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October marks Spina Bifida Awareness Month and each October, the Spina Bifida Community joins together to raise awareness and support for Spina Bifida. Walk-N-Rolls are one great way to show your support. Whether you join an organized Walk-N-Roll (listed below) or prefer to Walk-N-Roll Your Way, you can help build a better and brighter future for those impacted by Spina Bifida. Come on out, connect with friends, have fun, learn new things, show your support, fundraise, and be part of something very worthwhile – something you can feel good about. Join us. We invite you to be part of our community and hope to see you soon!

Walk-N-Roll is the biggest Spina Bifida Association "event" of the year. You're invited to be part of this amazing community dedicated to building a better and brighter future for all those impacted by Spina Bifida.

This year there will be Walk-N-Rolls for Spina Bifida across the country and we can’t wait to see you. Whether you're joining us to connect with community, fundraise with a friend or family member or dedicated to improving lives, Every Mile Makes a Difference.

Why Walk-N-Roll?
Connect: Walk-N-Rolls bring people impacted by Spina Bifida, their parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, relatives, healthcare providers, and key community stakeholders together. It’s a festive gathering filled with fun, smiles, celebration, and connections.

Raise Awareness: Spina Bifida is the most common permanently disabling birth defect associated with life. Approximately 166,000 individuals in the United States have Spina Bifida and yet most people don't know what Spina Bifida is or what to expect. Walk-N-Rolls are such an important opportunity to share information with loved ones and our local communities. Learn more about  Spina Bifida.

Fundraise: The money raised helps fuel research, access to clinical care, advocacy, educational resources, informational programming, and support -- at the local, state, and national level. Here are just a few ways fundraising dollars help build a network of resources for those impacted by Spina Bifida:

-Advancing education and support through the National Resource Center, providing 1:1 guidance for families, in-person and virtual programming featuring medical experts, parents, and adults living with Spina Bifida, and fostering opportunities for people to connect.

-Expanding efforts, through the Spina Bifida Collaborative Care Network, to improve clinical care for all those living with Spina Bifida and help to ensure that guidelines for care are understood and implemented.

-Ensuring the voices of people with Spina Bifida are heard on Capitol Hill. Support of bills that impact those with Spina Bifida including access to coordinated, affordable, comprehensive care; insurance coverage; and workplace employment.

-Support that helped drive the creation and advocates for funding of the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry (NSBPR) and the Urologic Protocol for Your Children with Spina Bifida, both housed at the Centers for Disease Control. 

Spina Bifida Walk-N-Rolls are held across the country stretching from the west coast to the east coast. Find the Walk-N-Roll near you. Join the Fun. Build a team. 

Every Mile Makes a Difference.  
We look forward to seeing you!
May 13, 2023 - East meadow, new York
May 20, 2023 - Canton, Massachusetts
May 21, 2023 - SChenectady, new York
May 21, 2023 - New Castle, New hampshire
June 10, 2023 - Denver, COLORADO
August 12, 2023 - los angeles, california
september 9, 2023 - fort worth, Texas
september 23, 2023 - oklahoma city, oklahoma
september 30, 2023 - charleston, south Carolina
October 7, 2023 - Sacramento, California
October 7, 2023 - Winchester, Kentucky
October 7, 2023 - Paducah, Kentucky
October 14, 2023 - Atlanta, georgia
October 21, 2023 - greensboro, north carolina
October 21, 2023 - Nashville, tennessee 
October 28, 2023 - Louisville, kentucky
November 4, 2023 - houston, Texas 
November 4, 2023 - Orlando, FLorida
November 4, 2023 - Phoenix, Arizona
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Grounded in a decade of family-friendly events across the country, Walk-N-Roll is SBA's largest annual fundraising event. A fundraiser and a "friendraiser," the event connects new friends and old and delivers important information through our on-site resource fair by working through our network of Chapters across the country.

How does this event work? Participants register and fundraise any dollar amount in support of their local Chapter and SBA's broader mission of building a better and brighter future for all those impacted by Spina Bifida. On event day, participants join in a family-friendly, noncompetitive, one-mile walk/roll and
participate in our fun-filled atmosphere and resource fair.

Who does my message reach? Sponsor benefits target the service area of the event location you select. Interested in multiple locations? We are happy to customize a package to meet your goals.

What does this event support? Funds support local Chapters' mission-focused programs and services in our focus areas of education, advocacy, clinical care, research, and support.

For more information about becoming a sponsor, please view our 2023 Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida Sponsorship Guide or contact Libby Riordan, National Director of Special Events, [email protected].
Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors
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