kgnu presents
King bee's the mystery
Amethyst Heart Album Release
With sound of honey
And the rainbow chorus
Are you ready go into The Mystery?

Step across the rainbow threshold into a dream-like alternate dimension where the ways we experience humanity and mortality are playfully examined. King Bee's much-anticipated new immersive and interactive show, 'The Mystery,' creates a ritual of healing that explores the liminal spaces of death, rebirth, and transformation. The Bee's dynamic and original sound are amplified with theatrics by the “Rainbow Chorus,” a cast of colourful mythological creatures who play, dance, and sing different aspects of the modern psyche as it relates to - and sometimes will do anything to avoid - the profundities and paradoxes of The Mystery.

Online ticket purchases close at 2 pm on Saturday, December 16. Tickets will still be available for purchase at the door!
When Fox Linnea Drickey brings you into the world of King Bee - an experimental music project that marries artistic sensitivity with mystery, medicine, and magic - you become a part of a creation that you never want to leave. Fox’s meticulously crafted and authentic lyrics move through deep and playful waters while her pure and honest voice lands the listener’s attention layer-by-layer into the heart.  Once described ‘as if Carl Sagan wrote an album with the Dirty Projectors and they recorded it in the Cosmos spaceship,’ King Bee’s sound takes you on a journey full of twists and turns - from big, dynamic highs to raw, stark lows - with gentle grooves, warm synth and guitar textures, and dancing vocal harmonies to help guide your way through.  This music is more than a band, a genre, or a bio; it’s a call for transformation, a threshold into liminal space, and a healing experience for all involved.

King Bee creates theatrical opportunities out of their shows, building multidimensional collaborations that weave story, song, and performance art together. The project is a synchronistic confluence of mega-talents made up of Fox Linnea Drickey (writer, lead vocals/guitar), Cassidy Bacon (synth/vocals), Ben Weirich (bass/synth/vocals), David Rynhart (guitar/vocals), and Carl Sorensen (percussion). Formed in 2022, the five-piece band is a remix of some members of Denver’s beloved art-project band Chimney Choir, who were known in the before-times for their inventive immersive shows and called ‘a treasure trove of imagination’ by The Denver Post.
About Sound of honey
Emma Rose, Will Kuepper, Tobias Bank and Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose come together to create the Sound of Honey. Ethereal vocals and dreamy lyrics dance on top of soft guitar soundscapes to create an experience of overall mellow- sparking curiosity of oneself and the emotions that come with diving into the human experience.
The Holiday Theater
2644 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211
Date & Time
December 16, 2023
6 PM: Doors
7-9:30 PM: Show
$44: Sponsor Price
$33: True Price
$22: Subsidized Price

Online ticket purchases close at 2 pm on Saturday, December 16. Tickets will still be available for purchase at the door!

*This ticket pricing system is a way to ensure that people who want to see live music can, regardless of their financial situation. The subsidized price is meant for those who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend without a discounted rate. The sponsor admission is what we use to help offset the subsidized fee. Thank you so much!

* If the subsidized price is not accessible for you and you want to attend, reach out to us and we can work out an equitable trade. 

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