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Plant Based Cuisine
Culinary Class
Join us for our next installment Oct 30
Hello, join us every month to learn the ins and outs of chic, memorable, sultry, plant based cooking and cuisine. Each class will offer something vastly different than the next, alternating from full 3 course meals to specific areas of study like: how to turn all your favorite rice dishes from rice based to quinoa based, how to make from scratch alkaline pizzas or raw grain free bread, how to turn your favorite pastas into desirable but light veggie based plates, how to make your nectar sweeter with gorgeous blends and juices, how to cook with intentional herbs to align with your health and wellness goals, how to cook raw, how to cook with just water, how to  make from scratch sauces and marinades desserts etc etc ETC.

To break up the monotony of the work week we'll usually be hosting these classes on Wednesday nights once a month. Enjoy this class as a moment to create magic, play, and unwind from the day, as date night for you and your boo, or as exactly what it is foundationally intended to be: a stress free, luxurious educational experience to broaden your culinary skills. Rest assured by the end of the year, you'll be amazed at what you're able to whip up in the span of 5 min to 30 min to an hour to sustainably change the trajectory of not only your eating style habits, but your loved ones as well.

Each class is byob but drinks (alcohol free) will also be provided for you upon your arrival to get the cooking party started. We ask that you drink responsibly. All equipment and ingredients will be provided for in person learning. Virtual learning students will be mailed out a list of ingredients and equipment that is needed prior to class. Classes are geared to be hands-on, but we acknowledge that some people will want to be in on all the action, while others will prefer to mingle and watch. Both scenarios work for us.

Classes are nonrefundable. No exceptions. Registration changes can be made up to 5 days prior to your class date. Cancellations for class credit and transferring to a different class is permissible. Please contact us at [email protected] to make these changes. You are welcome to have someone else attend in your place. Classes will be arranged in intimate small group settings so there will be a limit on who can attend each class. If you are not able to get into the class for this month, you will have first dibs on class registration the following month. Just contact us to be prioritized and notified when next registration cycle opens.

Do we get to eat the food in class?
Yes, you will receive a generous tasting portion of each recipe prepared in class.

I want to attend but from the comfort of my own home. Can I do that?
Yes each class will have an in person date as well as virtual date via zoom for those who prefer to learn at home. Virtual guests will receive an ingredients list ahead of classes so that you can cook right alongside us.

Students will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly upon entering site of class. Students will be paired in groups of three to five and work together as a team to prepare recipes, unless you prefer to work by yourself. Gloves will also be provided should you prefer to cook with them on.

Easy-to-follow cooking class for all levels
Take home printed recipes of everything that we make and applied knowledge of how to make it.
Wicker Park
Date & Time
Oct 30, 2023, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (in person)
Oct 26, 2023 6:30-8:30 (virtual)
6:30-8:30 pm 
Mon Oct 30
For our first installment of plant based cuisine we made cajun burro fries, as a less starchy alternative to potato fries. Our guests couldn’t stop eating throughout the class. We made belly fat hormone reducing berry sour tonics, that our guests kept remarking had them feeling gooood and relaxed all night long. We made Spanish chicken eggplant as our main dish and kabocha squash for dessert, both a shock to everyone’s  palettes at how good they were. So that’s how we are coming for this next class: melt worthy and delicious!

Our next installment of plant based cuisine is titled: The “C” in Tacos Stands for Chic

Aren’t you tired of same sour cream cheddar cheese salsa ground meat and crunchy shell combo? It’s time to learn something NEW sexy and fabulous with us as your guides! We’re going to be making different variations of toe curlingly rich and delicious tacos allll night long (if you’re a lifestyle and longevity tier client of ours and have eaten these tacos then you KNOW how good these are)

To give you a sneak peak at just a COUPLE of the flavor FILLED tacos we’ll be making….creamy dandelion green tacos, teriyaki jackfruit “chicken” tacos served with a jalapeño based sweet and sour sauce, a blueberry basil jam taco with parmesan kale chips …just to name a few. If you’re a taco LOVER this class is for you.

It’s taco night babes; eat and be merry with our herbal margaritas we’ll be serving up as well. You will leave full, but the fabulous way! See you soon
 Join us Oct 30 or Oct 26
We look forward to hosting you! 

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