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CONFERENCE on April 22 and 23

That we are under attack by global threats goes without saying. We've been in a Cold War on several fronts for some time now, and the increasing hostilities and take-overs around the world indicate that these threats are on the brink of going "kinetic" in the not-too-distant future. In fact, the war in Ukraine is already a global kinetic hotspot, a proxy for tensions far beyond that Eurasian region, and the alignments and re-alignments are in fact being played out globally.

We will focus on two dominant threats:
- The supranational and trans-national organizations that are pulling the global strings and that are undermining national sovereignty, one of the key bulwarks against totalitarianism;
- And the one national entity whose global reach has been stunningly dangerous, all too effective, and more pervasive than we could have imagined, the Chinese Communist Party.

We will be exposing the tactics and strategies of globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and the UN and reveal where their tentacles are apparent in our own lives. Our expert speakers will describe how these organizations have subsumed elected governance over the years, not only in the US but throughout western nations generally; that nations are increasingly ceding their sovereignty to these entities is a development that must be thwarted. The impact that these unelected but supremely powerful organizations wield must not be overlooked; they are one of the most dangerous threats to Western Civilization, and our freedoms, that we face today.

And the reach of the Chinese Communist Party also ought not be understated - nor can it be overstated. Their commitment to "unrestricted warfare" is another of the most dangerous threats on the planet, and is as pervasive as it is cunning. In fact, even as this conference has been being developed there has been a tectonic shift in the CCP's tactics and strategies. Their continued taunts, and our continued demonstration of weakness have created a scenario that gives students of history a sense of deep foreboding. Many of us believe in "Peace through Strength;" what we are seeing is its opposite, and anti-freedom actors around the world are, one might imagine, gleeful at the daily projections of weakness by the United States of America.

Of course, what is also of supreme interest is: how are these threats connected? What, if any, is the relationship between these supra-national entities and the CCP? To what extent are their goals aligned, and where and how do they work together?

And, most importantly: given these threats, what does the future look like, and how can we prevent World War Three from advancing? We're still in the "Early Years," but our knowledge of history reveals that the path we're on is one of supreme concern.

These issues and more will be covered in this next conference.

Forewarned is forearmed: hence this conference.

We aim to INFORM you of the threats to our freedoms; EMPOWER you to be a representative of TRUTH in a world atrociously full of lies; and EMBOLDEN you to be a clear voice for truth and freedom.

Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach
3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, CA 90503

Date & Time
Saturday April 22, 2023, 9AM - 5PM Sunday April 23, 9AM-6 PM

Optional Conference Dinner
Saturday April 22, 6:30PM
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This astounding two-day conference will cover:

HOW we are in danger of a GLOBAL CATASTROPHE, i.e. WORLD WAR 3
DETAILS of the major supra-national organizations
SPECIFICS about the war waged against us by the Chinese Communist Party
WHAT is the end-game ?
and HOW can we prevent it?
Use the coupon code EARLY for a 25% discount before March 8th
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Use the coupon code EARLY for a 25% discount before March 8th
One of the most potent aspects of an AFA conference is being able to spend time with our speakers and see them, face to face.  The dynamism that comes from shared space is something we have always treasured, and during the various lockdowns and restrictions, it's been one of the things we missed the most.
It's also one of the things that they sought to destroy, KNOWING how crucial it is.
For that reason, we treasure these all the more.

Just Announced:

Ed Dowd
Former BlackRock Equity Fund Manager, Ed Dowd is one of the foremost speakers and analysts on various topics related to globalist interference in private enterprise. In addition, he's become one of the most outspoken analysts of markets, Big Pharma, and the current and future financial scene. His book, "Cause Unknown:" The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022 is a blockbuster bestseller and a must-read for anyone seeking a clear-eyed analysis of data regarding the damage done to us by those entrusted with our health care.

We were extremely fortunate to have Ed Dowd join us at our last conference - the video of his speech at the conference has over 126,000 views on Rumble, and it continues to climb.  His unique perspective, analytical eye and passion for uncovering the truth are gifts that we are grateful for, and we are thrilled that he shares them with the AFA community.  
Other confirmed speakers so far:

Stephen Coughlin - an attorney, decorated intelligence officer and noted specialist on Islamic law, ideology, and associated issues, Steve Coughlin has held numerous positions in the arenas of Intelligence. Founder and CEO of Unconstrained Analytics, he is also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute. His two most recent books, Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad and Re-remembering the Misremembered Left, are must-reads for understanding strategic warfare. He is a frequent speaker at AFA events including our Long March conference, our Islam and the West conference, our Puppetmasters conference and several stand-alone lectures. Stephen Coughlin is also a member of AFA's Advisory Board

Frank Gaffney - national security analyst and expert, Frank Gaffney is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. as well as the host of Secure Freedom Radio, and the Security America show on the America's Voice Network. He is the publisher of over a dozen books and monographs from the Center for Security Policy Press.
Mr. Gaffney was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy under President Reagan, and has also served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control ,among many other positions in the national security arena.
His Committee on the Present Danger: China website ( and webinars are crucial resources for anyone interested in the threat posed by China. It is and has been my go-to on this topic. Many of the speakers at this conference have been guests on his webinars, and we are grateful to have their expertise, and his, at our conference.
Mr. Gaffney’s leadership has been recognized by numerous organizations including: the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award, and the Zionist Organization of America’s “Louis Brandeis Award, among many others. He is also a member of the AFA Advisory Board.

Brian Kennedy - Chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, Brian Kennedy is also a Senior Fellow, board member, and former president of the Claremont Institute, and the President of American Strategy Group.  His Encounter Broadside China's Communist War Inside America is a terrific primer of the threat we face from the CCP.  Mr. Kennedy brings strategic and rational clarity, as well as historical context, to a vast array of threats we face both externally and internally.

Trevor Loudon - a tireless researcher, filmmaker, author and speaker, Mr. Loudon has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics for more than 30 years. His films, Enemies Within, and Enemies Within the Church, expose the infiltration by destructive forces, and his books, including The Enemies Within, White House Reds, and two-part Security Risk Senators, are vital resources for those who want to ensure the integrity of our institutions and government. Trevor has spoken frequently at AFA events, and we were honored to host the LA Premiere of The Enemies Within. Because of his freedom-defending work, Trevor is a Fellow of the American Freedom Alliance, and due to his courage and tenacity in this arena, we presented him with the American Freedom Award in 2018.

Colonel (Ret) John Mills
- a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Col. Mills has had an immense impact on a number of significant national security events over the last 40 years. He has served multiple combat tours, serving both in uniform and as a senior civilian for the Department of Defense as well as service with the National Security Council at the White House across two Administrations. He has served in joint, conventional, and special operations units and as a senior staff planner on the Chairman’s Joint Staff.
John is a part of the Center for Security Policy, Committee on Present Danger China, among many other similar endeavors, and a regular Op-Ed writer for the Epoch Times and Daily Middle East. And his most recent book, The Nation Will Follow, is a must-read "action briefing" on the penetration of the Deep State and how to combat it.

Dr. Michael Rectenwald - a former NYU professor and author of numerous books including the Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom,  and most recently, the hugely acclained bestseller The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda, Dr. Rectenwald is one of the primary experts on the Great Reset, the organizations behind it, and various other "catastrophisms" that are exploited by these organizations. He was a key speaker at our Puppetmasters conference in October, and is a new member of AFA's Advisory Board.

Brigadier General (Ret.) Robert Spalding - a retired United States Air Force brigadier general, General Spalding currently serves as a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. His work focuses on U.S.–China relations, economic and national security, and the Asia-Pacific military balance.
General Spalding has served in senior positions of strategy and diplomacy within the Defense and State Departments for more than 26 years, retiring as a brigadier general. General Spalding’s innovation while serving in the White House has led to a reset in national security and public policy regarding telecommunications in the US as well as globally.
He is the CEO and co-founder of SEMPRE, the continuation of his vision for secure digital infrastructure created while at the NSC. He is also the author of both Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept and War Without Rules: China's Playbook for Global Domination.

Dr. Bradley A. Thayer - the Director of China Policy at the Center for Security Policy, Dr. Thayer is a widely published author in a broad range of U.S. national security concerns, including the causes and consequences of China’s rise and its adverse implications for the U.S., its allies, and the other states in international politics; U.S., European, and Chinese grand strategies; the history of Chinese and Western strategic thought; China’s use of force; the origin, development, and rule of the Chinese Communist Party; the history of Communist thought and its evolution from Marx and Engels, through Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Gramsci, the Frankfurt School and critical theory to today; United States national security policy; nuclear deterrence; cyber warfare and deterrence; nuclear proliferation; terrorism; Arctic security; and NATO and transatlantic relations. His most recent books are the coauthored Understanding the China Threat and the coauthored How China Sees the World: Han-Centrism and the Balance of Power in International Politics.

Patrick Wood - his Citizens for Free Speech organization has long been speaking out against propaganda. Mr. Wood is a leading and critical expert on various globalist agendas such as Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy.

***and more to come!
Use the coupon code EARLY for a 25% discount before March 8th
Saturday, April 22
9:00 AM
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6:30 PM
Conference Dinner
Sunday, April 23
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Conference Concludes
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