Spend the weekend alongside travel experts, writers, photographers and exploration trailblazers, their stories and expertise will inspire your next travel adventure.  You will be able to select the sessions that appeal to you. This online event will offer opportunities to connect with other travelers and to learn from experts on a variety of travel topics.

  • Attend educational seminars to help you plan, organize and get the most out of your travel dollars and schedule
  • Plan your trip one-on-one with experienced travel experts
  • Meet travel authors, experts, tour guides and experienced travelers
  • Discover new destinations and curious travel experiences from around the globe
  • Explore dozens vacation options
  • Exclusive show-only specials and giveaways
Date & Time
Nov 6, 2021, 9 AM-10 PM, PDT
Nov 7, 2021 -9 AM-1 PM, PST

 Join us in
We look forward to sharing the love of travel!
the 2021 Event
Check out what the event is all about. 
Join the whole weekend, or just join the events that interest you. 
Registration links for the individual sessions will be available prior to the event weekend.
Morning session
9:00 AM PDT
April & Cindy will welcome you to the event, give you an overview of the weekend of events and share some personal stories about how they ended up hosting two days of travel focused session.
10:00 AM PDT
Oh, the food! Wherever you go, there is always good and interesting food to try. In this session you will hear from other travelers and get a glimpse of their favorite food memories and recipes they discovered along the way.

- Linda Lederman, Kitchen Confidence Coach & Author
- Dea Irby, Author Speaker & Connector
- Vanessa Gordon, Founder and Publisher of East End Taste Magazine
Let’s learn how to find and create the unique experiences to truly get the most out of your trip. In this session we will learn more about; joining a crew on a sailboat - even if you don't know how to sail, adding educational experiences for yourself and your children, creating an wellness experience as part of your journey, how to navigate in another country with babies and small children, and helping others learn English, without being a teacher.

- Jackie Roby, CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting
- Holly Scott, Captain
- Paula Edwards, Traveler
11:00 AM  PDT
Some of the most memorable moments are those when we meet someone interesting on our journeys. Whether you are meeting locals or other travelers, connecting with others is a huge part of the travel experience. Let’s learn some tips for getting out of our bubble to meet others when we are traveling. Putting yourself out there is difficult and there are some clever techniques to try.

- Zinnia Abbott, Author of Stealth Camping with Hundreds of My Closest Friends
- Lindsey Tague, Freelance Writer & Digital Nomad 
11:30 AM PDT
Sometimes the greatest beauty can only be appreciated at a slow pace and powered by your own body.  A hiking or biking trip connects you with people and places in unexpected ways. In this session we will hear from several folks who have taken to the streets and trails on foot and on bikes -- learn what they did and how to create an adventure for yourself.

- Ulrich Bechtle, Camino de Santiago Pilgrim
- Lisa Liljeberg, Coach, Teacher & Mentor
- David Miller, Blaze Adventure Tours 
What is boutique travel, and why could it be your best vacation ever? Join us for a session to talk with travelers who offer boutique travel experiences. Learn a little about their passion for sharing travel and how their trips are designed.

- April Bielefeldt, Your Photo Travel Guide
- Ann Marie McCarthy, Tour Leader & India Concierge
- Holly Scott, Captain & Owner of Mahalo Sailing
- Sheila Stone, Sheila Stone Tours 
12:15 pM PDT
Hear from travelers from all over the world, and their quest to meet people and learn about other cultures. In this session we will hear from different travelers from all over the world and their exget inspired by their stories.

Stories that will make you laugh, inspiring stories from the road that will warm your heart, wild travel tales that will have you on the edge of your seat, travel horror stories that will take you out of your comfort zone, and more.

- Tamara Bee, Solo Traveler & Many Roads Travelled Podcast
- Lea Lane, Places I Remember
- Kristy Sumner, Soul Sisters Paranormal
- Bhavana Gesota, Author & Slow Traveler 
Evening sessions
7:00 PM PDT
Traveling like a pro requires many skills. From how to handle your money, to how to connect with the locals or even how to stay connected when you are out of the country. This session will be packed with lots of tips and hack to help you gain confidence and make your journey less stressful.  Grab a notepad, you are going to want to write these down!

- Nikki Williamson Page, Author & Expat
- Paul Drecksler, Travel is Life
8:00 PM PDT
Discover hacks and tips for traveling on a budget. Learn how to travel on a budget, how to minimize expenses while finding economical ways to enjoy your journey. You will also discover ways to save at home and build a “traveler-nest-egg”.

- Thinking “outside-the-box” for lodging
- Selecting low-cost destinations
- Ways to find cheap flights and other low-budget ways to move around
- Deciding when to travel and where
- What it means to travel slow
- Tips for eating well while on the road

- April Bielefeldt, Your Photo Travel Guide
- Cindy Coan, Travel Ninja
There have always been hacks for saving money on travel. Whether you are looking for the best deals or navigating the world of points & miles.  Whatever your budget. there is a way for you to travel. Join this session to learn how to make the most of what you have.

- Linda King, Author & Founder of Smart Travelista
- Katie McCarthy, Founder of Solopreneur Cafe
9:00 pM PDT
Join two savvy travel professionals who will share their tips on packing light!

April Bielefeldt is a photographer and an independent tour leader who takes women to scenic destinations such as the fall colors in New England, the Aurora Borealis in Alaska, and the stunning Pacific Coast of California. How does she manage to pack light even with her camera equipment?

Sheila Stone is an independent tour operator and worldly woman who takes women to some of the best cities such as London, New Orleans, Tokyo, and more! How does she stay looking good, get it all in a carry-on bag and manage the public transportation, stairs and cobblestones of these destinations?

Join the ladies to get some tips, see what they pack, and share your own packing hacks and favorite travel gadgets!

- April Bielefeldt, Your Photo Travel Guide
- Sheila Stone, Sheila Stone Tours 
Safety is a concern whenever you are traveling. Join us for this session, where you will learn how to handle some of the biggest travel concerns, like what to do if you lose your passport, how to navigate in the times of COVID, and other tips for making travel safe and sane.

- Cindy Coan, Travel Ninja 
- Jesse Jackson, Traveler & Podcast Host
9:40 pM PDT
There are so many ways to travel, whether you are talking about air travel vs. overland or hotels vs. hostels or even tour buses and going it alone. Join us to hear about the experience and tips from other travelers.

- SharonAnn Hamilton, Experiential, Affordable, Travel Coach
- 'Iolani L. Bullock, Author & Traveler
- Kayla Ihrig, Digital Nomad
9:00 AM PST
In this session we will go around the world, visiting each of the 7-continents. We will hear from 7, real life travelers about their experiences on their trips and hear about tours that are available for these locations. Amazing tips and suggestions for each of the seven locations.

Asia - JAPAN with Sheila Stone
Africa - MORACCO 
North America - ALASKA with April Bielefeldt
South America - PERU 
Antarctica - TBA
Europe - ICELAND with Cindy Coan
Australia - AUSTRALIA with Linda King 
10:00 AM PST
* Want to meet fellow travelers?
* Want to meet someone you can travel with?
* Want to meet someone who has been to a location you are planning to travel to?
* Want to meet someone who shares your travel style and learn travel tips?
* Want to meet experienced travelers?

In this session we will play a little travel mixer game created by April & Cindy learn more about the people in our group and their travel style, experiences and personal travel tips.

AND find out about other groups and communities to join that will connect you will like-minded travelers, inspire your travels and learn tips and hacks for your travel adventures!

Hear about Meetup groups, Facebook groups, and other communities to join for staying connected and meeting other travelers!
11:00 AM PST
Come join for a conversation where I'll share tips on how to improve your travel photography, including what types of gear to bring and where to go.

I'm a traveler and photographer and I love traveling to various places to capture the seasons, so come bring your questions, and learn a few tips on how to improve even your cell phone captures.

This quick sessions is perfect for everyone whether you just take photos on your cell phone or want to return with a larger image for your home!

- April Bielefeldt, Your Photo Travel Guide
Discovering fantastic foods is half the fun of travel, and as a vegan it can create a whole new adventure.  No matter where you go, you there are tons of vegan options. All you need is a little planning to make the most of your culinary travel.  Join this session to hear from fellow vegans on their tips and inspiration.

- Amy Bear, Transformational Nutrition Health Coach
- Zoe Worlund Cordeiro, Plant Based Wellness Coach
- Frank Kraemer, Vegan Chef
11:30 aM PST
Let’s meet folks who like to share their hometown, whether that be Tuscany or the Jersey Shore. We will hear why they love sharing their hometown and how that has impacted their lives. We will also take a few minutes to hear from others on the best places to visit in THEIR hometown.

- Irene Levy Baker, Author of 100 Things To Do In Philadelphia Before You Die & Unique Eats & Eateries of Philadelphia
- Jake Doherty, All Things Garmisch
- Lisa Liljeberg, Coach, Teacher & Mentor
- JoAnn Hill, Author of Secret Washington, DC: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure
Session B: Solo Travel 
If you have been thinking about a solo adventure and are not sure where to start or how to prepare, We are here to help. 
We have 5 tips for those of you just starting out. Learn about the beauty in taking a solo trip and do what makes you happy. We will share some tips and suggestions for things you can do to prepare for the experiences ahead of you and make the most of your solo adventures.

- Cindy Coan, Travel Ninja
12:15 pM PST
Let's chat about our favorite topics. Join a small group of folks to chat about what you've learned over the weekend and connect with other travelers.

Topics & Speakers:

Solo Travel with Tamara Bee, Kandy Ostrosky & Heather Ogren
Using English to Travel with Sheila Stone
Miles & Points with Katie McCarthy
Road Trip Travel with April Bielefeldt
Your hosts
April & Cindy
Welcome, we are April & Cindy!  World explorers, passionate travelers and content creators from Southern California. We enjoy talking about travel almost as much as we enjoy traveling. This event is dedicated to providing tips and hacks to improve your travel experience, sharing travel stories from real people and inspiring you to travel to new places. We cover a broad range of travel styles and budgets, everything from building your own boat to cruise through Europe to couchsurfing and hiking your way through a new place.
April Bielefeldt
your photo travel guide
April is an Iowa girl who likes to eat, travel the back roads and chase the colors of the seasons! April has spent the last almost 30 years working with people, either in sales, customer service or helping them find that next award winning landscape image with their camera! Having spent her formative years in the Midwest she is close to the earth, its change of seasons and its honesty.
Cindy Coan
The Travel Ninja
More to come.
We have so many amazing speakers and hosts.
World travelers, professional tour guides, authors, podcast hosts, and more!

Take a look at the line up for this year's event!

Irene Levy Baker is author of 100 Things To Do In Philadelphia Before You Die & Unique Eats & Eateries of Philadelphia and owner of Spotlight Public Relations. Irene is always hungry for adventures that will surprise and delight her readers.

Hometown Destinations
Zinnia Abbott (a pen name) is a retired nurse, mom, and grandmother living in southern Maine. Her book, Stealth Camping with Hundreds of My Closest Friends, she describes a road trip where she enjoyed colorful characters, quirky attractions, beautiful nature, and an AA meeting in all 48 states. All without paying a dime for lodging.  
Tour Leader & India Concierge
Cracking India Tours was born out of my passion for traveling around India since 2005. After a successful career in telecommunications, and a ten-year stint as a middle school science teacher, I knew I had another passion and career left in me before I retired to the rocking chair on the porch. India is the most fascinating country, and I offer an inside look at places, people, and heritage properties that you just won't meet or see in the big box tours. India is all about people and relationships. Let me introduce you to the "real" India.  
Ulrich Bechtle
Camino de Santiago pilgrim
Ulrich Bechtle is a perpetual pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago. He’s trekked across parts of Spain, France and Portugal, doing a 3-day journeys or over several weeks. He’s walked the Camino Francés (about 800 km), from the French side of the Pyrenees to to Santiago. 
Captain & owner of 
Mahalo Sailing
Captain Holly Scott has been sailing since she was 3 and is a delivery and charter captain, and owner of Mahalo Sailing. In addition to taking groups on amazing sailing adventures all over the world, she teaches seminars on all aspects of boat ownership and cruising at boat shows and conventions across the country.
Kitchen confidence coach
& author
Linda Lederman is a kitchen confidence coach, owner of over 1000 cookbooks, a graduate of Rouxbe Cooking School and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has countless cooking courses from the International Culinary Center and Natural Gourmet Institute under her belt. 
author, speaker & 
Dea is a Southerner, who previously owned The Baron York Tea Room in North Georgia for 7 years and published "A Dollop and A Pinch: Recipes and Stories from The Baron York." She enjoys traveling all over the world to visit her 8 children and 18 grandchildren. Her taste buds have expanded after enjoying foods from 5 continents. She is a TEDx speaker (“The Magic of the Meal”) and founder of Little BIG Publishing. 
Founder of
solopreneur cafe
Katie helps solopreneurs live a 6-figure lifestyle on a 5-figure salary, and for many people - including her - that means more and better travel experiences. By leveraging a handful of air miles and reward points programs, she hasn't paid for a flight or hotel room since 2012. Katie started out with the New York Times Sunday Travel section as a tween and continues to stay on top of trends and changes almost daily. She's excited to share with you what's working right now.
author & founder of 
Smart travelista 
Linda King is a travel writer, blogger, author and founder of The Smart Travelista. Previously, I was a travel agent and banker. I work in leadership, have an MBA and I’ve studied the art of travel writing and creative non-fiction.  The Smart Travelista brand was created from my love of travel and saving money.
CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting
.Jackie Roby is CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting, a business dedicated to wellness, healing, & transformational travel. She is a sales solution strategist & brand ambassador with 19 years of travel & hospitality experience. Jackie hosts the podcast Through Inspired Eyes, is a contributing writer for Well-Being Travel, & is a DEI advocate. IJC helps clients stand out as authentic wellness to reach their ideal guests. 
Freelance Writer | Digital Nomad
Lindsey is a multi-passionate creative visionary, and has been a content writer and entrepreneur for the last 4 years. She always had an insatiable thirst for seeing the world and she recently sold all of her things and took a leap of faith into traveling full time with 6 months abroad in Mexico. She has big dreams to see other parts of the world, while continuing to share her journey with others.
Places I rememer   
Lea Lane is a Travel podcast host of Places I Remember with Lea Lane and author of the award-winning travel memoir,  Places I Remember: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries.  Lea is an avid photographer, I've contributed to dozens of guidebooks. created thousands of travel pieces and columns, and authored eight books. I love sharing discoveries in travel, food, art, culture and lifestyle through words and photos.
coach, teacher, mentor 
Although she was born in the United States, Lisa considers herself a “citizen of the World.” She has spent more than 35 years living outside the continental US. She’s lived in 5 countries, speaks 5 languages and believes that if everyone spent 6 months living in another country, we would be a lot closer to world peace. She believes everything starts with a dream…everything! She’s also a firm believer in real systems and real plans to make things happen! 
Secret Washington, DC: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure
JoAnn Hill has lived in Washington, DC with her husband Thalamus and dog Jackson for nineteen years. An avid traveler and foodie, JoAnn writes about their DC living and dining experiences, as well as their global travel adventures on her blog dcglobejotters.org. Her writing has been published in BELLA Magazine, Escape Artist, and Triptipedia. JoAnn served as a DC Public Schools teacher for 17 years before co-founding Capitol Teachers, a tutoring company servicing the greater DC area.  This is her first book.
Founder & Host of Taste & Escape
Vanessa is also the Founder and Host of Taste & Escape: The Hamptons Brunch, formerly known as the Hamptons Interactive Brunch.
Her articles regularly appear in Modern Luxury Publications, the Independent Newspaper, Thrillist, and others. She has been featured in and quoted in top tier national media outlets including The Daily Beast, Reader’s Digest, Parents Magazine, and many more. She lives in Sag Harbor with her husband and two children.
ex-travel agent and occasional travel blogger
Hi, I'm Paula from England; ex travel agent and occasional travel blogger. I love going to exotic, far flung places, but I have a huge passion for Spain in particular, which I've visited at least 25 times. How do you fancy spending a week in Spain - virtually cost free - having absolutely THE MOST fun and rewarding experience of your life? I'd love to tell you all about it...!  
author, tour guide & Traveler 
Sheila Stone is a British history nerd, an enthusiastic Japanophile, loves cultural anthropology, and has performed stand-up comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  She loves to travel so much that – at age 60 – she started her own tour company specializing in connecting with local culture in addition to seeing sights.  She is the author of three travel books on London & Britain. 
Solo traveler & Many roads Travelled Podcast
Tamara Bee has been traveling the world predominantly as a solo woman for the last 30 years. She has been to 76 countries to date and travels overland via public transport (& hitching) on her epic road trips. She is a Canadian Brit who moved to the UK from Nairobi, Kenya in 1994 and lived there for over 20 years. This is where she obtained her Chinese Medicine degree. She has also lived in Durban South Africa and India. She now works on her travel podcast, vlog and blog full time. (ManyRoadsTravelled.com) She is now residing back in Canada.
Author & Slow Traveler
Bhavana Gesota is an Indian American former technology professional, world slow traveler, artist, writer, thinker, and meditator. She was born in India and spent the first twenty-five years of her life in her hometown in Pune before leaving for the USA for work. Over the last twenty-five years, she has lived in nine countries and worked in seven of them for extended periods of time, and traveled to twenty-two more over five continents. 
Soul Sisters Paranormal  
Dr. Kristy Sumner who is a founding member of Soul Sisters Paranormal. Kristy and her team investigate paranormal activity both at locations famous for paranormal activity and when individuals or businesses reach out for help. Dr. Sumner's approach to these investigations is grounded in research and objectivity, and she mirrors a journalist in many ways.
Blaze Advenuture Tours 
Dave has been racing endurance sports for over a decade. In 2015, he heard about bicycle touring and has never looked back. Whether he is cruising across the french alps or racing triathlon across the USA, Dave feels that there is nothing more exhilarating than exploring the world powered by your own two legs. David’s favorite aspect of adventure traveling is getting to see the world at human pace. “There are so many experiences you miss in a car or train; on a bike or a hike you can really immerse yourself in the world, and take a piece of it with you forever”
author - travel volunteer
Kandy is from Hamilton, Ontario. She has been a registered practical nurse since 2012 and began her career on a stroke rehabilitation unit. Currently, she works on a neurobehavioural unit. Her love and passion for nursing and helping people created her desire to volunteer in underdeveloped countries. She began journaling her trips in 2017 and will continue to journal her future adventures, as she wants to create a second part of this travelogue.

Experiential, Affordable, Travel Coach
Experiential, Affordable, Travel Coach
Course: Learn To Pet Sit & Travel The World
Traveler, writer, entrepreneur
MBA, CFP®(retired), MSFS, Certified Money Coach®  
Author of Funny Money: Laugh & Grow Rich, The Secret of RIGHTsizing, A Guide To Redesigning Your Life
When Jesse Jackson isn't helping members have a carefree RV experience, Jesse is hosting multiple podcasts including  Set Lusting Bruce: A Bruce Springsteen Podcast.  He has had guests from around the world join him to share how music (and not just from The Boss) has helped them to celebrate, mourn, cope, heal and love.
author & traveler
‘Iolani L. Bullock is a Bronx native who caught the travel bug at a young age. She has been lucky to have a career that fed her love of travel and desire to experience other cultures as a global recruiter. To date she has visited over 40 countries. A diversity, equity and inclusion professional by day and children's book author by night, 'Iolani received her bachelor of arts from New York University and her MBA from Georgetown University. She is passing down her love of adventure to her two little ones who inspired her children's book Lenox Takes Flight. For more information, please visit lenoxtakesflight.com and check out her family's adventures @BullocksAbroad on instagram. 
Transformational Nutrition Health Coach 
I help clients learn to nourish their mind, body and soul with an integrated nutritional health coaching system!  ​I will help you explore your current habits, your environment & your relationships that may be negatively contributing to your current state of health.  

All Things Garmisch
Jake Doherty originally hails from Lafayette Louisiana but after university in Atlanta Georgia decided to move to Europe where he could continue his study of European history. For the last twenty-two years he has worked in Italy, Austria, Holland, and Germany as a bartender, tour guide, and business owner. For the past eighteen years he has called Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany home and today is the owner of All Things Garmisch, a travel service that specializes in private tours and vacations in the Alps. Jake lives in Ohlstadt Germany, just outside his beloved town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, with his wife Andrea and two daughters Annabelle and Miriam.
Author & expat
Nikki Page is the co-founder of the Viva Purpose, Inc. publishing group and is excellent at working with authors. She became a #1 International Bestselling author by self-publishing her first book, “Cut The Crap & Move To Costa Rica, A How-to Guide Based On These Gringos Experience.” Through her website, blogs, and social media she continues to provide expert advice to relocators with current events and logistics of expat life in Central America.
Digital nomad
Hello, friend! My name is Kayla, and I’m *so* glad that you’re here. You can consider me to be your digital friend next door who’s going to talk you through the big decisions around going remote.
Plant-based wellness coach
Plant-based wellness coach and long-time plant-based vegan. Zoe is your hype girl for all things sustainability and health! Zoe has a deep love for travel and has backpacked across Europe, traveled through the bush in Africa, and lived abroad in Brazil all while choosing a plant-based diet.  

Vegan Chef  
I help busy people reclaim their health while enjoying a delicious holistic plant-based lifestyle.
Travel is life
Paul Drecksler is a traveler, author, and entrepreneur on a mission to teach you about the incredible people, culture, and history that make our world so special, and inspire you to travel with a global compassion, open mind, and open heart. At TravelisLife.org, he creates products, videos, and resources that have a big impact on travelers and a positive impact on our world.
How to get involved
If you are interested in sponsoring, speaking or volunteering to support our event in 2022, please reach out and we'll be happy to share the possible opportunities. 
How to get involved: 
- “On Location” Host
- Live Event Speaker or Panel Guest
Recorded Event Speaker or Guest
Volunteer Facilitator
This is a "Collective" event, so we are looking to collaborate with travel professionals and travel lovers to bring the best content to our event.

Travel books & products 
The books and products showcased.
Nikki Williamson Page
Bhavana Gesota
Sheila Stone
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