Join us on July 27
Welcome to the 8th Heavy Hitters Pride that CELEBRATES the Urban Man of Size, Admirer and Ally. We invite you to return or rejoin one of the largest Man of Size pride events in the South West region. Over the past seven HHPrides, more than 500 individuals throughout the weekend participate in one or more of our events.We are so grateful and appreciate the growing support and recognition Heavy Hitters has gained since it's 2013 creation.

Our goal is create ALLOWING & EMPOWERING spaces for Men of Size, Admirers and Allies that encourage inclusion, empowerment and PRIDE.

So, join us July 27 - 30, 2023 in Houston, Texas for networking, bonding and enjoying events created with everyone in mind.

REGISTER NOW... Your registration includes VIP entry into events over the four days of 2023 HHPride, 2023 HHPride tshirt, pride bag and more.

(No refunds after 05/31/2023)

July 27, 2023
Join us on July 27
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