Local To Global, Vaccines and Beyond  
Join us on December 11th, 12pm-2pm PST 
"United Nations marked its 75th anniversary on Monday ,21 September 2020.
UNA-USA Inland Empire Chapter recognized the event by launching a yearlong webinar series. The Third webinar will focus on the Current Pandemic situation & upcoming expectations to be addressed by specialists, followed by more on other affected areas of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) & human life in general facing the pandemic"
Dr. Rashid Chotani, MD, MPH, DTM, FRCPH 
Medical Director, IEM, Chief Science Officer | VP Medical Affairs, Carelife Medical, Adjunct Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center,Infectious Disease Epidemiologist | Healthcare Executive | Physician Leader | Entrepreneur | Advisor
Dr. Chotani spent over 20 years providing biodefense, infectious disease (with a focus on influenza, coronavirus, zika, Ebola, CCHF, dengue etc.), public health, and emergency management expertise to public agencies, private industry, academia and non-profits.
Dr.Duke Multani, M.D, MD, PhD  
Chief Martech Officer ,ICBII                                                       
Global Operations, Verseon, Consultant Stemedica , CTO BEHTAR 
Dr. Multani has been involved in Research and Development since 1990. His experience spans three decades of taking products to market and taking companies from start to success. He is a serial entrepreneur.
Moderator/ Coordinator
Dr.Afraa Ahmed, CMO, F.I.C.M.S., MBChB. 
Community Medicine & public health specialist, Certified by the University of California and American Heart Association. Member of UNA-USA, Inland Empire Chapter.
Date & Time
December 11, 2021, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
 Join us on December 11, 2021 12pm-3pm PST
We look forward to hosting you!
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