Wade on in and soon you'll see this is a very different kind of event: it's an intersectional community-based conference for Taos, by Taos, in Taos. It's a gathering TiLT hopes to host annually, to build community capacity for imagination and soul and heart and collaboration, outside of normal institutional, organizational, cultural and political silos. It's about calling people in, instead of calling people out, and it's about what we can all be for, instead of against, It's about creating a new normal for Taos together: doing what we can, with what we have, where we are, instead of complaining and waiting for governments or corporations or outside interests to define how and when we will move forward as a county and as a community. Unlike typical conferences that are national in scope featuring outside experts, this event highlights local practitioners, initiatives and projects far more than ideas, concepts or programs.

With this gathering we aim to bring together the following four cultural streams that inspire and animate TiLT: the permanence, presence & people of Taos Pueblo; the place-based wisdom and legacy of the Hispanic agricultural tradition and acequia culture; the innovations and creative contributions of Anglo settlers; and inspiring and inclusive strands of justice-seeking, community-based eco-Christianity. We intend these four days of events to bring our region together in new and powerful and spiritually-rooted ways—to strengthen the intercultural bonds in our diverse community and build our imagination and our capacity and our trust, so with shared strength we may face an uncertain future together. Whether we know it yet or not, we are the people we've been waiting for.

Despite all the components of our lives and work that are radically incomplete, we want to host this conference for community uplift in the new TiLT space. In a deep way, it feels fitting to host this event in a space that is "in construction," because that's what our entire community is, isn't it--in process, becoming who we want to be as a multi-cultural community?

We are feeling led to frame this community experience as a four day prayer. Fire is what destabilized us two years ago and caused us to rebuild; fire is what will bring us together into new life. To ignite and initiate our time together on Thursday, we expect to kindle a sacred fire that we will tend as a community through Sunday's end.
Come join us and gather round the fire that heals and transforms--there's room for all! --Todd Wynward & the TiLT Team
The TiLT Campus at 215 La Posta Road at the corner w/ Salazar, one block west of Albertsons.
Also: various locations across Taos County (see schedule)
Date & Time
October, 27, 28, 29, 30
Presenters & Content Contributors
We are excited to showcase our amazing lineup of content contributors--presenters of word, music, image, ideas--sharing personal experiencepassionate projects. These folks are the real deal: presenters from our community, for our community, formed by our community.
Todd Wynward
taos initiative
for life together
& the watershed way
Todd Wynward is an author, father, public school founder, math video game designer, small-scale farmer, wilderness educator and Mennonite minister for watershed discipleship. He has been engaged in education reform and social change movements for twenty years—starting both Roots & Wings Community School and Vista Grande HS—and has spent more than a thousand nights outdoors. With his TiLT allies, Todd tries to practice an earth-honoring, people-dignifying, society-changing, despair-erasing, Spirit-led way of life. His recent book, Rewilding the Way: Break Free to Follow an Untamed God, was published by Herald Press.
Margaret Garcia
healing & reconciliation institute
I am a flower loving mother, wife, and facilitator. I was raised in the mountains of Northern NM where my family has lived for many generations. My family and neighbors taught me the beauty and complexity of being human and belonging to this jeweled Earth. I am passionate about the maintenance of traditional land-based knowledge because these are the unique ways we express our humanity in balance.  I love facilitating groups and feel a deep love for being a human, and everything it holds.  I am a colonizer, I am colonized, and have a longing to express my humanity in more entirety and in beauty. I live and love with my husband and two daughters and maintain a conservation farm, called Sol Feliz Farm.
Daniel "Ryno" Herrera
the watershed way & repurposing plastic project 
Hola, my name is Daniel RYNO Herrera. I was 420 pounds for 20 years, as well as a repeat felon and long-term addict, before I turned my life around to become a healer and community organizer. Thanks to God and my friends, familia and support community, I am now a better husband, son, father, grandfather, and community leader.
Now I help those formerly addicted and incarcerated to find a better way. My familia has lived in Arroyo Hondo for generations. With my father and TiLT and community members, we are transforming a trailer park into QUiLT, the Questa Initiative for Life Together. I am a founding member of RPP as well as the Taos Watershed Way.
Megan White
healing & reconciliation institute
Megan White is the Lead Facilitator for the Healing and Reconciliation Institute. She loves facilitating healing, bridge-building, and consensus work. People’s resilience and ability to connect to our shared humanity amaze and inspire her. Growing up poor, and in a multi-racial family, caused her to personally experience how systems of oppression interact with individuals and families to challenge thriving life. As a European-American, she attempts to live the query of how she can be a good guest in Taos
Kevin Whitefeather
taos pueblo recovery works
My name is Kevin Whitefeather, and I am a member of the Red Willow People. I am a graduate of the New Mexico Military Institute and the University of New Mexico. Creating an open dialog and understanding between cultures here in Taos, N.M., is my commitment as an Indigenous person. Respecting Mother Earth, building our communities to respect and nurture one another as human beings is primary in my way of life!
Miles Bonny
taos alive
Miles is the product of a family focused on human support and music. He is a father, DJ, trumpeter, recovery advocate, youth empowerer and tireless champion for community health. This New York City-born New Jersey-bred boy has found his home in Taos but also travels the globe as he trusts his gut with a faith in the eternal good of life. 
Ryan Timmermans
veterans off grid
Ryan served in the US Army as an Intel Analyst and Psychological Operations specialist. He has completed multiple tours to Afghanistan, both as a soldier and contractor. After suffering from PTSD with little help from the VA, he founded Veterans Off-Grid in 2017 to help veterans in need successfully reintegrate into society, restoring a sense of purpose and peace while helping the earth through creating sustainable eco-communities.
Angie Fernandez
healthy living educator
 Angie lives in an off-grid tiny home neighborhood on the Mesa and embodies joyful alternatives to mainstream society. She is a passionate educator who helps others see choices that lead to a healthy planet, a healthy body and a healthy life.  She loves being part of a larger community web that connects these things through transformative experiences and life education. She engages with TiLT to promote events and causes, connect with like-minded allies, and reach a larger audience.
Daniel Hutchinson
localogy, big wheel farms
Daniel is a farmer, musician, camp director and community organizer. For about 5 years he has been serious about growing & milling wheat for our region at his Big Wheel Farm in Costilla. He is also Founder and Director of Localogy, a grass-roots non-profit dedicated to moving people and communities from passive consumption to being active producers of local livelihoods and culture.
Brenda Truelson Fox
Brenda Truelson Fox, founder and vision carrier for the Prayerstream.
A vintage Airstream travel trailer and mobile sanctuary: open to all, dedicated to offering a space for stories to be shared, hearts to be refreshed, and spirits renewed. Brenda's combined passions and expertise in spiritual care, trauma recovery, grief work, and mindfulness have led to her life’s mission to “pray without ceasing.”
Anita Amstutz
soul tending
Anita Amstutz, is a singer, hiker, earth lover, active in land-based and Indigenous rights,. Ordained in the Mennonite church, she offers spiritual companionship and counseling at Wisdom Ways of Being and also moderates on-line classes for tending the soul. She tends half a million honeybees, advocating and educating on behalf of pollinators at Think Like a Bee. Residing in New Mexico with her spouse and two crazy cats, her first book Soul Tending, Journey into the Heart of Sabbath was published in 2018.
Red Willow Singers
of taos pueblo
Jacob Concha and his uncles are members of the Red Willow People of Taos Pueblo. They will be bringing their full hearts, strong voices and sacred drumming on opening day to bless and open our four day prayer for community uplift. 
Steven Fry
amigos bravos
Steven is a key part of the Rio Fernando de Taos Revitalization Collaborative, seeking to improve watershed health, water source protection, and wetland restoration. He also provides research and technical assistance to expand Amigos Bravos’ partnerships throughout New Mexico. Prior to coming to Taos, Steven worked on the management of stormwater flows using green infrastructure and the protection of nearshore ecosystems in the Seattle area. 
Grupo Izcalli y Nanantzin
danza azteca
We will be blessed by the songs, prayers and dances of this Taos Aztec dance group led by Tanya Vigil and featuring TiLT Wisdom Council member Daniel "Ryno" Herrera on the sacred drum. For over 40 years, capitana Vigil and her danzantes have been representing the Aztec culture in Taos and beyond.
Doug Eichelberger
After a career in architecture in CO, Doug moved to Taos and turned his attention to Taos' recycling crisis. His professional expertise combined with his passion to repurpose plastic has resulted in cutting edge designs that turn waste into walls and  incorporate our community's waste plastic into P&Z- approved plans to build privacy walls, utility sheds, a studio, a barn and a carport.
A Lifetime to overcome
ALTO - A Lifetime To Overcome is a band comprised of a father, his 3 sons and his daughter who use music to uplift and make a change in the world around them, one song at a time. Their style is unique and consists of strong blues/rock/funk roots in their originals while maintaining a connection with a variety of other genre favorites in their cover selections. There is something for everyone in ALTO's playlist!
Chris Peiper
Regenerative agriculture & the watershed way
Chris Peiper is a local business owner, passionate educator, outdoor enthusiast, and dedicated homesteader who loves all things regenerative at the intersection of culture, agriculture, science and spirit.
Tanya Vigil
We will be blessed by the songs, prayers and dances of this Taos Aztec dance group led by Tanya Vigil and featuring TiLT Wisdom Council member Daniel "Ryno" Herrera on the sacred drum. For over 40 years, capitana Vigil and her danzantes have been representing the Aztec culture in Taos and beyond.
farmer & musician
Hello, my name is Nicanor Ortega. I am from Taos County. I am a parciante on la Acequia Atalaya de Arroyo Hondo. I am a 32 year old veteran, returned home. I grew up working acequias and having a jardin. My goal and dream is to be a full time farmer living off my land. Also to have the opportunity to feed and help our communities, especially our children. It is an honor to be part of our New Mexico Acequia Association.
Dustin Freyta
Sacred water mountain society
Dustin is the Director of Sacred Water Mountain society, and co-founder of Guardians of Taos Water. He teaches and practices indigenous ways of working with nature's systems to encourage watershed health.
Dean Behary
lama foundation
Dean Behary is a caretaker at the Lama Foundation, with a background in Urban Design and Community Development.  With roots and work experience in Northern Africa and South America, Dean's main focus is preserving culture through the design of spaces and the activation of communities through work
Carole Crews
master earth plasterer
As a child growing up in Ranchos de Taos in the 50’s, Carole Crews lived in an old adobe house and became familiar with earthen building from a young age. After earning an art degree from UT Austin in 1972, she returned to New Mexico and began building and experimenting with earthen materials used as art supplies by making murals and movable panels.  After building an off-grid adobe dome, she taught these techniques to a generation of Natural Builders through workshops, colloquia and her book, Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints and Preservation.
Paul Johnson
educator & pastor
Paul was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado and has a home on the headwaters of the
Colorado River. He’s married and has two children and two amazing grandsons. Paul has served as an
outdoor educator, secondary teacher and professor at Metro State College in Denver. He also serves on
a number of change focused boards, including TILT. Most recently, Paul has served as a pastor to small
faith communities and works with those experiencing homelessness. His work on Mennonite Disaster
Service board focuses on trauma recovery, creation care and watershed discipleship.
Daniel Escalante
casa taos, reading to end racism
Daniel Escalante, a Chicano born in LA 73 years ago and raised in Berkeley, is a Group Facilitator and Trainer dedicated to social justice. In 1979 he moved to Taos and lived off the grid in the Gallina area, learning how to create decorated furniture with local artists, before moving to CO. As a community organizer he has developed community-based projects designed to help end racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression. After spending many years in CO he returned to Taos in 2012, developing Reading to End Racism and Stories That Matter.  He and his partner Betty Artes run Casa Taos Retreat & Training Center where multi-cultural groups from around the country and world come to learn, grow and heal. He considers himself a guest in this area and encourages Taos newcomers to shed their colonialist conditioning.

Interested in volunteering?  Reach out to Todd at [email protected].
Don't miss out.
Register by October 23 .
We look forward to seeing you here!
Thursday, October 27
|      10 am
Initial Opening
Meet n Greet at TiLT / Registration / Campus Tour & Kickoff  
  • Lighting of the Four Day Fire, Movement Singing & Morning Blessings
  • Song & Drum Blessing Ceremony by Red Willow Singers
|      11:30 am -
Field Experience #1
We'll carpool to Kevin Whitefeather's place in El Salto for a Land Welcome, music blessing from Red Willow Singers, & a discussion about how we as a multi-cultural community might become people of place together here in Tiwa ancestral homelands, and possibilities for service on the land.
|      1 pm
We will continue fellowship and conversation over a simple lunch at the outdoor kitchen at Kevin Whitefeather's land.
|    2:30 pm -                  3:30pm 
Ceremonial Aztec Dance & Blessing by Grupo Izcalli y Nanantzin
Back at TiLT we will be blessed by the songs, prayers and dances of this Taos Aztec dance group led by Tanya Vigil and featuring TiLT Wisdom Council member Daniel "Ryno" Herrera on the sacred drum. For over 40 years, capitana Vigil and her danzantes have been representing the Aztec culture in Taos and beyond.
|      3:30 pm- 
Session 1: Hey, Newcomers to Taos! An important message
How might we newcomers learn how to live humbly and helpfully as naturalized citizens here in Taos? Todd Wynward will share brief reflections from his 25 years of learning how to be a person of place in Taos County. Then Margarita Garcia and Megan White of the Healing & Reconciliation Institute will lead participants in an afternoon experience of engaged reflection about place, privilege, culture, self-awareness and other-awareness. Courageous community conversations, not to be missed. 
|     7pm
Dinner: Buddha Bowl Dinner fundraiser, discussion, dancing
Homemade Enchiladas by the Herrera Family [fundraiser for TiLT]
Post-dinner Follow-up Discussion with Margarita Garcia & Megan White
Let the Evening Begin! Free conversation, Fire Circle, Movement Singing
Story Bag with Daniel Escalante
Merriment & Music

Friday, October 28
|      10 am
Morning Blessing, Sacred Ceremony, Movement Singing
|      11:30 am -
Field Experience #2: QUiLT
From TiLT, we'll carpool to QUiLT and RPP in Questa, to do things like:
  • Tours of Questa Initiative for Life Together, transforming the trailer park into a supportive living village
  • Intro to the world HQ of the Repurposing Plastic Project; hear our origin story and future vision
  • Help with baling plastic and building baskets, other service work on the land
  • Show off photobook, show off solar panels, grasp plans for future development
  • Prayer and blessing at the acequia
|      1 pm
Lunch @ QUiLT
We will continue fellowship and conversation over a Frito Pie Feast brought to you by the Herrera familia [fundraiser for QUiLT].
|    2:30 pm -                          6:30pm
Session #2: Communities of Spirit, Communities of Kinship
We'll kick off the afternoon with a splendid Acoustic Music Set from Shhor & Miles Bonny [beware of wild trumpets].
Then we'll dive into today's topic: How might ancient spirituality offer something transformative to today's fragmented society? This afternoon, engage with living examples of transformative traditions and spirit-based cultural resistance, giving direction to how we might move from a culture of domination and competition to a culture of kinship.
  • Anita Amstutz will provide offerings from her life and work in the field of Soultending 
  • Dustin Freyta of Sacred Water Mountain Society will share how he works with nature's systems in indigenous ways to promote watershed health, and the spiritual roots that sustain and inform his work in the world
  • Chris Pieper will share the place-based learnings he has gained practicing soil regeneration & animal husbandry
  • Lisa Wells of Portland, OR, author of the nationally acclaimed Believers, will share what inspires her about TiLT's role in the world, and what practices and gifts of resistance and renewal that healthy religion offers today’s fragmented society
  • Daniel Herrera and Todd Wynward will share about the social-spiritual path they walk called the Watershed Way, and facilitate reflection and discussion: How might the Watershed Way act as an antidote to many of the social ills we face today? In what ways do you already live in the spirit of the Watershed Way? What aspects might you want to integrate more deeply in your life?
|     7pm
Dinner: fundraiser, discussion, dancing
Asian fusion choose-your-own-ingredients Buddha Bowl Dinner masterminded by Peg Bartlett @ TiLT [fundraiser for the Watershed Way]
Free conversation, Fire Circle, Movement Singing
Music: Concert, Crowd Involvement & Dancing--Amazing West African inspired music, by the mesmerizing four-part band Sanji

Saturday, October 29
|      10 am
Morning Blessing, Sacred Ceremony, Movement Singing
|      11:30 am -
Field Experience #3: Angie's Neighborhood
  • Tours of earth bag dwellings & off grid living
  • Service or hands on work experience? This morning's field experience will be out across the Taos Gorge Bridge to the Mesa to connect with allies who live creatively and sustainably without city water or electricity. We'll engage with Angie Fernandez' hub of earth-bag tiny homes. We also hope to visit w/ Ryan Timmermans and tour Veteran's Off Grid.  
|      1 pm
Lunch @ Angie's
We will continue fellowship and conversation over soup, salad and sandwiches brought to you by Angie Fernandez [fundraiser for Angie's Neighborhood].
|      2:30 pm -
Session #3- Uplifting Local Demonstration Projects
Our mind-blowing, seam-bursting afternoon session highlights local people and projects who are being the change, such as:
  • Angie Fernandez on Tiny Home Off Grid Living
  • Ryan Timmermans of Veterans Off Grid 
  • Daniel Hutchinson of Localogy, Big Wheel Farms and Metate Mills
  • Carole Crews on Affordable Earth Housing and Clay Culture 
  • Stephen Fry & the  Rio Fernando Watershed Collaborative
  • Doug Eichelberger & Todd Wynward on RediWalls and the Repurposing Plastic Project
  • The Road to Recovery Leads to Service: RYNO, Recovery Works
|     7pm
Dinner: fundraiser, discussion, dancing
Harvest soups, chicken skewers and green chile cornbread are on the feasting table tonight as a fundraiser for the Repurposing Plastic Project
Free conversation, Fire Circle, Movement Singing
This evening's music and inspiring energy will come from ALTO, a bluesy rock n' roll multi-generational family band with amazing stories of overcoming tragedy and hardship.
Sunday, October 30
|      10 am
Morning Blessing, Sacred Ceremony, Movement Singing
|      11am - 2pm

TiLT Dia de los Ancestros Reflection: Remembering our Ancestors
  • On this final morning ceremony on the last day of October, when the veil between worlds is thin, we will unify and weave from several traditions as we Remember Our Ancestors: creating ceremonial space to honor all our relations with a community altar, lifting up those "santos" and predecessors who came before to show us the way and make us who we are today.
|      2:30 pm -
Session #4- Looking Forward: Our next 30 years together in Taos
Our afternoon workshop time will be a series of short juicy presentations to get the collective imagination flowing, encouraging us to create our future together:
  • A New Normal for Taos County: How might we live into a new normal in which all of us can thrive? And what is your role to play?
  • Doughnut Economics: How will we together build resilient, regenerative regional economies that can weather the storms ahead?
  • Just Transition: a multicultural movement of personal change and systemic change
  • How might we weave an infrastructure of sacred hospitality and a broader sense of kinship within our community?

|     6pm
Closing Sacred Ceremony, Lighting of Candles from Sacred Fire, Movement Singing
Sharing what has emerged: Awarenesses, Collaborations, Intentions, Invitations, and Next Steps

|     7pm
Dinner Fundraiser
Dinner @ TiLT
Free conversation, Fire Circle, Singing and Music as it emerges

Conference Location
 TiLT is @ 215 La Posta Road, Taos NM 87571 [Corner w/ Salazar]

NOTE: The TiLT house remains under deep reconstruction, even two years after the arson fire that disrupted our lives and forced us to live elsewhere. At the time of these October events, the stage of completion will be completely unknown--we will be having our conference in the midst of a construction zone! Just like everything else in society today, we are learning to be at peace with being radically incomplete & in transition to something better.
Pre-Conference Activities
This conference won't be anything without the Taos County community. We need our community to plan, prepare, attend, enjoy, clean up, and stay connected for this conference to be of value. How will you join in the movement? Here are a few ways to engage. 
We want YOU for three work days to prepare!
sat-Sun-mon october 22-23-24
Contact [email protected] to join our core planning team to do everything we need to get the site ready for the conference. Any amount of time you can give is deeply appreciated!
Join us for a pre-conference Meet n' Greet
Potluck and BYOB at the TiLT House still-in-construction! Get a sneak peek of the almost-remodeled facilities, and get to know other creative collaborators and community members seeking to be the change we want to see in the world. Bring a gift! Contact [email protected] to RSVP.

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