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As a child, did you ever think it would be cool to break a World Record? As an adult, Patrick O’Mara, Pro Presenting, LLC still thinks it would be cool… that is one of the reasons he is trying to break the World Record for the Most Speeches in 24 hours. This event will take place all around Birmingham on June 8.

To break this record, Patrick will attempt to deliver 34 presentations, at 34 different locations. Each presentation needs to be a minimum of 10 minutes long, with 10+ audience members in attendance, and attendees count only once. Guinness also requires each speech to be unique and unscripted so he cannot deliver the same speech 34 times in a row. Therefore, Patrick will open a new fortune cookie at each location then create a speech based upon the fortune.

Logistically, this attempt is also a challenge. Patrick’s day will begin at 5:00 a.m. at Fitness 459 CrossFit and conclude around 9:00 p.m. at Brock’s Gap Brewing Company in Hoover. For this to work, Patrick plans to deliver 2 to 3 speeches every hour for 16 hours.

Fortunately, he has a dedicated support system. As part of a team outreach project, students from UAB’s Barefield Entrepreneurship program have been working to market and enroll organizations and individuals to participate; and Digital Motion Event Services™ is serving as a key partner to coordinate and record all presentations and help with evidence submission.

Volunteer audience members are needed! If your fortune states “you will become part of making history,” please contact Patrick O’Mara, [email protected] (205) 914-0602 for more information.

Multiple locations around Birmingham, AL

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June 8, 2023

 Join us on June 08 
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