - Adoption of Innovation in Healthcare
Innovation is the journey from invention to solution. We have witnessed incredible innovation in healthcare from DNA sequencing to robotic surgery.; from penicillin to COVID-19 vaccines. Innovation that can save thousands and millions of lives, But still their adoption is slow and riddled with barriers and hurdles. Why? And how can that be overcome?

Prof. Serena Graziosi, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
Dr. H. N. Nagaraj, MBBS, D.Ortho, MS Ortho, Deepak Hospital, Bangalore, India
Prof. Christoph Sensen, HCEMMSzeged, Csongrád, Hungary
Prof. Michael Friebe, Director CIBE - Center for Innovation, Business Development & Entrepreneurship, FOM Essen, Germany
Dr. Dirk Evers, Dirk Evers Consulting, Braunschweig, Germany
|      11:00-12:30
Panel Discussion - Artificial Intelligence
The panel discusses the keynote and expands into the diverse aspects of how Artificial Intelligence impacts healthcare from all angles: diagnosis, intervention, prevention, governance, and much more

Dr. Guiseppe Bonacorso, Vice President, Head of Decision Science & Digital Health Data Science, Bayer, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Anita Puppe, Medudoc and IBM iX, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Martin Seifert, Founder and CEO, Connexome, Munich, Germany

further panelists to be confirmed
|      12:30 
Lunch and Debates
The welcome note, first keynote, and initial panel will have sparked questions, ideas, comments. Over a light lunch, it's time to get to know fellow participants and Health Captains to debate those.
|      14:00-15:30
Panel Discussion - The Patient and their voice 
While healthcare should ultimately always serve the patient, capturing their voices in the development and adoption of innovation presents a challenge so large, that it is often dismissed altogether.

The panel discusses strategies and tactics that lead to a greater presence of patients in healthcare innovation and shows what benefits that can bring to all relevant stakeholders

Dr. Tobi Ash, MBA, BSN, RN, Women's Health Care Concierge, Miami, FL, USA
Dr. Jasna Sabljo-Mill, CEO Dental Hospital, Freiburg, Germany
Dr. Sarai Pahla, (MD) MBChB, Digitalist, Düsseldorf, Germany
Alexander Stanke, Vice President Global Marketing & Market Access, BIOTRONIK, Berlin, Germany
Elizabeth Ziemba, JD, MPH, Founder and President, Medical Tourism, Newport, RI, USA

|      15:30
Coffee and Debates
Coffeine and sugar are the foundation for afternoon debates before the last panel of the day
|      16:30-18:00
Panel Discussion - Prevention
Our healthcare systems are focused on healing, while preventing a disease in the first place would be a much more beneficial strategy. However, incentives are often misaligned and introducing innovation for prevention struggles with many of the same issues as innovation in healing does. 

Ernst Martin Walskes, Founder Health 4.0

further panelists to be confirmed
|      18:00 
|      18:30
The traditional Philosophers' Walk - "Heidelberg Schnefter"
Visting “Schlangenpfad” (Winding Path), the Old Bridge, Student Prision – The Student Prision was established in 1780s and was in operation until 1914 – and The Old University – founded in 1386 Heidelberg is German`s oldest University. The Medical Faculty was established in 1388 – The Heidelberg University School of Medicine has been consistently ranked as the top medical school in Germany.
|      20:00
Reception and Dinner Night at The Wirtshaus „Zum Seppl“ in the Old Town
Take a Seat midst the History of Heidelberg. The restaurant "zum Seppl" belongs to this town like the castle belongs to the old bridge. Since the late 17th century, young students and citizens have met here for social purposes and to enjoy mugs of beer at this worldwide unique place in the heart of Heidelberg.

Please add your dinner ticket at registration
Heidelberg Forum Day 2 - April 18, 2023
|      6:00
Start active
Join fellow participants for a guided run along the Neckar, or fitness in the gym
|      8:30
Coffee and Welcome Back: Summary Day 1
Start of the second day at The Hotel Europäischer Hof
|      9:00-10:30
Panel Discussion - The European and Global Perspective 
Healthcare is inherently global with diseases common across the world - and not just since the COVID-19 pandemic. But solutions to innovate are mostly granular and local.
Learn from leaders that make local solutions global and implement global innovation locally.

Prof. Dragan Primorac, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia
Yayoi Sakaki, Founder & CEO Project Ipsilon and Piano Teacher, Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Hagen Wenzek, CEO GI Digital, New York, NY, USA

Further panelists to be confirmed
|      11:00-12:30
Panel Discussion - Heidelberg, Europe, and the World 
Heidelberg, the Rhein-Neckar Region, and the German state of Baden-Württemberg are not just the host for the Heidelberg Forum, but hot spots for innovation in healthcare. From the Heidelberg University to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory - EMBL -, leading edge innovation can be found here.
Who is doing the most exciting work and how can you participate and learn from the best?

Günther Illert, Founder Healthcare Shapers, Eltville, Germany

Further panelists to be confirmed
|      12:30 
Closing Remarks
After a summary from your hosts, the European Health Summit Heidelberg Forum adjourns.

Club members will stay on for CORE meetings and a light lunch can be taken at the restaurant before heading back
May 18-22, 2023 @ www.healthcaptains.events
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB ISLANDCYCLE Föhr-Amrum-Sylt "The Davos Perspective" 
October, 2023 @ www.healthcaptains.events
“The International Perspective” @ International Club
February 20-22, 2024 @ www.healthcaptains.events
“One Health & Sustainability Brainpools” @ Föhr
The Brain.
April 14-16, 2024 @ www.europeanhealthsummit.org
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB HEIDELBERG FORUM “The European Perspective” @ Europäischer Hof
Conference Location
 Der Europäische Hof Heidelberg

With a world leading medical faculty since 1388 Heidelberg is one of the leading European Health Sciences Clusters with the Heidelberg University, the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research and many more. It enables a powerful international pharma-, biotech-, medtech- and healthcare provider industry from Mainz to Basel, from, Frankfurt to Strasbourg.

By invitation only. Reception April 16th, 2023 max. 250 Participants. Conference 17th-18th April, 2023 max. 100 Participants

Location: Hotel Europäischer Hof , Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 1 , 69117 Heidelberg / Germany

Language: English – the language of medicine and the official language of
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB welcomes their CO-HOSTS for their support to make the Heidelberg Forum a success and to built and to run the additional Tracksystem for the EUROPEAN HEALTH SUMMIT HEIDELBERG together. We welcome further inquiries. Please contact the President`s Office.
The Heidelberg Forum Program Committee
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Board Members invites for every FORUM & SYMPOSIUM a Program Committee to review the Schedule, the Locations and the Panels with their Speakers and Chairpersons. The Program Committee also invites the CO-HOSTS and supports their additional Conference Program with Chairs and Speakers.
The Program Committee welcomes Dr. Hartmut Lang as Chair
Posted march 23, 2022
Hartmut Lang is born in Germany, 58, married with three children. He is responsible for regional development of health, education and labour market in the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Area, based in Mannheim.
The regional health strategy for the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Area aims to improve patient-centred care integrating stakeholders across sectors and federal state borders including digitised processes as well as financing instruments. 
Former assignments include Director HR at BASF Schwarzheide, BASF SE Ludwigshafen and BASF Corp. USA. He graduated from Heidelberg University with a Ph.D. in Theology having studied also in Berlin, Edinburgh and Harvard.
The Program Committee welcomes Oscar Gaspar from Portugal as Speaker
Posted march 13, 2022
Oscar Gaspar is a (52-year-old) economist, married and with children.
He was Chief of Staff for the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Budget and worked as Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister from 2005 to 2009 and Secretary of State for Health from 2009 to 2011. 
Oscar Gaspar is currently the President of the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitals (APHP), member of the Board of the Confederation of Portuguese Business (CIP) and Vice President of the National Strategic Health Council of CIP.

He is a member of the Economic and Social Council (CES), of the National Health Council (CNS) and of the National Public Health Council (CNSP).
He is also vice-president of the European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP).”

The Program Committee welcomes Paolo Silvano as Speaker
Posted march 13, 2022
Paolo Silvano is an Italian citizen who has spent most of his career abroad, particularly in the US, Poland and mostly France. He holds a Law Degree from University of Torino (Italy), and an MBA from Harvard Business School (Boston, USA).
Upon finishing graduate school, he worked for many years in the strategic consultancy for leading industrial companies in Italy, Poland and France..
In 2004 Paolo switched industry completely and joined Générale de Santé in Paris, one of the largest private healthcare providers in Europe, as COO. In 2010 he joined the Mangement Board of the fledgling Vivalto Santé Group in Rennes, where he helped developing the group from 3 to over 30 private hospitals in France. 
After almost 3 years as Deputy General Manager of ELSAN, one of the leaders of the healthcare industry in France, where he was responsible for Human Resources, Transformation, IT, and International Operations (2 hospitals in Morocco), he currently holds the position of Senior Advisor for Elsan. He sits on the Boards of FHP-MCO, UEHP, and of the insurance company Relyens »

The Program Committee welcomes Francesco Venneri as Speaker
Posted march 13, 2022
Born in Italy . Medical School graduate at Florence University.
Emergency surgeon and physician, Clinical Risk Manager and Patient Safety Official of Florence Healthcare Service. Post Graduate Residency Attending Surgeon at New York Medical College assigned to Montefiore Trauma and Emergency Dept. in south east Bronx . Scientific Board Coordinator of the Tuscany Region Patient Safety Center ; Secretary General of the Italian Network for Safety in Healthcare and member of Quality and Safety Committee of the Italian Association of Hospital Surgeons (ACOI).Consultant of Forensics of the Italian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (SIED). Author of numerous pubblications in the field of emergency medicine, emergency surgery and critical care ; main author of the chapter on “Safe Surgery Saves Lives” in the Textbook edited by Springer “Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Management”. Professor of quality and patient safety in the faculties of human sciences, medicine and nursing training in Florence, Milan and Rome.
The Program Committee welcomes Prof. Dr. Michael Friebe as Speaker
Posted march 13, 2022
Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Friebe is a German citizen with expertise in diagnostic imaging + image guided therapies, as founder/innovator/CEO/investor, and research scientist. After a BSc. in electrical engineering he spend 5 years in San Francisco as R&D Engineer at a MRI and Ultrasound device manufacturer. In that time he graduated with a MSc. in Technology Management from Golden Gate University, San Francisco and back in Germany obtained his PhD in Medical Physics from the University of Witten.
Dr. Friebe currently is a research fellow of TUM in Munich, an adjunct professor at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, and a professor of HealthTec Innovation at the medical faculty of Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg, Germany.
He is a listed inventor of more than 100 patents, author of >300 scientific contributions, has started well over 25 medical technology start-ups, is a board member of four medical technology startup companies, and an investment partner of a MedTec investment-fund.
He is an IEEE Senior Member and was from 2016-2018 Distinguished Lecturer of the EMBS teaching innovation generation and future oriented MedTec translation/entrepreneurship from bench to bedside especially in combination with exponential technologies and by employing interdisciplinary approaches within an ethical and patient-benefit centered environment.

The Program Committee declares synchronized patient saftey management and scaleable patient centric outcome based medicine in Europe as one of the key topics for the EUROPEAN HEALTH SUMMIT Heidelberg April 16-18, 2023
Posted march 3, 2022
Dr. Peter Gausmannn is a member of the Medical Board of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and a Thought Leader and Expert since decades in Patient Saftey Management.

Dr. Katarzyna Zarychta joined the Program Committee
Posted February 12, 2022
Dr. Katarzyna Zarychta is a multilingual European Thought Leader since decades in Health Sciences Business.

Equipped with a PhD in Laser Physics Laboratory and two graduate degrees specialising in Physics and Biomedical Engineering, then completing Harvard’s Executive Entrepreneurship Programs her expertise is in investigating and cultivating new trends in healthcare pioneered countless innovative solutions in Telehealth, Telemedicine, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Electronic Health Records (eHRS), General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, and more.

Dr. Katarzyna Zarychta joined the program committee for to contribute with her international background towards the 360º-Perspective of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB HEIDELBERG FORUM: "360º Next Generation Healthcare - navigating Smart Health powered by Smart Healthcare Business - in Europe an beyond".
Dr. Ali Tinazli joined the Program Committee
Posted February 1, 2022
Dr. Ali Tinazli is a accomplished strategic business leader and visionary thought leader since decades in the biomedical industry. Currently he serves as CEO of Lifespin:

"At lifespin, we have a unique opportunity to better understand human biology using cutting edge methods in physics and data science. These insights promise improved and new solutions for medicine as well as pharmaceutical research. With our data tools, we can not only develop new, digital biomarkers for the prognosis and diagnosis of complex diseases such as Parkinson's, but also comprehensively measure the physiology of humans."

Dr. Ali Tinazli joined the program committee to contribute with his background towards the 360º-Perspective of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB HEIDELBERG FORUM: "360º Next Generation Healthcare - navigating Smart Health powered by Smart Healthcare Business - in Europe an beyond".
The Program Committee is chaired by the President
Posted october 27, 2021
In the aftermath of the World Health Summit 2021 in Berlin, THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB held its first GRAND ROUND BERLIN. An Brainpool Panel Event of key thought leaders @ International Club. The President announced the HEIDELBERG FORUM March 28th-29th, 2022 with a call for proposals by the Clubs CORE-Teams and THINK-TANK`s.

Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet studied Medicine at the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg and Paris. He is the Founder and President of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.
Dr. Hagen Wenzek from NY joined the Program Committee
Posted November 1, 2021
Dr Hagen Wenzek, New York, is the co-founder of CorporateHealth International, a European venture that brings tele-endoscopy using video capsule technology to widespread use. At IBM in 2003 he created the first business model for remote monitoring of CHF patients and in 2008 led the development of the IBM cloud computing strategy. As global CTO of Interpublic Group Mediabrands (IPG) in 2012 he established their first Big Data infrastructure. Since 2013 Hagen is supporting technology-led service businesses gain scale. These engagements range from short-term strategy developments (data, technology, general business) to full operational responsibility at CorporateHealth International.

Hagen is Member of the Advisory-Board and the Chair of the Berlin-NY-Chapter of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.
Dr. Thomas Hopfe, MD & Publisher from Berlin joined the Program Committee
Posted November 15, 2021
Thomas Hopfe, MD, is founder, owner and publishing director of the Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Berlin. Thomas Hopfe is a specialist in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. He studied Medicine at Heidelberg University and worked at the Berlin Free University Hospital for seven years before he turned to the publishing business. He started his publishing career in Munich as Editorial Director for Professional Medicine at Urban & Schwarzenberg Publishers (Holtzbrinck Group) and moved to Springer-Verlag Heidelberg ten years later as Editorial Director in the field of Medicine. Having initiated and conceived more than 1,500 book publications, Thomas Hopfe is an experienced coach and advisor for complex assignments in publishing and communication.

Thomas is a Member of the Board of Experts of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.
Dr. Alexandra Jorzig, Medical Lawyer and Expert in Digitalization joined the Program Committee
Posted November 30, 2021
Professor Alexandra Jorzig is the founder and CEO of the Jorzig Law Firm Berlin & Düsseldorf being focused on Medical Law in Health Care and Health Industry. Alexandra Jorzig studied law at the Ruhr University in Bochum. The doctorate was awarded at the University of Leipzig. She has been working as a lawyer and specialist lawyer for medical law for over 20 years. Here she advises and represents doctors, hospitals and other medical service providers nationwide in all questions of medical and health law.

Alexandra is Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.
Carla Saraiva Mertens joined the Program Committee
Posted december 1, 2021
Carla Saraiva Mertens lives in Heidelberg and is the Head of Marketing for DACH and member of Leadership Team at Abbott Core Diagnostics in Wiesbaden. She has over 16 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry where she worked in different roles at national and international level. She drives the marketing core diagnostic business and has a huge experience in product launches and Go-To-market Strategies. In her career innovation and digitalization play an important role. She has developed digital services and products always focusing the on the process optimization for better patient healthcare. Carla speaks fluently 4 languages, holds a University master’s degree in business administration and different advanced trainings in Coaching and Leadership from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and from the Harvard Business Publishing, US.

Carla is a Member of the Board of Ambassadors of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and Co-Chair of the Heidelberg-Paris-Chapter.
Dr. Thomas Wolfram, M.D., MBA joined the Program Committee
Posted december 10, 2021
Dr. Thomas Wolfram is a Specialist in surgery / accident surgery with Diploma as Health Economist / MBA. He has been a member of the Executive Board, Health and IT SRH Holding Heidelberg and Chairman of the Board SRH Clinics GmbH Heidelberg followed by 2013-2016 being the COO of Asklepios Kliniken GmbH and 2016-2018 the CEO of Asklepios Kliniken GmbH and CoKGaA. In 2019 he founded his own company, the Dr. Thomas Wolfram Consulting.

Thomas is a Member of the Medical Board of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and a member of the founding Faculty for the Leadership Academy of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE.
Call for College recruits!
Posted January 1, 2022
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB COLLEGE will launch with its first class of students at the Island Symposium in Föhr May 2023 to start the leadership academy. Apply now for a seat in the classroom.

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE is the Leadership Academy for Health 4.0 and One Health to shape the Excellence of “360-Degree Next-Generation multiprofessional and international Leadership for the HEALTH INDUSTRY, HEALTH SCIENCES and HEALTH POLICY” together in Europe and beyond.
Join the Program Committee of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB for HEIDELBERG, the ISLANDCYCE Föhr-Amrum-Sylt or for BERLIN. 
Posted december 1, 2021
The Club CORE´s can also act as Panel Program Committee for our SYMPOSIA - also you are invited to become a member of one of the Program Committees - contact the President's Office please to come on Board - Leadership starts with you:

  • THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB HEIDELBERG FORUM – “The European Perspective” - April 16th-18th, 2023

  • THE ISLANDCYCLE FÖHR-AMRUM-SYLT powered by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB – “The Davos Perspective” - May 26th-30th, 2022

  • THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB BERLIN FORUM – “The International Perspective” @ Oct 19th-20th, 2022

The University Hospital of Heidelberg is one of the largest Medical Centers in the Federal Republic of Germany behind the Charité in Berlin and the LMU Klinikum in Munich. It is closely linked to Heidelberg University Medical School (Heidelberg University Faculty of Medicine) which was founded in 1388 and is thus the oldest within the Federal Republic of Germany.

Heidelberg University, officially the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, (German: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg; Latin: Universitas Ruperto Carola Heidelbergensis) is a public research university in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Founded in 1386 on instruction of Pope Urban VI, Heidelberg is Germany's oldest university and one of the world's oldest surviving universities. It was the third university established in the
Holy Roman Empire.

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