ARTSO presents its first XL (Excel) Boot Camp, a creative workshop for Christian Women who specialize in music, media, and visual arts.

This Boot Camp is a virtual gathering of like-minded artists and creative entrepreneurs who are dedicated to uplifting Christian creative female professionals. This Boot Camp will bring seasoned industry professionals together with those starting out in their craft with a strong participatory element, as each attendee will have guided assignments that will develop their craft and build out their portfolio.

Our goal is to build a strong community amongst female creators by providing a place for photographers, musicians, visual artists, online creators, labels, and anyone with a hand in the music, media, and visual arts industry to network and build professional bridges that benefit women.

We are seeking women who are serious about their work but may need practical help on the nitty-gritty of being artists in areas that aren’t always clearly laid out. Developing a brand, creating press kits, publishing, songwriting, how to find your target audience, and registering with a Performing Rights Organization are among the list of areas that will be covered at the XL Boot Camp.

Date & Time
October 24, 2020, 9:00 AM - 8:45 PM
9:00 AM


9:05- Protect Your Creativity with Glen 'Beleaf' Henry
9:45 AM
9:45- Publishing & Sync with Amanda ‘Butta P’ Small

10:25- The Art of Songwriting with Stephen the Levite

11:05- Cultivating Stage Presence with A.I. the Anomaly

11:45- Artist & Manager Relations with Wande & Erinn Knight

12:25- Developing Your Sound with Production

1:05- Music XL Creator Winner Announced

2:05 pM
2:05- Mastering the Art of YouTube: Q&A with Ruslan

2:45- Finding and Engaging With Your Target Audience with Risha Chesterfield

3:25- How to Connect with Major Brands with Neesh Rose

4:05-Media XL Creator Winner Announced


5:05 pM

5:05- Grindhouse: Making Films Without a Budget with Christina Faith

5:45- Concept to Reality: The Art of Finishing with Tiayrra ‘A Brilliant Dummy’ Bradley

6:25- Visual Branding & Contemporary Art with Catalina 'Cataphant' Itiola

7:05 pM

7:05- Creatives Need Breaks with Siana Altise
We handpicked some of the most influential and powerhouse Creatives in the industry.  They are dedicated to bringing you gems and nuggets to take with you on your journey to perfecting your craft.    
Trisha Bell

CREATIVE COACH/owner of ARTSO/Content Creator
At the core of Trisha Bell’s existence lies a deep connection to and passion for the Arts for over the last 17 years.  Wearing many hats, Bell began as a dancer, choreographer, and actress, and expanded her talents as an artist manager, makeup artist, and event planner.   In 2007, she started ARTSO as a way to help her fellow artists and creatives.  She wanted to see them execute well and create a standard of excellence for their craft.  Through her business, she has had the privilege of working with many artists, while also organizing concerts, including the widely successful Beast Mode Tour (featuring artists from Lamp Mode and Humble Beast Records). In addition, her talent afforded her the opportunity to display her make-up artistry on 106th and Park and the BET Honors Awards.  She also landed the opportunity to pitch and moderate a panel at SXSW in 2016.
As the CEO and Founder, Trisha Bell has partnered with various professionals to redefine her company ARTSO and shape it into one that offers unique and vital services that educate, develop, and highlight Black and Brown, culture preserving artists and creators who impact and inspire. She is determined to see her vision of positively impacting the culture, come to reality, and is in fact, well on her way.


recording artist
Dubbed as a top six Christian Hip-Hop rapper to know in 2019 by USA Today and the only female recognized in the category—Reach Records recording artist, Wande has had an explosive year! With her unique flow, infectious personality and strong work ethic; The Nigerian born and Texas raised lyricist wowed the team at Reach to become the first woman signed to the roster this past spring. The rising emcee uses hip hop music to communicate her love for God and encourage others to develop confidence no matter what stage they are in their journey. Along with this she loves performing and brings a unique style to the table by incorporating dancers in her sets.
Glen 'Beleaf' Henry

content creator, musician, ceo
Glen Henry is a content creator, musician, and family man. He acts as CEO of his own corporation, Beleaf in Fatherhood, a multi-venture organization that ranges from media production to retail merchandise, and ultimately, aims to usher men into fatherhood and give them the tools to be confident, successful, loving fathers. Additionally, he is co-founder of the podcast, How Married Are You? in which he and his wife Yvette discuss the challenges, pains, triumphs, and laughs within their marriage. Beyond all of these accomplishments, Glen is a dedicated husband and father who remains steadfast in his devotion to being a steward of God.
Erinn Knight

artist manager & Label owner
Erinn Knight is an artist advocate. She owns a management firm, a booking agency, and most recently a label and marketing firm. Some of her clients include Kaleb Mitchell, Scotty ATL, WHATUPRG and Wande.
Neesh Rose

Digital Brand Specialist & Serial entrepreneur
Neesh Rose is an award winning digital brand specialist, teacher, serial entrepreneur, multiple business owner and motivated mother, who's aim is to assist entrepreneurs and business owners in grabbing the eyes of their clients and potential buyers via digital branding. Her clients and work have appeared on many platforms such as B.E.T, MTV, ESSENCE, IHEARTRADIO, RADIO ONE, DAILY NEWS, MTV and more. She’s worked with amazing individuals such as Yandy Smith, Derrick Watkins, Mz.Skittlez, Colby Tyner, Jamilia Mustafa…. just to name a few. Neesh has a heart to really see others live life on their own terms and her aim is to see to it that everyone she services, does.

Ruslan Karaoglanov

musician, content creator, label owner
Almost a decade into his career, San Diego-based rapper Ruslan is Christian hip hop’s jack of all trades. When he isn’t writing and producing original music, he develops compelling content on Youtube, mentors up-and-coming artists, and runs his own independent label, Kings Dream Entertainment.
Risha Chesterfield

Risha Chesterfield is the Brand Manager for Good City, working with Konata Small, Aklesso, and other independent artists. Having now worked in the music industry for 6 years, she has grown a strong passion for marketing and branding for creative entrepreneurs. She's the host of The 222 Podcast, where she discusses business and life wisdom that she's learned along her creative journey. Above all, she seeks to give God the glory in all that she does.
Siana Altiise

Sensory Artist and Researcher, Siana, lives in beautiful Atlanta.  She captures and composes natural sounds that change the way you listen.
She designs sensory experiences, leads sensory awareness workshops, and creates soundscapes for stress-management. Her work, The Art of Slowing Down, was featured at TEDxAtlanta and TEDxCentennialParkWomen.  Her work is evidence-based, inspired by Synesthesia.

Tiayrra Bradley AKA A Brilliant Dummy

Photographer & designer
Tiayrra is a Designer and Photographer specializing in commercial, film, and social media content. Her entrepreneurial spirit is what drives her to continuously find new ways to tell vibrant stories of joy while encouraging others to do the same. Among her clients are Netflix, Google, Macy's, McDonald's, and more.

Alex 'Big Juice' Hitchens

Distinctively known his versatility, he has seamlessly found success in various genres and platforms including a Grammy for his work on Lecrae's hip hop album "Gravity", a GMA Dove Award for his production on Andy Mineo's Neverland. Classically trained on the violin, he's carved out a huge presence in the TV/Film/Radio world with his endless work providing music for the NBA, ESPN, Nike, the NFL, Discovery, 2K and countless others.

musician & recording artist
Swoope is a hip hop singer-songwriter and producer born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He was a member of the rap collective W.L.A.K. and High Society with Sho Baraka.  Born in Akron, Ohio Swoope first appeared solo, releasing his Spring Fling EP in 2011 and the Boys R Us EP in 2012. Also in 2012, he released his debut album, Wake Up, on Collision Records. He later came out with the conceptual album Sinema. In 2018, he returned with the full-length album, Sonshine, featuring the singles "TSNK" and "Hall of Fame." His recent release was the Two for One EP, which featured Jaylon Ashaun and Natalie Lauren.

Daniel Steele


Catalina 'Cataphant' Itiola

designer/fine artist/musician
Catalina Bellizzi-Itiola (CATAPHANT) is a Colombian-Argentinian-American designer and fine artist with a background in music who arranges shapes, textures, and human elements to create artwork that communicates spiritual states of being. She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts & emphasis in Art Education before teaching visual art in the Chicago Public Schools for several years and producing music. After moving to San Diego, CATAPHANT circled back to visual art full time and now works on large-scale oil paintings, abstract mixed media work, freelance design, and album art direction for various national recording artists. The moniker CATAPHANT is a combination of "Catalina" and "Elephant," a nickname that stuck after being used as a musician name.
Amanda 'Butta P' Small

hip-hop artist/owner of Good city music
Amanda “Butta P” Small has worked in all areas of the music and entertainment industry, both as an artist and as a label executive and management leader. As an artist, she has released influential independent projects in the hip-hop genre and has collaborated with Grammy-nominated producers and artists. As a founder of Good City Music, Amanda “Butta P” Small has been at the center of discovering and launching artists careers, producing and partnering with artists on several Top Billboard-charting singles in pop and hip-hop categories, and has garnered much success with the publishing division of the company with TV, Film and Video Game placements. Amanda “Butta P” Small is a true visionary, leader, and trendsetter in the industry who is always looking to provide more opportunities and a home for the indie artist.

Christina Faith

filmmaker & owner of creative thought media
Born to a casino executive & drug-dealing hustler, Faith’s life journey is the school of hard knocks. Faith a graduate of Rutgers University and holds a Master of Divinity (Eastern University).
“I'm self-taught got my MFA from YouTube and Google University,” Faith states. In 2008 she formed Creative Thought Media, a full-service production company focusing on original content that influences culture and educational mentorship.
Faith has spent over a decade of developing her craft through digital series Single and Anxious, documentaries (PBS’s The Contenders and short films Plan B and Carlos) and is currently slated to release her first feature film Love You Right: An R&B musical drama.

Aitina 'A.I. the Anomaly' Fareed Cooke

hip-hop artist/film maker & photographer/ ceo of get fokus'd productions
As an artist not only does A.I. stand out as an entrepreneur, owning her own film and photography company, called Get Fokus’d Productions, but she is a woman devoted to the gospel who gives back to her community. Fully invested in her efforts to reach the next generation of young artists in Buffalo, she uses proceeds from her music and company to provide tools and resources for young artists and entrepreneurs. Aitina is SUNY Buffalo State graduate (Bachelors in Arts & Humanities with a focus in Creative Writing and Masters in Educational Technology), an award-winning photographer and lyricist recognized by 43North's Ignite Buffalo (People’s Choice Award), Buffalo Urban League of Young Professional (Entrepreneurship Award), CEPA Gallery (Exhibition Award), the National Society of Leadership & Success (Excellence in Teaching Award), Kingdom Choice (Up Next & Breakthrough Artist Award), and more. Aitina has also been featured in Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine, Upstart New York, Challenger, National Young Audiences Emerging Leaders, DJ Booth, Rapzilla, Trackstarz, Guerilla Cross, and much more.
Aitina’s original work has been featured in CEPA Gallery, Jamestown Community College, SUNY Buffalo State’s Czurles-Nelson Gallery, Darwin Martin House, Buffalo and Erie County Library, and the Blue Plate Studio. Adding to her extensive resume, she has served as a “Say Yes” Community Schools Navigator, Young Audiences WNY Education Coordinator, CEPA Gallery Teaching Artist, CAO Youth Services Site Coordinator, Heart Foundation, Gateway Longview and more.
An accomplished Christian hip hop artist, A.I. stands as the first female to be signed to one of Christian hip hop’s notable labels, God Over Money where she joins Bizzle, Bumps, Selah the Corner, Datin, and Jered Sanders.
Darrell 'Stephen the Levite' Bell

Hip-hop artist/podcaster
Billboard charting artist, Darrell Bell, better known as Stephen the Levite (STL), is a husband, father, community leader, and Christian emcee. The California native is a son of the hip-hop movement, a student of the culture, and a leader in a new genre of underground hip-hop music with a Christian message. Growing up in the era when Gangsta rap and East Coast/West Coast rivalries were dominating the urban music scene, STL was a bit different from many of his peers. Taking the time to delve into the origins of hip-hop with his Asian-American, Latino and Caucasian friends while in high school, fleeting music trends didn’t sway STL – his passion was tied to the core tenants of the genre.
After feeling led spiritually to move to Philadelphia, Stephen the Levite along with his group mate (muzeONE) set out to make the city of brotherly love their new home town. It wasn’t long before Stephen the Levite became a part of the Christian Hip-Hop movement, linking up with fellow lyricists, singers, producers, and more. He soon signed to Lamp Mode Recordings and quickly made a name for himself both in the city and around the nation.
Stephen the Levite reaches not only those in the church but also those that are not with his music. He has a burden on his heart for this generation. “I want to see the family get straight. It all starts with men being responsible, taking care of their kids, being a part of churches and living as upright men. Those are the building blocks of a healthy community.” STL currently has a blog and podcast, Our Sexual Healing, with his wife, Trisha Bell, where they are normalizing the conversation of sex in the church. They talk about sex, dating and marriage and can be found on Apple Podcasts.
The XL Creators Contest
We want to provide tangible resources for women in each field that we are focused on; music, media, and visual arts.  We are allowing XL Creators to submit their art/project to us for a chance to win a cash prize and much much more.  
Music: Artists will have a chance to submit a video performance and win $500 to go toward the completion of their next project along with the opportunity to work with a well-known producer. They should be prepared to pitch to judges the concept and theme for the project as well. Video can be a live performance or music video. 
Media: Creators will have a chance to submit their best video content and win $500 to go toward working with a graphic designer, create a branding and marketing plan, a website, and/or a social media audit and reboot. Must have weekly, consistent content already in motion.
Visual Arts: Artists will have a chance to submit/send us their portfolio and win $500 toward their next project/installation with proof of plans for that project. They will have to pitch to judges their concept and theme for the project as well.
Submission Deadline is October 19, 2020.  We will announce the winners during the event so go ahead and submit your work!
 Join us on October 24th, 2020
We look forward to hosting you!

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