Looking to learn about detailing, experience hands-on training with expert guidance, gain confidence in your processes and enjoy a weekend in one of Christchurch's best detailing shops? Then this clinic could be for you!

We've created a detailing clinic format to get you introduced into all the key steps of detailing a car - with a general understanding of paintwork, different vehicle materials, safety in detailing and chemical usage.

Our 2-day course involves working with a small group to take a car from dirty and weathered to clean and detailed in two days. We start with a full wash process, including wheels and dirty areas, engine bay and proceed to decontaminate (tar removal, clay barring), polish out scratches and oxidation, and complete the exterior with a wax/sealant and dressings. We also cover off glass care, water spots, ceramic coatings, deep scratches and more. Our detailing clinic focuses on the exterior of the vehicle predominantly with some interior concepts being learnt and practiced on day 2 - including how to clean plastics, fabric, leather and more. See schedule further down the page...

Alongside like minded enthusiasts we also provide general refreshments and lunch; and the entire clinic doubles as a Q&A session where you can ask Sam from United Car Care and and all questions you might have!

We have four clinic dates set for 2024 - first in, first served!
United Car Care Christchurch
29 Stevens Street, Waltham, Christchurch
DateS & TimeS
Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 03:30pm (Two-Day Attendance)

March 23rd/24th 2024
June 15th/16th 2024
September 14th/15th 2024
December 7th/8th 2024
Attendance: $299 for 2-Day Clinic

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Agenda & Topics
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
12:30 PM
03:30 PM
Doors Open Each Day; Coffee & Refreshments Provided
Clinic Begins (Or Earlier Once All Attendees Are Ready)
Lunch Provided & Quick Break From Detailing
Approximate Finish Between 3PM & 4PM Each Day
- Safe Wash Process (Paintwork, Wheels, Tyres, Engine Bay)
- Understanding Paintwork & Defects (Scratches, Oxidation, Swirl Marks, Paint Thickness)
- Decontamination (Clay Barring, Tar Removal, Iron Removal)
- Polishing (Machine Polishing, Hand Polishing, Different Defects, Safety Steps)
- Wet Sanding Demonstration (Deep Scratches & Defects)
- Polishing Continuation (Headlight Restoration)
- Glass Care (Glass Polishing, Water Spots, Treatments)
- Exterior Finishing (Trim Dressings, Rubber/Plastics, Exhaust Tips)
- Interior Detailing (Plastic Detailing, Glass Care, Problem Areas)
- Deeper Interior Cleaning (Fabric Shampooing, Leather Care)
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Coming From Out Of Town?
Here are some recommended accommodations, hotels and Airbnbs nearby. Let us know if you need help finding a place to stay. Our premises are approximately 30 minutes from the Christchurch airport - so if you are travelling from out of town, please factor this into your travel times. Need to know more? Call United Car Care - 0800463478.
Commercial Customers & Professionals
The 2-day crash course is designed with all skill levels in mind, and while it will provide knowledge to commercial customers - it is aimed more at the hobbyist detailer so you may find some concepts are not delivered in a way designed for commercial.

We think this course is a great point to learn some new skills but if you need a more specific course tailored to your needs please get in touch with Samto discuss using the contact details at the bottom of this page.
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Sam Gibbons
Trainer/Sales & Marketing
United Car Care

E: [email protected]
T: 0800463478
M: 021926299
Private Clinics & Specialist Training
If this 2-day crash course isn't quite what you need then get in touch. We offer private training opportunities and commercial training too; based out our workshop in Christchurch.
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