Ever thought about how you can make a big splash in the world of real estate? This summit will show you all the cool, under-the-radar jobs that make this industry buzz—from designing megastructures as a real estate developer to mastering the art of the deal in sales, or even navigating the complex waters of legal and financial sides of property.
We’re bringing together some of the brightest minds in real estate to spill the beans on what these jobs are really like. They’re ready to share their stories, tips, and maybe a few secrets on how to build a career that’s not just about making money, but also making a mark.
This is your chance to meet people who are reinventing the landscape (literally!) and to connect with other students who are just as curious and ambitious as you are. It’s more than a learning experience—it’s your gateway into a world where you can one day call the shots.
So, are you in?
Join us at the Young Entrepreneurs Real Estate Careers Summit and start paving your own path in the vast world of real estate. Let’s shake things up together and discover where your ambition can take you!

Virtual Classroom
Date & Time
July 13, 2024
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Central Time Zone

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