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 The ARCO What Next? 2024 Conference
London, 3 & 4 July  
We are thrilled to announce that the What Next? 2024 ARCO's 8th Annual Conference will be back and is set to take place on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 July 2024 in London.

Widely recognised as the main agenda-setting event for the Integrated Retirement Community Sector, the ARCO Annual Conference is the must-attend event for the most influential and experienced Operators and organisations working today.

Known for its excellent and fresh content, where new innovative ideas are shared first, and for the unmatched networking opportunities, including the attendance of Ministers and senior policy makers, this event is not to be missed if you are serious about our sector.

At our sold-out event last year, we were delighted to welcome over 440 experts representing over 170 leading organisations from across the Housing-with-Care sector, and bring together once again relevant, insightful and varied voices to this event.

The conference will run over two days, and it will be held once again at the stunning IET London, Savoy Place, on the London Embankment, with The Knowledge Exchange Workshop day taking place at the London offices of Trowers & Hamlins LLP.

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“There are many reasons to enjoy the conference including engagement opportunities and providing a platform to discuss lessons learned from different stakeholders, I  love to see the sector come together to work towards continual improvement, collaboratively”
What Next? 2023 Delegate
“The variety and composition of the conference was really well thought out and stimulating. Great speakers, contributors, and topics. As always, the day was superbly organised as well!”
What Next? 2023 Delegate
What Next? 2024 
Main Conference Day Agenda (3 July)

ARCO’s 8th conference lands at a pivotal moment for both the sector and the UK.

A year on from the launch of the Task Force on Older People’s Housing, and with the country heading for a general election in the Autumn, there are opportunities abound for sector growth so that Housing-with-Care and Integrated Retirement Communities play a key role in transforming the future of the UK’s social care and housing crisis.

This year’s programme under the title of Building Tomorrow: Creating Housing and Care Options for All will focus on the key factors underpinning both sector growth and operational excellence. Topics will include:

  • Bridging the gap – what are the key factors in enabling the sector to grow at scale, establishing a vibrant market across the spectrum, but with a particular focus on the mid market? What are the key unit numbers, density and service charge rates to make IRCs available to all?

  • A Year in focus – The Older People’s Housing Taskforce has over the past year researched both existing offers but also the future landscape of older people’s housing in the UK. What will the key recommendations be, and how will government respond? 

  • The changing face of filial piety – Around 7% of the UK population currently provide informal, unpaid care – often to family members. However, increasingly common reasons to move to an integrated retirement community is customers not wanting to burden their families with caring responsibilities, or not having family members to rely on. This session will explore whether this is a sign of our increasingly fragmented society, or simply a logical consequence of families living further apart, high employment rates, and an increasing number of people growing old without having had children. 

  • Is intergenerational living the key to wellbeing for all? – Since the first series of Channel 4’s Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds hit our TV screens back in 2017, the benefits of intergenerational connections have been evident. We are now seeing more and more operators of IRCs building this into their village offer from the beginning. Whether that is integrating with a local nursery group, dedicated IRC units within a larger general residential offer or living alongside medical students as they train. This session will explore the key benefits of intergenerational activities and hear first-hand from residents, operators, and parents/students on why this is key in building happy and vibrant communities, while also looking at the challenges that need to be overcome to make this happen. 

  • Mature market mastery: lessons from NZ – The New Zealand Retirement Village sector is 20 years ahead of the UK’s and benefits from a thriving mid-market and a better customer awareness of what IRCs offer. Following the return of an ARCO Member delegation to visit and learn more about the market and operators in New Zealand, the group will share key observations, lessons and insight on what we might want to consider for the UK.

“I always love the setup and friendly feel, the venue is great - the networking in the breaks is always the highlight as is the drinks reception. The sessions were really informative and insightful.”
What Next? 2023 Delegate
The Knowledge Exchange Day 
(4 July) 
The Knowledge Exchange Day will offer delegates the chance to explore in-depth specific topics through various workshops delivered by leading sector experts and is highly recommended for those wanting greater insight into the Housing-with-Care sector after the main conference day.  

This year's workshops will be announced in the upcoming months.
“As a first-time attendee, I was genuinely impressed by the depth of knowledge and expertise shared throughout the conference. The discussions and presentations left me feeling motivated and inspired by the vast opportunities our sector offers”
What Next? 2023 Delegate
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ARCO Conference Ticket Prices
You can purchase your tickets for the Main Conference Day, the Knowledge Exchange Day, or both days (Full Two Day Conference).
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- The general public and organisations that are not part of the ARCO network can purchase Public tickets.

ARCO Network Ticket Prices - exclusive for ARCO Members, Accelerators, Strategic Partners, Partners 
& our Affiliate Network 

- Main Conference Day only (3 July) - £385.00 (exc VAT)
- Knowledge Exchange Day only (4 July) - £245.00 (exc VAT)
- Full Two Day Conference (3 & 4 July) - £595.00 (exc VAT)

Public Ticket Prices - for NON ARCO Members 
or Partners

- Main Conference Day only (3 July) - £595.00 (exc VAT)
- Knowledge Exchange Day only (4 July) - £345.00 (exc VAT)
- Full Two Day Conference (3 & 4 July) - £785.00 (exc VAT)

“A pivotal event in the Retirement Industry sector, providing, insights, support, advocacy, camaraderie & a passion for progress and growth”
What Next? 2023 Delegate

Location Day 1
London: IET London, Savoy Place

The Main Conference Day on 3 July,
will be held at the spectacular
IET London Savoy Place, London, WC2R 0BL
Location Day 2
London: Trowers & Hamlins

The Knowledge Exchange Day on 4 July,
will be held at Trowers & Hamlins, 3 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8YZ
“These two days have further solidified my commitment to supporting the team in raising awareness of the IRC sector within the wider UK society. I firmly believe in the positive impact that the IRC option can have on individuals' lives, and I look forward to contributing to the cause”
What Next? 2023 Delegate
What Next? 2024 
Conference Sponsors

We want to thank this year's Sponsors for their support of this event and their ongoing contribution and commitment to the Integrated Retirement Community sector.

 Sponsorship Opportunities
There are only a few sponsorship opportunities still available.
If your organisation is interested in being part of this year's conference, please contact the events team now by emailing [email protected] 
"I truly enjoyed all the quality of the speakers and how engaging the delegates were on the various subjects
What Next? 2023 Conference Sponsor
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What Next? 2024

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At our sold-out event last year, we were delighted to welcome over 440 experts representing over 170 leading organisations from across the
Housing-with-Care sector, and bring together once again relevant, insightful and varied voices to this event.
If you want see who attended last year's conference please follow this link.
“As a new Affiliate it was fascinating to get such a well rounded insight into IRCs both in terms of the positives but also the challenges”
What Next? 2023 Delegate
A look back at the 
2023 Conference Photo Gallery
"(The) Resident panel was really powerful and makes you remember why we do what we do
What Next? 2023 Delegate
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