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December 29, 2023
How we end the year sets the VIBE for the year to come. 

The Vibe Room is an opportunity to experience the top ranked Kelly Cardenas Podcast LIVE. This is an event you simply cannot afford to miss! Join us for a raw and authentic glimpse into the minds of the brightest and most successful individuals in their industries. Don't settle for second-hand information - get direct access to the source of knowledge and inspiration.
The Edison House
335 S. 200 W. Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Date & Time
December 29th
5:30PM - 9:30 PM
Your Host
Kelly Cardenas 
bestselling author • influential podcast host
& successful entrepreneur

Kelly Cardenas is a renowned figure in personal development and entrepreneurship, recognized as the VIBE authority. With a diverse range of talents, including being a bestselling author, influential podcast host, and successful entrepreneur, Kelly has consistently proven that the right vibe can be the catalyst for extraordinary accomplishments.

Drawing upon his extensive experience and profound understanding of human psychology, Kelly Cardenas has earned a reputation as a visionary leader. His unique approach revolves around cultivating a powerful mindset, creating an environment that ignites passion, and harnessing energy to propel individuals and businesses to unparalleled levels of achievement.
Kelly's bestselling books have captivated global audiences, offering transformative insights into the potential of vibe. His writings provide actionable strategies and practical advice that empower readers to unlock their full capabilities and attain extraordinary results.

As the host of a top-rated podcast, The Kelly Cardenas Podcast, Kelly engages a vast audience with his magnetic personality and thought-provoking interviews. Conversations with industry titans, thought leaders, and game-changers reveal the secrets to their success, distilled into actionable principles for his dedicated followers.

Kelly Cardenas unequivocally demonstrates that the right vibe is the key to unlocking sustainable success that transcends financial gains. Committed to empowering others to tap into their innate potential, create positive change, and leave a lasting impact on the world, Kelly's magnetic energy, unwavering passion, and proven track record make him an influential force in personal development and entrepreneurship. His inspirational journey inspires countless individuals to strive for unprecedented heights of achievement.
Paul Cardall
Dove award winning and Top billboard pianist
Paul Cardall's music is a bridge to tranquility and spiritual introspection. As Forbes aptly puts it, "His music creates an atmosphere where you can unwind, ponder, meditate. It can help people access spiritual feelings and peaceful emotions." With over 3 billion lifetime streams, Paul Cardall is an acclaimed Dove Award-winning musician, composer, and producer whose work spans across the realms of Classical, Christian, and New Age music.
Recognized by Steinway & Sons as one of the world's premier pianists, Paul has achieved remarkable success throughout his career. His 11 No. 1 Billboard albums and a monthly listenership of 30 million establish him as one of the most cherished recording artists of our time.
However, Paul's journey goes beyond musical achievements. Born with only half a heart, he underwent life-saving surgeries from infancy and received a heart transplant in 2009. This experience has given him profound empathy for those facing chronic illness and their families. It became his life's mission to craft healing piano music that soothes both physically and emotionally.
In 1999, Paul founded Stone Angel Music, an independent record label dedicated to producing and distributing his heartfelt recordings. His collaboration with Narada, an affiliate of Virgin Records, further expanded his reach, notably with albums like "The Christmas Box" and "The Looking Glass."
Paul's music has touched hearts in profound ways, most notably during the Oklahoma City bombing memorial ceremonies, where families played his music as they honored their lost loved ones. His album "Miracles: A Journey of Hope and Healing" was inspired by this solemn event.
Over the years, Paul continued to create music that resonates deeply with his audience, including albums like "Primary Worship," "The Hymns Collection," and "Living for Eden." His 2011 release, "New Life," even claimed the top spot on the Billboard New Age chart.
In the world of film, Paul composed the music for "Ephraim's Rescue," showcasing his versatility as a composer. He also produced albums with a powerful message, like "Worth of Souls" and "Sunday," addressing issues such as suicide and depression.
"Christmas," released in 2018, earned him a Dove Award for Instrumental Album of The Year, further solidifying his status as a prolific artist. And in August 2019, "Peaceful Piano" marked a reflection on his life's decade-long journey with a donor heart.
Paul's philanthropic endeavors are equally remarkable. He partners with organizations like The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and has established scholarships for students affected by congenital heart disease. He also served on the Board of Governors for Operation Underground Railroad, fighting human trafficking and child exploitation.
Paul Cardall's extraordinary musical journey continues with his latest album, "Return Home." This introspective masterpiece consists of 13 improvisational piano pieces, a departure from his usual compositional approach. Each track is a cinematic voyage through the landscapes of his European heritage.
In his personal life, Paul shares a deep connection with his wife Tina, whose parents hails from Slovenia. Together, they returned to his mother in law Christine Molek's homeland in 2016, inspiring compositions like "Ljubljana - Heart of Slovenia" and "Castles and Cathedrals."
With "Return Home," Paul Cardall invites you to join him on a journey through history and heritage, a testament to the power of music to connect us to our past.
Patric Yumul
Born in Southern California and raised in Las Vegas, Patric Yumul understands the
high standards and precise execution of fine dining. Since joining MINA Group in
2004, Yumul has put into place one of the most comprehensive training programs in
the industry. Focused on creating a culture specific to each restaurant concept,
Yumul builds the most enthusiastic service teams with the proper tools and
knowledge, respect, responsibility, and guidance.
Appointed President of MINA Group in 2011, Yumul is known for not only his diligent
work ethic, but also his depth and breadth of knowledge and overall understanding
of the restaurant and hospitality industry, from big picture to intricate detail both in
front of house and back. He has been a key factor in the growth of MINA Group,
working closely with Chef Michael Mina to take the company from 4 restaurants to
over 40 today across the U.S. and Dubai.
Yumul first met and began working with Chef Mina in 1999 after an esteemed career
path as corporate trainer and then general manager within the Bertolini restaurant
organization. Yumul left the Bertolini group to enhance his expertise in fine dining,
accepting an offer from Chef Mina to open AQUA at the St. Regis Monarch Beach.
There he recruited, trained, and developed all management and hourly associates.
The next couple of years saw Yumul traveling between southern California, San
Francisco and Las Vegas, assisting at AQUA Bellagio, now MICHAEL MINA Bellagio.
During this time, Yumul was promoted to operations manager for AQUA
Development Corp.
In 2003, Yumul was tapped by Chef Mina to open and assume the General Manager
position at SEABLUE at MGM Grand, the second restaurant to open in the Mina Group
organization. Soon after, Yumul was asked to assume the Vice President of
Operations role at MINA Group, responsible for restaurant openings and operations of
all MINA Group restaurants.
Yumul continues to set the standard for fine dining by creating fun and memorable
experiences and is thrilled to be leading the new venture with TableOne.

James Dixon
The Absolute motivator
World renowned motivational speaker
James Dixon is a dynamic, captivating, and thought-provoking motivational keynote speaker, renowned for setting the tone and leaving a lasting impact on conferences worldwide. With his unique ability to challenge audiences while delivering high energy, humor, and substance, James ensures an engaging and memorable experience for all attendees. Whether he is delivering an opening keynote to inspire and ignite the conference atmosphere or a closing address to move the audience into immediate action, James is a favorite choice for event organizers seeking transformational results.

As the best-selling author of "Absolute Motivation," James Dixon has become a prominent figure in the field of personal development and success. His book has garnered widespread acclaim, with Dr. Greg S. Reid hailing it as a must-read for those seeking to fulfill their potential and triumph over adversity. James's ability to embody the concept of turning challenges into opportunities resonates deeply with readers, making him a beacon of inspiration and motivation..
Claudia Ryan
Claudia Ryan is a Utah based singer/songwriter from the quaint little town of Beavercreek, OR. She has been writing and performing for 15+ years across the country as solo artist and as the lead singer of multiple bands. Having been raised on a wide variety of genres, she brings her own unique style to her songs blending classic influences with a fresh and contemporary twist.

Her most recent single “Girls Night” debuted in July across all streaming platforms and has reached over 8K streams since its release. She currently is working on a single that will be released in January called “Grocery Shopping” and is also working on her debut EP coming in 2024.

After moving to Utah from Chicago in January, Claudia Ryan has made a splash in the local music scene with her band performing at places like the Boardwalk, the Rise, and other local venues. She has also toured with bands across the east coast playing at numerous local bars and venues such as the notable “Bowery Electric” and “The Bottle and Cork.”

Claudia learned to play guitar and wrote her first song at the age of 10 and never stopped. She has since used songwriting and performing as her favorite form of self expression and is looking forward to sharing more of her story as her discography continues to grow.
A Short List of (previous) Guests
Larry Namer
“E” Entertainment network
  • Larry Namer, is an industry veteran with over 40 years of entertainment experience. He is best known as the founder of E! Entertainment Network. After graduating college, Larry started his career with Manhattan Cable as an underground splicer.

    Larry's keen insights were noticed and soon, as the newly appointed vice president, he was put in charge of building the first 61 channel two-way interactive cable system in the U.S.. Named by Forbes as the National model for cable programming.

    A few months later Larry and friend Alan Mruvka had the wild idea of building a 24-hour entertainment network. Many didn't see the sense in it until a chance encounter got Larry the initial investment for what would become E! Entertainment.

    A few years later E! became the fastest growing network in the world. With broadcasts in over 140 countries and a valuation of nearly 4 billion, Larry had achieved success beyond his dreams.

    In time he launched Compspan communications, which launched western entertainment in Russia like never before. Larry brought western shows and musical acts that changed the post soviet Russian TV landscape forever. Larry became a consultant at Microsoft's Interactive TV. He then launched and became the co-founder of Eurocienma.

    In 2009 Larry is brought in as a consultant on media restructuring in China to allow for western advertising standards. There he is offered an opportunity to start the first US/China production company in China. Later that year Larry launches Metan Global Entertainment Group and goes on to be nominated for the best Asian comedy writer award amongst many other accolades.

    Nowadays Larry splits his time between China and the US, with Metan launching new shows regularly in the Chinese market. He is passionately producing the feature film 'Empress' written by Oscar winner Ron Bass and set to go into production in 2020.
Ruth Barclay
Ruth Barclay "ORACLE"
Founder of "Taste Your Magic" global healing
For over 25yrs Ruth has helped to guide Gifted Leaders to connect to the mystery and magic all around them so that they can bridge the gap between the metaphysical and physical, embracing their power and calling so they can lead with greater impact and abundance. She has worked with professional athletes, CEO's of major companies, billionaires, celebrities, and government officials from over 28 countries and has been featured on multiple TV and radio shows around the world as a guest expert. Ruth's ultimate goals is to help her clients tap into their inner power so they can expand their natural gifts into supernatural gifts that can enhance their positive influence in the world. Unleashing joy, abundance, healing and freedom in all parts of their lives. 

She has the ability to connect with and communicate with anything, anyone, anywhere at any moment if it is willing. Beyond the layers of this physical understanding.  

She owns Silver Dance Ranch in Utah with her sexy husband Scott. Lives happily with their 3 kids, 13 horses, 4 goats, 2 cats, 1 dogs, 3 snakes, 2 rats and a Zebra.
Damien Horne
Damien Horne began performing at a young age growing up in Hickory, North Carolina. After high school graduation, Damien took a Greyhound bus to Los Angeles chasing his entertainment dreams.
After becoming homeless, Damien returned to North Carolina where he formed the band Stellar Tree and made the move to Nashville. Performing on the streets at night led Damien to be discovered by country star John Rich who invited him to join the MuzikMafia through which Damien was able to secure a publishing deal and tour nationally with such artists as Dwight Yoakum, Kid Rock and John Legend. 
Damien released his first album "Somebody's Hero" produced by Big Kenny of Big & Rich. Outside of his solo career, Damien also formed the country-trio THE FARM which was signed to Warner Music Nashville. The Farm's debut single "Home Sweet Home" hit the Top 20. 
Damien Horne now musically collaborates with Krista Marie and cohosts the television show, “The Song”. He also has an inspirational trio called “The Magi”.
Damien splits his time between Nashville and Los Angeles speaking, singing, and acting. If not on stage he can be found in schools, prisons, and even Ted Talks sharing his message of hope.
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