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COVID-19 Aspects
We are fully committed to a safe event and will therefore implement at least all the official guidelines at the time of the event. That includes especially a requirement to be fully vaccinated, possibly including a booster shot -
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June 23, 2022
Open Bar June 22, 2022 9pm-11pm
Only for Members and their Guests: June 22, 2022 starting 9pm @ International Club Berlin (ICB), Thüringer Allee 5-11, 14052 Berlin , Germany
|      20:15
OPEN BAR in the First Floor @ ICB
360º Networking and Synapting between Members and their Guests.
|      23:45
|      00:00
Visit our Homepage  of  THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB online before the HEALTHApéro June 23, 2022 - you are welcome to be on Board! 
Schedule HEALTHApéro June 23,2022
June 23, 2022 @ International Club Berlin (ICB)
Thüringer Allee 5-11, 14052 Berlin , Germany
|      18:00
Come together
|      18:45
Welcome by Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, President of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and the Co-HOSTS of this Event. 
What is next at THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB? Call for Speakers and Authors for "360º Next Generation Healthcare - Smart Health powered by Smart Healthcare Business":


THCC HEIDELBERG FORUM April 16th-18th 2023 - "The European Perspective" - 2. European Health Summit @ Hotel Europäischer Hof Heidelberg

THCC ISLANDCYCLE FÖHR-AMRUM-SYLT May 18th-22th 2023 - "Celebrating 20 Years of the Health Captains Think-Tank - from Island-centered towards World-centered for scaleable sustainable solutions for 360º Next Generation Healthcare"

THCC 360º Next Generation international Book Project - introducing the Board of Editors.
|      19:00
„The National versus the European Perspective – what is next in Healthcare?” - Keynote to empower our Apéro:
Holger Baumann, Geschäftsführer der Städtischen Kliniken Köln

Dr. Karl Liese, Co-Chair European Healthcare Practice, McKinsey&Company

Taking the Challenge to synchronize National with European Strategies and Actionplans.

Powered by The Berlin - New York Chapter of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB 
- Dr. Hagen Wenzek - New York (Chair Advisory Board)
- Michael Lange - Geschäftsführer Prospitalia GmbH (Board of Ambassdors)
- Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet - Föhr Island (President)
|      19:15 
Debates - Discuss with our Keynotespeakers
|      19:30 
Networking and Synapting
|      20:45
Summary: The rapporteurs
What did we hear - from the keynotes and during the debates
|      21:00
End of the official HEALTHApéro Ceremony
Thank you for taking part cultivating that Health is a responsibility of the entire society. TOGETHER FIRST. Leadership starts with you - welcome on Board @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.
|      21:00
Manhattan on the Rocks at the Club Bar
Reflect on the welcome, the concert, and the keynote. Discuss with your fellow guests and try the exclusive THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB COCKTAIL from Manhattan and Föhr Islands at the International Club Bar – with Faith, Love, and Hope.

Open End.
HEALTHApéro Location

The "International Club Berlin (ICB)" was founded on the basis of the friendly links which have grown over many decades between the United Kingdom and the city of Berlin. European unity and the new role of the reunited city of Berlin as an international metropolis were considerable driving forces in the move to found the club.

The idea of the ICB was to provide a space for international encounter whilst at the same time cultivating the special style and character of the former British Officers' Club in Berlin. The club promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences between citizens and representatives from the worlds of politics, business, art and culture in Berlin and members of the international community who have made their home in the German capital city.

By invitation only. June 23, 2022 max. 100 Participants

Location: International Club Berlin e.V. ,

Thüringer Allee 5-11 , 14052 Berlin / Germany

Language: English – as the language of medicine and the official language of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and German.
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB welcomes their CO-HOSTS for their synapting comunity support and input towards 360º Next Generation Healthcare Solutions. We welcome further inquiries.
Please contact the President`s Office.
The Berlin Forum
Program Committee
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Board Members invites for every FORUM & SYMPOSIUM a Program Committee to review the Schedule, the Locations and the Panels with their Speakers and Chairpersons. The Program Committee also invites the CO-HOSTS and supports their additional Conference Program with Chairs and Speakers.
The Program Committee is chaired by the President
Posted November 1, 2021
In the aftermath of the World Health Summit in Berlin, THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB held its first Grand Round. An intimate panel event of key thought leaders in Berlin. The President announced the HEIDELBERG FORUM March 28th-29th, 2022 as the first "European Health Summit" powered by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB with a call for proposals by the Clubs CORE-Teams and THINK-TANK`s.
Call for College recruits!
Posted October 21, 2021
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB COLLEGE will launch with its first class of students at the Island Symposium in Föhr May 26-29, 2022 to start the leadership academy. Apply now for a seat in the classroom.

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE is the Leadership Academy for Health 4.0 and One Health to shape the Excellence of “360-Degree Next-Generation multiprofessional and international Leadership for the HEALTH INDUSTRY, HEALTH SCIENCES and HEALTH POLICY” together in Europe and beyond.
Join the Program Committee of the BERLIN FORUM
Posted december 1, 2021
The Club CORE´s can also act as Panel Program Committee for our SYMPOSIA:

  • THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB BERLIN FORUM – “The International Perspective” @ Oct 19th-20th, 2022

  • THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB HEIDELBERG FORUM April 16th-18th, 2023 – “The European Perspective”

  • THE ISLANDCYCLE FÖHR-AMRUM-SYLT powered by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB – “The Davos Perspective” - May 18th-22th, 2023

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