The War on Women:
The Second of the three-conference series
Join us on March 10th
No, this doesn’t refer to "the patriarchy," as the Left would have you believe. This war against women has been conducted, as so many are, under the guise of liberation and equality, even as there is a profoundly potent destructive force and deleterious impact. In fact, any gains made in terms of equality have actually been quashed in several ways. First, the overzealousness of women to constantly live according to feminist mantras has led to an imbalance in male-female relationships as well as an imbalance within women's lives. In addition, the drumbeat of feminism has manifested itself as a war against men and boys, with mantras like "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle," a faux "truism" whose impact on men is now creating a situation where women, too, are suffering.

Second, the zeal with which institutions generally have embraced the idea of men wanting to be treated as women has dealt a huge blow to women and girls in the last few years.

When defining “what is a woman” is an impossibility, the war on women can only be seen as having succeeded. As ludicrous as it is to say, we need a re-recognition that and an embracing of how men and women are different, and a renewed appreciation of the value of womanhood.

Included in the War on Women is a war on parental rights and the family; this, too will be addressed.

And in addition, we will take a hard look at the factors that are contributing to the shocking - yet not shocking - global silence on the issue of the utterly horrifying, savage, inhuman and inhumane attacks on women in Gaza and Israel by Hamas and others. To call it misogyny is an understatement of gigantic proportions.

All this and more will be addressed at this important event.

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Date & Time
Sunday, 10 March, 2024
Registration: 9AM
Conference: 10AM - 4PM

Optional Conference Dinner
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Saturday 9 March, 6:30PM
One of the most potent aspects of an AFA conference is being able to spend time with our speakers and engage with them face to face.  The dynamism that comes from shared space is something we have always treasured, and during the various lockdowns and restrictions, it's been one of the things we missed the most.
It's also one of the things that they sought to destroy, KNOWING how crucial it is.
For that reason, we treasure these all the more.


Riley Gaines

It is impossible to imagine a conference on the War On Women that wouldn't feature the icon of this war, Riley Gaines, and we are just thrilled that she will be keynoting this event!  

Riley Gaines, a 12-time All-American swimmer with 5 SEC titles, was a successful female swimmer at University of Kentucky with ambitions to pursue a dental degree. That post-graduate ambition and her entire life was changed when she was forced to share a locker room and then compete against (biological) male William "Lia" Thomas at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship.

This uneven challenge, not just for Riley but for every woman competing in the pool that day, was made even more traumatic when the NCAA officials insisted on giving "Lia" Thomas the trophy, despite tying Riley down to the hundredth of a second in the event. Riley can recall wondering why no one was standing up for her or for any women in the room.

This moment became her call to action – to defend and protect America’s daughters against the woke left and their gender-denying ideology. Biological men should not take opportunities for success in sports away from women. Biological men should not share locker rooms with women.

Riley's clarity, courage and dedication have earned her tremendous respect, and she has created The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, designed to help protect women, free speech, and common sense.  Their tagline,  When They Want You Silent, Speak Louder, is a belief held by many of us.

We are honored to have her keynote this conference.
Kimberly Fletcher​​​​

Kimberly Fletcher is the wife of a retired Air Force officer and mother of eight children. She is the president and founder of Moms for America and Moms for America Action.

With over 20 years’ experience in grassroots activism, Kimberly has grown Moms for America into a powerful platform building grassroots networks across the country.

Kimberly is an author, columnist, radio host and contributing writer She has been featured in numerous national media outlets including The Blaze, NewsMax, OANN, the Rush Limbaugh Show, and Fox News.

Kimberly has made it her personal mission to educate and inspire the women of America to realize their immeasurable worth and powerful influence in our country and culture simply by being who they are.

Her vocal and passionate activism against the subversion of the role of mothers by overreaching government, and her advocacy for mothers and parents are of particular interest to us.

Her contribution to this conference will be powerful.

Other Speakers Include ...
Jayne Zirkle
WarRoom COrrespondent
Jayne Zirkle is an American political correspondent for former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s WarRoom.  In addition to her exceptional abilities in that role, she now adds "author" to her resume with the upcoming book Femininity is Your Superpower: A Real Girl's Guide to Being A Girl. As a lover of all things girly and recognizing pushback on women who embrace femininity, Jayne hopes to inspire young women to reject political and social pressure to stray away from the qualities that make women unique.

Nonie Darwish
Analyst, author
A former Muslim raised in Egypt, Nonie is an expert on Islam and especially the contrast between Islamic and Biblical values in every facet of life including perception of life and of death, of God vs. Allah, and of how women should be treated.  Her book, Wholly Different, is an extensive analysis of these areas of contrast.
Xi van Fleet
survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Author
Xi van Fleet, a survivor of Mao's Cultural Revolution, has been speaking about the eerie and terrifying similarites between that Cultural Revolutions and the one unfolding in today’s America from the progressive left. Her book, Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning, is a powerful indictment of what is occurring here, today. 

Stephen Coughlin
An attorney, author and decorated intelligence officer, Steve Coughlin has held numerous positions in the arenas of Intelligence.  His focus most recently has been directed at political warfare. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy. His most recent book is Remembering the Mis-Remembered Left.
... and more speakers to come!
stay tuned!  

We are still adding more speakers... stay tuned for updates!
COMING UP!  The War on Children with CHRISTOPHER RUFO to Keynote!
These are in many ways a continuation of the World War III conference held in last April, and highlight how that War has been waged right here, against each of us, through stealth and incremental steps. The geopolitical scene we discussed in World War III is the War writ large; these conferences will discuss and dissect threats to our freedom at an entirely different level.

The Hilton Santa Monica
Hotel and Suites
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1707 Fourth Street
Santa Monica, CA

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Registration includes buffet breakfast and buffet lunch.
There is also an informal no-host reception on the patio at the conclusion of the conference on Sunday

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Sunday, March 10th
9:00 AM
Buffet Breakfast is served

10:00 AM
Kimberly Fletcher  -  The War on Moms
Stephen Coughlin - The Origins of Feminism
Xi van Fleet - the Two Cultural Revolutions


Nonie Darwish - Woman-Hatred: A Value Shared by Islam and the Left
Jayne Zirkle -Bringing Femininity Back!

Riley Gaines - Standing up against the War on Women

4:00 PM
Conference Concludes

Informal, no-host reception on patio (hosted for VIP ticketholders!)

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