World Sake Day
Calling all Sake enthusiasts! Prepare to raise your glasses in celebration! Special Sake Selection: 30+ Selections, 17+ Brands ! World Sake Day by MIKA is back this fall for its 3rd annual tasting event! Upstairs NYC is thrilled to partner with MIKA and Niji to bring you an unforgettable experience.

Join us as we dive headfirst into the enchanting world of Japanese craft Sake. Indulge in the unforgettable flavors of Japanese Sake that will transport your taste buds straight to Japan. And that's not all – immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of our Asian artist market pop-up!
This is more than an event; it's a journey through the heart of Sake culture and Asian artistry. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for a tasting experience like no other.

PRE SALE Ticket $30, Early Bird $35, Regular Ticket $45 / 5 Tasting $20
  • Enjoy up to 10 Sake varieties of your choice!
  • Experience all the flavors in an original Sake glass that is meant for you to soak up all the special aroma.
  • Good news if you wish to indulge in more Sake! Just ask us for an extra tasting ticket available for purchase.
  • Food & Drink sampling *Till supply last

To Vendors
If you'd like to participate the World Sake Day, please contact [email protected], along with what you sell and website/social media.
 Join us on October 13th
World Sake Day
Join us on October 13th
Prepare to immerse yourself in an epic World Sake Day extravaganza, and this time, we are taking over the heart of Union Square! Picture this: 5,000 square feet of prime space right in front of Union Square transformed into a World Sake Day fiesta!

Here's a taste of what you can expect:

  • Special Sake Selection: 30+ Selections, 17+ Brands ! 
    Brace yourself for an unforgettable walkaround tasting experience featuring handpicked, exquisite Sake varieties. Stay tuned for more details! *Refer to the below for the details for each brand.

    Kubota Sake @kubota_sake_global
    Takara Shuzo @takarasakeusa @miosparklingusa
    KIKUSUI @kikusui_pr
    KATO SAKE WORKS @katosakeworks
    WESAKE @drinkwesake
    KINOENE @kinoene_sake 
    TATENOKAWA @tatenokawa_sake 
    KIKUMASAMUNE @kikumasamune_official 
    IMANISHI SHUZO @mimurosugi_official 
    YAMAGUSHI SHUZO @niwaugu
    IZUMIBASHI @izumibashi_sake_usa
    WAKAZE @wakaze_france
    【TOSA-SAKE】TSUKASA BOTAN @tsukasabotansns 
    【TOSA-SAKE】BIJOFU @bijofu
    【TOSA-SAKE】SUIGEI @suigei_sake
    【TOSA-SAKE】TOSATSURU @tosatsuru
    【TOSA-SAKE】KAMEIZUMI @kameizumi_sake_brewing

  • Mouthwatering Japanese Delights:
    Indulge in a delectable Japanese menu where every dish is priced between the affordable range of $10 and $20. Sushi, Yakisoba, Onigiri, Takoyaki, Cute-fruit sandwiches, cookies and more! Prepare your tastebuds for incredible umami flavors!

  • Asian Artisan Marketplace: 10+ Accessories, outfits, crafts vendors and more! 
    Explore a treasure trove of handcrafted accessories, scented candles, unique merchandise and mesmerizing crafts from across Asia. Discover one-of-a-kind buys you won't find anywhere else!

  • Premier NYC Venue:
    Our setting could not be more perfect – just for you we have secured a premier space right on Union Square, ensuring a backdrop that's as vibrant as the event itself.

    But hold on, there's more to come! Our menu may surprise you, and we've got additional surprises up our sleeves.

More to follow! Menu may change.

Behind the scenes, there's a heartwarming story: Upstairs NYC's "Night Market" and MIKA Bushwick have a history of hosting unforgettable events together. Thanks to our incredible community, we have witnessed familiar faces returning time and again, becoming a valuable part of the Upstairs NYC family. When MIKA Bushwick closed its doors this March, we could not bear to see it go. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens and we decided to host this World Sake Day event in honor of MIKA, making it an occasion filled with respect and reverence!
Get ready to participate in an extraordinary celebration that brings together Sake culture, delectable cuisine, Asian craftsmanship, and the lively spirit of Union Square. This is more than an event; it's a heartfelt tribute to cherished memories and a toast to new beginnings. Stay tuned for updates that promise to make this World Sake Day a legendary one!

Union Square
31E 17th St, 2F New York NY
Date & Time
Friday, October 13, 2023, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
World Sake Day
World Sake day annual event
 Join us on October 13th
Sake Brands
KUBOTA:“Tanrei-karakuchi”- crisp, clean and dry sake brewed in Nagaoka, Niigata. Introducing ways to enjoy our versatile drink. Tucked away the depths of Niigata, one of Japan’s premier rice-growing regions., our brewery is enveloped by far-reaching rice fields, rivers and untouched woodlands. Our flagship brand Kubota is a reflection of this and offers a taste of the four seasons: cherry blossoms in spring, fireflies in summer, vibrant red maple trees in autumn and gentle blankets of snow in winter.
Takara Shuzo
Takara Sake USA Inc. was established in 1983 in Berkeley, California. The main products produced in Berkeley are the "Sho Chiku Bai" brand of sake, flavored sake, plum sake, mirin and others. Takara Sake USA has taken pure snow melt from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and superior rice from the fertile Sacramento Valley. To this, they apply traditional sake-making craftsmanship and modern technology to produce a sake worthy of the Takara mark. Various products like premium sake and shochu are imported from our parent company in Japan.

Since launching sake brewing operations in 1842, in the late Edo period, we have been providing for more than 170 years a wide variety of products underpinned by our creative and proven technology responding to the values and tastes of consumers.
【Numerous Gold Prizes in Japan】
Kikusui has been awarded many gold prizes for its new-brew Sake in some of Japan’s most authoritative competitions, which judge the quality of new Sake produced in breweries throughout Japan.
We cultivate the grace of the earth with gratitude and conscience to create spiritually enriching lifestyles.
Our roots are firm in this region, and we will continue to contribute to people's health, refreshment and enjoyment through cultivating the blessings of the earth with the power of fermentation that has been fostered since our founding, and by taking advantage of the traditional Japanese culture that has been passed down to us. The Kikusui Institute for Sake Culture embodies this commitment.

Kato Sake Works is a local craft sake brewery in Bushwick Brooklyn, featured on New York Times, Kato Sake Works offers local sake enjoyed genuinely. They are the neighborhood brewery that bridges cultures and reshapes the sake experience.
WESAKE makes sake in Kobe Japan and they make sake in canned so that you can enjoy sake easily anywhere. WESAKE process starts in the rice fields in Tagocho Japan, where rice grains are carefully grown for 6 months by local farmers. Rice is then transported to Kobe Japan, a famous sake-brewing hub given it’s ideal climate and its pristine water sources. WESAKE brew Junmai Ginjo style sake because it’s elegant enough for seasoned sake drinkers, but also bright, fun and easy for all those who are starting to drink it.
【Gold Prizes Japan】
Kinoene has been making sake in Chiba Japan for 300 years, combining tradition and art with technology. Kinoene Masamune participates in the community as well by contricuting to tourisum, and develop & sells confections and sake-related goods to enrich local culture adn commerce.
Tatenokawa was the first Sake Brewery in Yamagata who decided to brew exclusively Junmai Daiginjo class sake, and hope to continue to do so while providing their high quality merchandise at an affordable price. Nearly all of the rice they use to brew is locally grown Miyama Nishiki and Dewasansan.
Established over 350 years ago, Kiku-Masamune takes their status as a representative brand of Authentic Dry Sake very seriously, and their mission is clear. As stated in their famous 1983 commercial, "As your eyes fall upon good food, you begin to crave Kiku-Masa. As the dryness of Kiku-Masa hits your tongue, you begin to crave good food". Their history is steeped in the image of Dry Sake one enjoys with a meal, and to that end Kiku-Masamune utilizes their multiple facilities across Japan to create the ideal sake that one will never tire of drinking.
【Gold Prizes】
Believing that good sake is made with good rice, Izumibashi is one of the few breweries in Japan that polish AND grow their own sake-rice with their own hands. The name Izumibashi comes from the Izumi river which used to irrigate their fields, and Hashi their family name - together Izumibashi means Izumi Bridge.
An experimental sakagura making sake for modern times. Trained in Japan, they set up their second brewery in Paris to share Wakaze with the world. Everyone, everywhere deserves good sake to enjoy with food, with friends, and without rules. Takuma is the Founder and CEO of Wakaze sakagura. As a graduate in Science and Engineering from the University of Keio and the Ecole Centrale Paris, he began his career at Boston Consulting Group before launching Wakaze in Japan in 2016.
Established in 1660 in Miwa, Nara, known as the resting place of god of sake, Mimurosugi has been brewing for more than 350 years. They are devoted to the "god of sake" and "god of brewing"  and brewing for Omiwa Shrine, Japan's oldest shrine. The brewery's slogan is "to drink Miwa". They use water from their wells in the brewery which draws  ground water from the sacred Mt. Miwa  The rice used is grown with the same water by specially contracted farms.
The largest river in the Kyushu region of Japan is the Chikugogawa. The abundance of pure, clean water in the Chikugo region is said to have given birth to one of the three largest sake-brewing regions in Japan; many breweries were born there. The brewer of Niwa no Uguisu (aka. “Garden's Nightingale”) is Yamaguchi Shuzojo: located in northern Chikugo. The very first brewers of Yamaguchi Shuzojo loved to watch the Japanese nightingales in the garden playing in the water and drinking in the gardens. When the 6th generation family head Yamaguchi Risuke saw this, he made the decision to brew sake using that water.
Premium spring water greatly contributes to a vigorous activity of microbes during sake brewing. BIJOFU brews their sake using undercurrent water of the Nahari River, flowing from a forest of Yanase Cedar, the prefectural tree of Kochi. Also, they use the highest ranking sake rice, Yamadanishiki, grown in the Special-A rice paddies in Tojo in Hyogo Prefecture. In addition, when it comes to "terroir" of sake, they make use of Gin no Yume, an optimal sake rice variety developed in Kochi Prefecture, and Matsuyama Mi-i, another optimal sake rice from neighboring Ehime Prefecture,
to brew sake representing regional tastes.
With clear current, the Yasuda River runs right beside the brewhouse of TOSATSURU. The upstream area of the river in the Tsurugi Mountain spans a forest of Yanase Cedar that is known as one of three beautiful cedar forests in Japan. The rich forest of Yanase and an abundance of summer precipitation brings affluent, high quality water that is vital for sake brewing. Regarding kobo yeast that gives character to sake quality, TOSATSURU selects
the best one for each target flavor among many collections of kobo, including their house -developed Tosatsuru Tanrei Kobo.
Kameizumi hails from Kochi prefecture in Shikoku. Shikoku is the large island off the mainland of Honshu. Kochi prefecture is famous in the sake industry for its bold experimentation with sake yeast. The main family yeasts Kochi has developed start with "CEL" in the name. Despite its 
small size, because of their bold 
collaboration with the Kochi sake research institute,
The only Sakagura/Sake Brewery in Kochi City (named after an alias of Yamauchi Yōdō, who was a Japanese Daimyo of the Shikoku region in the Edo period). They aim to make sake that is the best to pair with food - sake that is dry, yet with high acidity and umami - using the isolated Tosa Mountain range's pure spring water. This water contains no iron or manganese, which are detrimental elements in sake. The brewery is also quite particular about their ingredients - the rice is polished very carefully, and they use true Kumamoto Yeast.
Established in 1603, TSUKASABOTAN is the oldest sake brewery in Kochi Prefecture and was closely related to historical figures from Kochi Prefecture. They put great importance on quality, and their four brewery pillars are rice, water, technique, and mind. As for rice, they use the highest ranking sake rice, Yamadanishiki, for koji rice and shubo rice when brewing most of their products. Their brewing water is extremely soft spring water sourced from the Niyodo River stream, which has been considered "God's river” since ancient time. Currently, 70% of their products are Tokutei Melsho-shu, but they aim to increase the number up to 100%
in the future.
NYC’s first store specializing in premium sake and shochu.
Our Story
Our dream? To share our excitement about premium sake with kindred spirits like you. Although we've tasted or drunk (yes, there is a difference) a number of different sake, we're always seeking to learn something new about it. We've studied under Sake Samurai and nihonshu authority extraordinaire John Gauntner at his Professional Sake Course in Tokyo, worked in and visited numerous sake breweries, izakaya (sake pubs), and sake shops throughout Japan. We continuously experiment at home with food pairings both Japanese and Western (Cheese with sake? Absolutely!). And we still realize that we've only scratched the surface of the tip of the “sake iceberg!” There is always more to explore and learn and we believe that the fun is in sharing that with you.

JETRO is a government-related organization that promotes mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.
New York Mutual Trading
MUTUAL TRADING COMPANY INC. is the premier Japanese food, alcohol beverage, and restaurant supply specialist. We are the Japanese food authority -true to the heart in upholding genuine Japanese food traditions, and progressive in exploring new ways to provide innovative restaurant supplies and services. Mutual Trading imports, exports, distributes and manufactures the top brands for our retailer and foodservice customers.
Tojo Kitchen also specializes in karaage rice burger and small bites, such as shumai, spring roll, and gyoza. Drop in for a lunch set, or feast on small bites and noodles for dinner.
Find us at @smorgasburg , @japanfes

Rep the US
Rep the US Distribution and Marketing (RTUS) wants to do something great for the environment, create a healthier climate and help global reforestation efforts.

In addition to distributing bio-based products derived from agro-industrial waste, RTUS is giving back by planting trees around the world.
Why Trees? Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, provide habitat to over 80% of the worlds terrestrial biodiversity and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

RTUS is committed to planting ONE HUNDRED TREES FOR EVERY MILLION STRAWS distributed to our business partners.

NYC’s first tsukemen focused restaurant with our special 60-hour broth, all made in-house.
Named after its founder chef tomo, tabetomo (pronounced ‘ta-beh-to-mo’) translates directly from japanese to “eating buddy.” the restaurant serves a signature tonkotsu pork broth that prepared over 60 hours and specializes in jiro-style. located in the heart of manhattan’s east village, on the busy cross streets of st. marks and avenue a, tabetomo caters to an eclectic crowd, ranging from native connoisseurs of noodles to the first-time customer of tsukemen.
Starting from August 8 2023 in East Village, we offer cat-themed sweets crafted with high-quality ingredients for your enjoyment. Perfect for a gift :)
🌸Japanese Pastry in NYC🌸
I knew the purpose of my baking from reading the title of a single cookbook. In Japanese, the book was titled "Sozai Yori Sozai Rashiku", meaning something like "More Ingredient Than Ingredient"These words are difficult to translate into English but to me they mean something similar to the concept of "Less Is More". Essentially allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves, using delicate techniques to bring out the best in them. Whenever I've felt unsure or uninspired when developing new cake recipes, these words guide me back to my original intentions. What do I want to express? What do I want to communicate?  With these words in mind I can come to understand. To me these are magic words. No matter where you come from, I hope to make a cake you can enjoy.
Miso-Dama's (MISOMARU) history goes all the way back to the late 15th century to mid 16th century during the civil war era in Japan.   Back then, MISODAMA was rolled and fired on the surface then dried under the sun, in order to keep long time during the transportation.   Soldiers are used to pack their MISODAMA along with other foods (such as dried rice, pickled plums, dried mushrooms and rice balls) in their pouch (see picture) and carried around their body.  MISO was a great source of nutrition and medicinal foods for them.   Even when they didn’t have access to fire for cooking, they could bite into the ball and eat it like a power bar.
Miso is packed with essential vitamins and minerals,  and MISODAMA supported their health during the battles.

Vegan Chocolate
Refined sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy- free sweet.
Our chocolate is handcrafted simply by four main ingredients. Cacao butter, cacao powder, maple syrup or lakanto (monk fruit sweetener).
How our chocolate is different and special any other chocolate?

A chocolate project started by a mother, Yuki and her 5 year old daughter at that time, Noé during the lockdown of the pandemic first as a fun activity to make sweets and chocolates at home. Knowing that her child would want to eat everything they made together, and surprised at how much refined sugar and gluten is used in sweets. Yuki decided to make healthy vegan chocolate with no refined sugar (instead using maple syrup and Lakanto) and using high quality cacao with great health benefits that they both could enjoy together. As Yuki and Noé began to adorn the tasty chocolates, NOÉ NO OMISE ("Noé's shop" in Japanese) was born.

Riverside Wrapping
Hand-made in New York City with materials imported from Japan, these lightweight, unique, earrings are perfect for every occasion. By making accessories with the same materials Emi, founder of Riverside Wrapping, use for wrapping, allows her to combine the style, materials, and beauty of her multi culture backgrounds with the more modern aesthetic of her new home.

Japanese culture x Brooklyn Lifestyle is our brand concept. We keep our focus on quality, Not quantity. Japanklyn has founded to produce streetwear for all Japan lovers. We Love To Meet And Work With New People In Carrying Our Products.
Malpha Jewelry
Malpha is handcrafted jewelry brand made in New York designer by Maiko Oba. Malpha symbolizes confidence, elegance, and beauty. With each piece that she’s made, she hopes that it not just been seen, but wishes it’s wearer to show their expression and individuality. Maiko believes that jewelry is not just a product, it’s purpose is to encourage it’s wearer, an encouragement for everyone to feel and be true to themselves, owing their confidence; with the power of positivity.

Hearted Beauty
Heartd Beauty (pronounced “Hearted”) is a clean makeup brand that is passionate about giving people the option to have high quality makeup with safe, natural and organic ingredients for a reasonable price.
Beauty-lover and makeup obsessed Joanna Yao has tried her fair share of cosmetic products. She first fell in love with cosmetics while watching her mother put on her makeup every morning. After years of sifting through thousands of products, comparing and testing each formula to find the best on the market, she was still left desiring a line of products that ticks all of her boxes: easy-to-use, clean ingredients and phenomenal formula that is actually nourishing to the skin.

Jewelry can connect people. Language is a communication tool. Jewelry designed with letters of an alphabet, especially in Arabic and Japanese, has a very unique style. When somebody notices you wearing my jewelry, you can start a conversation. This is the original role of language: forging human relationships. That might be the first step toward PEACE.

Ran Eda
Ran is a Japanese fashion designer & ceramist based in Brooklyn. 

Pucci Ropa Jewelry
Handmade starling silver/brass jewelry. Made with special tool that creates organic and abstract shape. Enjoy a unique jewelry and hidden massages. ~chihiro takeshita~
 I put my idea that comes from my experiences, feelings and favorite things into my design. 
Each shapes and designes are slightly different each other as you are. Same meanings, but from different aspect.
I want people to feel the energy through the jewelry.

organic handmade natural candles one by one by channeling artist  and healing cellist Chi . No chemical , no artificial color and made in NYC . her candles are added  reiki clearing energy as well . Her candles are not only art but also healing and  eye - candies . When she makes them , she puts full of love n wish your happiness  as well

TIN TIN TINT is a New York based jewelry brand, founded by painter Teng Teng. Our intention is to make art wearable, and many of the pieces are based on the classic theme of the picture frame. From the very beginning of her career in New York City, Teng Teng mounted her unique miniature acrylic paintings within these frames, breaking new ground in both art and traditional ornamentation. Later, she began to stretch her imagination as a painter, using new materials to "paint" and to innovate within the jewelry field.

Her artwork "Art to Wear" has been seen on Metropolitan Museum shop, VOGUE, NY Fashion Week, INSIDER and more.

Our story began in Hong Kong, where straight Asian parenting and school disciplines existed. Jewelry was once something unreachable for two ordinary 90s girls like us. The rebellion finally took place after college graduation. Healing from ear piercing did not take long, our obsession of earrings grew like wide fire. We shopped from local to premium brands, went on earrings hunting in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand etc. Turned out finding a pair of compatible earrings is just like finding the glass slippers for Cinderella. Big brand products do not always bring the greatest level of comfort. Local brand products do not mean any sacrifces on cuteness and quality.

Oishii Strawberry
Super Omakase Strawberry. Oishii Strawberry was featured on New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The New York and more. Oishii brand combined the best farming practices with an obsession for quality to ensure only the most delicious berries make it to your doorstep.  Many high-end brands and restaurants became enamored with their flavor, aroma and texture.

Miniature Food Association of Japan
Generally delicate and tiny items are called "kawaii" in Japanese; miniature food is created with the Japanese miniature-art techniques of recent decades.

Izak x Upstairs NYC
Limited Edition
Super popular Izak's party illustration Tote bag. All goods & accessories sold out very quickly. We reproduce with the illustration with limited edition.
IZAK ZENOU is one of the fashion & beauty’s most sought-after and  globes top illustrators. We're thrilled to have Izak for Japanese inspired bamboo Sumi live sketch.

Izak has an inimitable way of telling emotional and graceful stories for high-end brands like Chanel, Lancôme, Celine, Sephora, Estée Lauder, le Printemps — to name but a few. More than any other, his 20+ year work for Henri Bendel on 5th avenue has shown every facet of his branding talents — from traditional prints to murals or windows, and from product decor and designs to artist in residence events.

Adopted by prestige magazines from day one of his career — from Vogue, Elle, Self, Marie Claire, l’Officiel, InStyle and Madame Figaro, to New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, Town and Country, WSJ or Travel & Leisure – he has become an icon for many of his peers in the design world, as well as for his ever-growing list of fans in New York, Tokyo, Paris and more. But the only praise he is after is the smile in the eyes of the next face he will draw today.

Spiritual and profound, yet with an infectious “ joie de vivre”

Union Square
31E 17th St, 2nd Floor New York NY (Entrance is on 17th Street)
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  • Will tickets also be sold at the door?
    Yes, if it has not been sold out and while supplies last.

  • How does check-in work?
    We’ll scan in your QR code at the venue, and give you a glass and drink voucher.
  • What if I cannot make it?
    Please refer to the refund policy below.

  • What if I lose the drink voucher and glass?
    Do not lose your food & drink voucher. We’re unable to replace these if you lose them. Use it or lose it ;)
What's World Sake Day?
World Sake Day is an annual celebration dedicated to the traditional Japanese rice wine known as sake. Sake enthusiasts around the world come together every October 1st to honor the rich history and cultural significance of this beloved beverage. The event used to be regarded as only a national event in Japan. October 1 is traditionally the starting date of sake production in the country.

About MIKA
MIKA has been closed this March. Mika has largely sourced local products for the bar, including Bushwick-based beers, local craft sake, food, and Finger Lakes wines with American – Japanese cuisine in Bushwick.
Instagram @mikabushwick

About niji
We want to spread the handmade creations of Japanese artists to the world. niji is a marketplace that serves as a bridge connecting Japanese artists with people from around the world. It was born from the desire to expand the reach of Japanese artists globally.
We organize the “Japanese handmade Maker's Market” events, where you can meet the artists in person, held in various locations throughout New York.
Our newly opened online platform, called ‘niji,’ lets you find amazing artworks from Japanese artists and Japanese-related artists.
Instagram @japaneseartistpopupshop

About Upstairs
Upstairs NYC is a non-profit organization formed in 2022 to promote friendly relations between New York and diversity culture. A growing community and with a focus on promoting learning and community engagement across 4 pillars: art and culture, lifestyle, technology, and food. The organization regularly hosts panel discussions, holds experiential events, cultural celebrations and socials.
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