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If you’re looking to start growing your own weed, consider Amazon’s weed seeds! Ordering weed seeds from Amazon is quick and easy, and you can purchase weed seeds from a variety of different strains at great prices.

Weed Seeds are one of the most important and highly debated topics in the legal cannabis industry, with a lot of different opinions on which are the best seeds to buy. Many cannabis companies have spent months to years collecting seeds, with some focusing on quality and genetics and others more concerned with growing yields, and even different plant types (like Indica and Sativa).

To make things easier, and to avoid potentially wasting money on seeds that won’t grow, we have compiled an awesome list of the top 5 best cannabis seeds for 2020.

1. Ruderalis: Ruderalis is one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time. It has both the traits of Sativa and Indica, making it one of the best Sativa strains on the market. It has an exceptionally beautiful green bud with a sativa dominant flavour, making it one of the best Sativa strains available. The bud shape can be slightly thin and pointy, but it is quite easy to grow. It’s recommended for first time growers as it can grow big quickly and has a nice smoke quality, too. It also produces a lot of trichomes, which makes it one of the best cannabis seeds for beginners.

2. White Widow: White Widow has quickly become a fan favourite, producing large, dense buds. The genetics behind White Widow are similar to those of Ruderalis, making it a Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s one of the most effective cannabis seeds to buy for cannabis aficionados and first time growers. White Widow has become an iconic strain, and its beauty has been replicated in other cannabis strains throughout the years.


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