Unexpected Journeys:
From Diverse Careers to Interior Design Success
Join us on April 14th!
What do a defense attorney, an HR Manager, a paint chemist, an engineer, and an actor have in common? They are all now thriving interior design professionals!

In what is sure to be an entertaining conversation, renowned interior designer and coach for creatives Tobi Fairly sits down with Glenna Stone, Denise Gordon, Bob Gaynor, Robin Gannon, and Tiffany Cassidy to learn not only "who did what" but how each successfully managed colossal career transitions and found success. Better yet, the panel will give us insight into how their prior positions and career shifts help them manage the creative processes and often change-resistant clients that make up a life in interior design!
Sherrill Brands Showroom  
2nd Floor Design Center
315 Fred Alexander Place,
High Point, NC
Date & Time
Sunday, April 14, 2024
10:00 AM
On The Panel
Tobi Fairley

Tobi Fairley is an award-winning interior designer and business consultant with over two decades of experience helping high-achieving, creative professionals take their companies and lives to the next level.
Denise Gordon
New York City

 In 2017, Denise partnered with Tanya S. Lewis to form the New York-based Austin Gray Design Group, a multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on empowering individuals and communities.
Tiffany Cassidy
St. Thomas, VI

Lagnappe Custom Interiors is the foremost full-service interior design firm in the U.S. Virgin Islands, having served vacation rental owners, homeowners and commercial developers for the past 20 years.
Robin Gannon
Lexington, MA

As a former criminal defense attorney, Robin Gannon takes a critical thinking approach to every project. She considers every idea as a whole, viewing lighting and interior architecture as part and parcel of the interior design.
Bob Gaynor 
Dallas, TX

Bob Gaynor is a business development and brand management specialist focused on the interior design and architecture industry. With 20+ years of national experience, Bob has worked with some of the most successful Interior Design firms across the country in high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial design.
Glenna Stone
Philadelphia, PA

Glenna has always had a passion for combining color, materials and textures in an artful manner. Paralleling her creative side, Glenna embraced her strong technical skills and received a degree in engineering. Upon graduation she worked for Fortune 500 companies as a consultant and project manager in the consumer products industry.

 Join us on April 14th 
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