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log·o·phile /ˈlôɡəfīl/
(word) + -phile (lover)

This past summer, Black people cheered when Zaila Avant-garde became the first African-American to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee. We danced along with her and beamed with pride. It was through Avant-garde, that many of us learned about MacNolia Cox. In 1936, Cox was the first Black top-5 finalist at the National Spelling Bee. Cox was an inspiration to Avant-garde.

Avant-garde's win, and reading Cox's story, made me think of my own love of words when I was a child. I immersed myself in books. My favorite reads were Jane Eyre and The Secret Garden. I'd imagine myself the misunderstood Jane or the ornery Mary, strolling the halls of Misselthwaite Manor.

I used to write newspapers and sell them to my parents. I'm sure they got a kick out of that. My love of reading and writing stayed with me through adulthood. I can spend hours with my nose stuck in a book. Or staring off into space, making up quirky stories in my head.

I have always vowed, if I ever had the opportunity, I would hold space for other Black women who love words as much as I do.

This is that event.

If you are a Black woman who treasures words, I hope you will join us.  It will be a fun time of creativity and community.

Tonya Jones

Date & Time
December 11, 2021, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (Pacific)
Artwork by Ebin Lee
"Writing is one of the ways I participate in transformation."
-Toni Cade Bambara

The Words+Love event is about uplifting Black women writers.
These remarkable speakers exemplify Black women's artistry and imagination.

Hannah Olabosibe Shokoya Eko
EKO is a Black-Nigerian writer, transformative artist, and creator of honeyknife, llc. She is the literary hostess of Women, Writing, Weed & Wine, Weird & Tender, the Mirror/Mirror Workshop, and certified as a yoga teacher from the first trauma-informed, antiracist program in the country. Born in London, she grew up in Southern California and has lived on both sides of the ocean and some rivers in between. Her work has been featured in Buzzfeed, Bust, b*tch, make/shift, and Aster(ix) magazines. She is a 2019 recipient of the Advancing Black Arts Grant, a Peter R. Taylor Kenyon Fellow, Tin House Scholar, and VONA (Voices Of Our Nations) alum. She believes honey is the knife.
COREENA is a solo electronic music performer, born in Seattle and now based in Berlin. Coreena has released five indie projects, four of which she is the sole singer/songwriter/producer.  Using voice looping, analog music technology, synths and samples, she creates a collage of dreamy textures, slowly evolving melodies, and stuttered rhythms. that call back to the roots of IDM, Trip Hop and Soul. Coreena finds inspiration from her global travels. She uses these experiences to fuel her journey of self-discovery and new musical adventures.  
Tonya Jones
JONES is the founder of PDX Women of Color Zine Collective. The collective has self-published 15 issues. The themes have ranged from racism, gentrification, self-care, and more. In 2018, she created Black Women Read (BWR), a project celebrating Black women's literature. Jones hosts zine workshops at her city's community college. She is the proud parent of an amazing little human.
Jam Session 
Enjoy the eclectic vibes of Coreena to get you in the mood for this upcoming event!
Words+Love is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Attendees will automatically be entered to win prizes during the event:

Three-month Basic Membership with IPRC (1 winner) *participants in the Portland, OR area*
Free Women, Writing, Weed & Wine ticket AND a free honey is the knife book (1 winner)
$25 She Bop Virtual Gift Card (2 winners)
$25 Sistah SciFi Virtual Gift Card (1 Winner)
$10 Starbucks Virtual Gift Card (1 Winner)
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 Join us on December 11 
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