Women's Fall Equinox Wellness Retreat
Join us on September 28-October 1, 2023
Unplug. Reset. Restore. Redirect.

3 night/ 2.5 day women's retreat. Mindfulness, nature, movement, therapeutic education and workshops and an opportunity to unplug and reconnect with yourself and others. We will be getting into our bodies and out of our heads as we explore topics and dive into experiences that help us come most alive!

$1250 for a shared room
$1500 for a solo room

All Meals/Snacks
Experiential activities

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Date & Time
September 28, 2023, 7:00 PM - October 1, 2023 - 12:00 PM
What past participants have to say...
"What an amazing experience this wellness retreat was for me! It was the first time I've taken time out to attend a retreat, but after reading the introduction it was calling my name. From the moment we arrived to the end, it was such a warm, welcoming, engaging, and considerate opportunity to share, consider opportunities to change and create growth. I'm not one for pouring my emotions out, but I felt very comfortable sharing and expressing areas I needed to find inner peace. The group of women were so supportive and caring. It was such a magical experience that could not have been done without the level of planning and thought that went into the event by Michele, Anne and Kate! It was the catapult for me to finding inner peace and continued progress that I've been searching for in my life. Simply put, it was life changing! Thank you can't describe the impact this has had on my life."
"As a working mom, I struggle to make time for myself. So deciding to go on this out-of-character journey was big for me. I don't often put myself in the hands of others, but this was a new side of myself I wanted to explore. Every detail of our weekend in Steamboat was planned to perfection. Our accommodations were beautiful, and the food was excellent. I loved the morning yoga, group sessions, and meeting some of the most interesting women I'd ever met. Sharing my journey with strangers was more cathartic than I ever dreamed possible. Listening to others share their joy and struggles made me feel comfortable speaking my truth. This was hands down the best thing I've done for myself in a very long time. Michele and Anne are magic, and spending the weekend with them was transformative!"
Join us on September 28
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