As LatinaSHARE commemorates its 30th Anniversary, the LatinaSHARE Conference emerges as a dynamic force, embodying the theme of "United Voices." This milestone event stands as a testament to three decades of collective resilience and progress within our cancer support community. Designed to spur action, this conference centers around community empowerment, education on cancers and support resources, and the shared narratives that bind us together. Here we will address critical issues that impact Latinas with cancer such as socioeconomic barriers and resources, trust in health services, cultural stigmas, and mental health impacts, and serve as a platform to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other. Join us in this significant celebration as we explore innovative ideas and resources, connect with shared wisdom, and take decisive action to propel our community towards a healthier, more supported future.

This conference will be held in Spanish, with simultaneous translation into English.

4W43 Building Event Space, 4 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
|      8:00 am
Registration & Breakfast
|      9:00 am
Emcee: Jennie Santiago, Senior Director, LatinaSHARE Patient Support & Education, SHARE Cancer Support
|      9:15 am
Opening Keynote: Latina Empowerment Through United Voices
In a powerful opening keynote address, our expert speaker passionately empowers Latinas to take charge of their health and finances, particularly in the realm of cancer support. With a focus on using your unique voice to build a united community, the speaker inspires action, fostering a network of support that transcends individual challenges and creates a formidable force for health and resilience.
Keynote: Eileen Z. Fuentes, Breast Cancer Survivor, Advocate and Educator
|      9:45 am
Panel Discussion: Exploring Dangerous Cancers and the Latest in Cancer Care
Engage with experts and medical professionals on the most aggressive cancers that greatly impact the Latina community, and the latest cancer care updates, trends, and tools that you can utilize in your lives and communities.
Moderator: Egli Colón Stephens, Ed.D., Educator 
Panel: Dr. Maricelly Santiago Ortiz, Scientist and Health Science Communicator, Oncology Quality Services LLC
|      10:45 am
|      11:00 am
Breakout Discussions: Concurrent Sessions
  1. A. Engaging Family & Community to Challenge Stigmas - Join this engaging and facilitated discussion detailing the social stigmas surrounding cancer, how it impacts Latinas and their families, and ways to ease fears surrounding preventative care and treatment. This discussion will also incorporate the crucial aspects of religion and spirituality in the context of cancer care and community.
Presenters: Paola Torres, MPH, Senior Research Specialist, University of Illinois Cancer Center
Rev. Dr. Zorina Costello, Director of Community Engagement, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Facilitator: Dr. Maricelly Santiago Ortiz, Scientist and Health Science Communicator, Oncology Quality Services LLC

  1. B. Latina Representation in Clinical Trials - Latina representation is lacking in cancer clinical trials, but it’s extremely important in being able to address specific drugs and treatments needed for this demographic. Learn how engaging in clinical trials can be an important step to better cancer treatment for Latinas, and discuss strategies to influence others in the community to participate. 
Presenter: Bárbara Segarra-Vázquez, DHSc, Professor, School of Health Professions, University of Puerto Rico 
Facilitator: Sandra M. Morales, Patient Navigator, SHARE Cancer Support

  1. C. Building Latina Trust in Health Services - Understand Patient Navigation and how it can help address challenges such as communication and language barriers, bias, and access to treatments and information.
Presenter: Kelly Umaña, Senior Manager, Operations and Innovation, Maryland Latinos Unidos
Co-facilitators: Jennie Santiago, Senior Director, LatinaSHARE Patient Support & Education, SHARE Cancer Support
Olympia Cepeda, MPH, LatinaSHARE Director and Senior Outreach, SHARE Cancer Support
  1. D. English Breakout: Cancer’s Impact on the Mind and Body - Understand and address mental health, as well as physical, sexual, and reproductive challenges that impact Latinas during and post cancer treatment. Hear real stories, and learn strategies around rebuilding self care and love during times that test confidence and self esteem.
Presenter: Ife Lenard, DEIB Executive, Share Cancer Support
|      12:00 pm
Buffet Networking Luncheon
|      1:00 pm
Fireside Chat Series:
Engage with leaders as they dive into discussions around three important topics during this Fireside Chat Series.
Emcee: Maria Teresa Estrella, Vice President of Outreach, SHARE Cancer Support
Moderator: Nancy Peña, Lead Patient Navigator at DFCI and Director of NPI, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Navegación de Pacientes Internacional, Inc. (NPI)

  1. A. Climate Change Impact on Latina Health [1:00pm - 1:45pm] 
Understand how underserved communities are impacted the greatest by climate change, what affects it has on the Latina community and cancer care, and what can be done to mitigate future risks.
Presenter: Gabriela Lemus, Executive Director, Maryland Latinos Unidos

  1. B. Improving Health Literacy in the Latina Community [1:55pm - 2:40pm] 
Engage in this discussion on the importance of cancer education and sharing information on nutrition and preventative care in the Latina community.
Presenter: Marenid Planell-Camacho, Outreach and Engagement Specialist, Pomelo Care

  1. C. Economic Barriers and Ways to Find Resources   [2:50pm - 3:40pm] 
Lack of insurance, access to facilities, transportation, caregiver services, and finances pose a significant challenge to Latinas getting the care they need. Engage in this discussion around barriers, existing resources, and additional ways to address financial challenges.
Presenter: Vilmarie Rodriguez, MSW, LCSW, Vice President of Patient Assistance and Community Engagement, Cancer Care
|      3:45 pm
Ambassador Awards Ceremony & Perspectives Panel Discussion
Meet this year’s LatinaSHARE Awardees and learn from a brief panel discussion, why they became Ambassadors, their experiences and hopes for the future. 
Moderator: Maria Teresa Estrella, Vice President of Outreach, SHARE Cancer Support
Ambassador Panel:
Monica Bolanos
Leslie Kivelier
Sonia Ballen
|      4:30 pm
30th Anniversary Celebration
Embark on a jubilant journey with us as LatinaSHARE marks its 30th Anniversary! Be part of the celebration as we applaud the exceptional efforts of our LatinaSHARE ambassadors and facilitators who have been instrumental in uplifting the Latina cancer community. Stay for the festivities, relish in delectable cultural cuisines, sway to vibrant music, and immerse yourself in the heartwarming spirit of our incredible community celebration.
Agenda Subject to change.
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