Join us for the Year-End Fundraising Fair: a mini-conference with BIG impact on your year-end fundraising.

How can you raise more for your nonprofit during year-end 2021?

Find out from top nonprofit marketing and fundraising experts on 11/4-11/5! When you attend the Year-End Fundraising Fair, you'll access 12+ short, curated sessions designed to help you comprehensively prepare to raise more this year. You'll learn: 

- How to create a year-end fundraising plan for 2021
- The best way(s) to do direct mail for year-end in the digital age
- Top stories you can tell that are proven to drive donations during year-end
- How to create the best email marketing plan for year-end
- Ways you can raise more through digital fundraising this year
+ More! See all the sessions + amazing speakers below

When you register + attend, you’ll get everything you need to strategically plan your year-end fundraising so you can ensure you exceed your goals.

You'll walk away with the Year-End Fundraising Fair "Prize": A package of free tools and templates that will make it easy for you to implement your year-end fundraising.

Don't miss this incredible event designed to help you raise more this year-end!

Registration is free! Attend all or one of the amazing sessions on 11/4-11/5.

Can't make it live? Buy a VIP Pass! VIP Passes include the official notes & session recordings and an exclusive 2-hour workshop on 11/5, which are available for purchase for $75.
Virtual Conference
Date & Time
November 4, 2021
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

November 5, 2021
9:00am-1:00pm ET

November 5, 2021, 1:00-3:00 PM EST
Here are some of the top thought-leaders in the nonprofit world you'll learn from at the Year-End Fundraising Fair.
Pamela Grow
@ Grow Consulting PA
Julia Campbell
nonprofit Marketing Expert
Melissa Benjamin
Director Of Development @ Fiver Children's Foundation
Candace Cody
Content + Education
@ Causevox
Nathan Hill
VP of Marketing @Nextafter
Jenna Notarfrancesco
@ CauseVox
Steven Shattuck
Joe Garecht
Kelly Mclaughlin
Individual Giving Coach
Abigail Quinlan
Elijah van der Giessen
Steven Davidson
Jen Newmeyer
Brittany Odom
Matt Gayer
Zac Collins
 Join the fun on November 4-5 
We look forward to having you along for the ride!
Day 1 - 11.4.21
9:00 AM
GivingTuesday + Year-End Fundraising: A (Good) Marriage Story presented by Candace Cody
Wondering how you can marry your #GivingTuesday campaign and your year-end fundraising? In this short 25-minutes session, I'll be going over the best tricks and strategies you can use to incorporate #GivingTuesday into your year-end strategy, helping you optimize donations for both!

10:00 AM ET
5 Essential Stories to Drive Donations At Year-End presented by Julia Campbell
Learn how to use storytelling, social media, and email to drive even more donations at year-end; the kinds of stories that donors want to hear, read, and watch; and how to collect and craft the most impactful stories about your work at year-end.
10:30 AM ET
Direct Mail In The Digital Age presented by Kelly McLaughlin
Direct mail has a long history as the backbone of year-end fundraising. But how does direct mail fit in during the digital age? Is direct mail dead?

On the contrary, direct mail has a strong place in your year-end fundraising strategy in 2021 — with a few key tweaks to help you stand out. During this short, 25-minute session, I'll be giving you all the insights about how you can do direct mail right in 2021, make direct mail more profitable for your nonprofit, and ultimately raise more through direct mail than ever before.
11:00 AM ET
The Year-End Fundraising Playbook presented by Nathan Hill
The average nonprofits bring in 35% of their online revenue during the year-end season. Some bring in as much as 50% of their budget for the year.

But to see these types of results, you need to have the right strategy. In this session on year-end digital fundraising, you’ll be equipped with a tested and proven playbook for increasing donations through your email fundraising this year-end season. Session attendees will walk away understanding:

- 3 unique types of emails to use in your year-end email campaign
- How to prime donors for forthcoming appeals using cultivation
- How to craft an effective email fundraising appeal
- How to effectively remind donors to give as the year-end deadline approaches
12:00 Pm ET
    How To Maximize Online Giving For Year-End 2021 presented by Candace Cody 
The fundraising landscape has changed: In 2020, there was a 32% increase in online revenue for nonprofits.
Now, it's time to adapt your year-end fundraising to thrive during year-end 2021. Join this session to learn the latest trends, tactics, and strategies to help you raise more online this year-end, learned from thousands of successful online fundraising campaigns.
1:00 PM ET
Crush Your Year-End Fundraising in the New Normal presented by Pamela Grow
Join us for this special free webinar, where you’ll learn: Why year-end fundraising is so important (the numbers don't lie) Where fundraising is heading now — and how to adapt your year-end plan How to develop a realistic (but kick ass) year-end plan with our FREE template Fun and easy ways to get your board members involved The most important tweak you should be making to your website in December And more! Get started now for your most successful year-end fundraising EVER!
2:00 PM ET
Do's and Don'ts for Major Donor Fundraising at the Year-End presented by Joe Garecht
Many non-profits aren't sure how to involve major donors in their year-end giving campaign... so they send them the same letters and e-mails everyone else gets, and then hope for the best.  Thankfully, there is a better way. In this 25 minute Impact Session, Joe Garecht from Garecht Fundraising Associates will show you the do's and don'ts of major donor year-end giving, including how to message your year-end asks so that major donors want to give major gifts before the end of the year.
2:30 PM ET
How To Build A High-Performing Online Site For Year-End With CauseVox presented by Jenna Notarfrancesco
Join Jenna Notarfrancesco in this short 25-minute session to learn all about how you can build an online year-end fundraising site designed to help you raise more with less effort.
3:00 PM ET
Year-End Fundraising And Sponsors: How To Maximize Your Relationships presented by Abigail Quinlan
When it comes to philanthropy, the focus is often on individual and major donor giving during the holiday season. With Giving Tuesday and annual appeals, there are plenty of opportunities for donors to give their money throughout December. But what about your sponsors?

They can be a crucial part of your success but they do not often get much attention during this time of year. Securing sponsors during your year-end fundraising efforts can be an excellent way to secure some extra cash while your digital fundraising is going at full force.

This interactive workshop will provide great insight into what goes into making an effective sponsorship package and how to encourage year end giving partnerships.
4:00 PM ET
What Every Fundraiser Can Do To Retain Year-End Donors by Steven Shattuck
You have all these donors who gave in December. Now what? Will they give again? Let's figure out how to get the next gift!

Steven Shattuck from Bloomerang will share the research you really need to know conducted by our sector's leading authorities on building donor loyalty. He will share easy tips you can put into action right now to keep those donors giving for the long term. Whether you are a large or small organization, these donor retention strategies can work wonders for your bottom line. If you put these principles into action, you'll see astounding results.
4:50 PM ET
Using Your Social Media Community To Amplify Your Fundraising Efforts presented by Elijah van der Giessen and Steven Davidson
Your social media followers are one of your most valuable assets — they have a combined reach far beyond your own network. But how do you identify and activate the influencers and advocates in your community and empower them to amplify your fundraising campaigns? In this practical session we will demonstrate how you can:

- Find your top engagers using the latest online tools
- Track, engage and leverage your social audiences
- Create kits to make social sharing easy
- Enable your fans to bring your messages into their own communities

Attendees will receive templates that will help your GivingTuesday efforts be more successful.
5:20 PM ET
Facebook Advertising For Year-End Fundraising by Zac Collins
In this session we will break down some key components to effectively marketing your message on Facebook and Instagram, PLUS we will share a simple brand-building campaign strategy that anyone can deploy in their marketing for great results!
6:00 PM ET
Fall Happy Hour with CauseVox
Grab a pumpkin beer, a hard cider, and any fall treats you have on hand + join us for happy hour! (We'll be sending out a list of recommendations!)

We'll open it up for a relaxed time to ask any questions you'd like answered, interact with other Year-End Fundraising Fair attendees, and we'll be throwing in a few little surprises along the way!
Day 2 - 11.5.21
9:00 AM ET
Effective Digital Communication At End Of Year presented by Matt Gayer
The most effective end of year campaigns are those that will use a multi-channel approach to connect with their audiences. Participants will hear about the latest tips and trends to make their email and social media communication effective at this busy season, as well as how to make both digital and mailed communication timing work best for them.

Participants will specifically learn more about how to get more engagement with their emails, to use social media as a supporting communication channel, and to ensure across their networks brand continuity. From timing of the campaign to tips to get more opens on emails, we will cover the do's and don'ts of digital communication at end of year.
10:00 AM ET
Beyond the Email Ask: Using Growth Funnels for a Comprehensive Campaign Strategy presented by Jen Newmeyer
What happens before your fundraising email is sent and what happens after? Often, acquisition of new prospects and stewardship of existing donors is overlooked in a busy development office. But mapping a campaign on a growth funnel and help attract and retain more donors, and raise more revenue! Learn how to identify campaign elements to create effective donor journeys and apply them to campaigns successfully.
I have another session about advocating for resources that I just did at the AFP LEAD conference, but it doesn’t fit with year-end, I don’t think. And I feel your audience is beyond my other sessions on basic online fundraising tactics.
11:00 AM ET
The Google Ad Grant: Maximizing the Value for Nonprofits Around the Globe! presented by Brittany Odom
I will provide an overview of what the Google Grant is and how eligible nonprofits around the world can obtain it and leverage it to increase both website traffic and awareness of their mission.  In addition to that I will also walk through a few specific examples of how organizations are using the Google Grant to assist with marketing and fundraising efforts as well.  
11/5 @ 1:00 -3:00 PM ET
VIP EXLUSIVE: Year-End Fundraising Appeal Workshop presented by Candace Cody
Join me live as we workshop your #GivingTuesday and Year-End Fundraising Appeals!

During this interactive 2-hour long class, we'll walk through crafting a great appeal live using a framework that's been proven to drive more donations.

Come with your fundraising ideas for year-end and #GivingTuesday. We'll turn it into a fully-fleshed out an appeal that you can copy+paste into your campaign site, emails, direct mail, and more to drive more gifts this year-end.

As a bonus, you'll also be able to send me your drafted appeals for review. I'll be adding suggested edits and point out opportunities to improve your appeal so you can drive more gifts.
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