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The booking form only allows you 8mins before it times out. In order to fill out the form in the allotted time, you will find it helpful to have the answers to the following questions already written out so you can just copy and paste them in:

1) Referees' details - email, address, postcode and telephone number for: a) Church minister or elder, b) Someone who knows you personally who you have been in contact with during the last year

2) Your testimony - a) What do you think the terms 'trusted in Christ' and 'converted' mean? b) Briefly tell us how and when you were converted. c) What difference would you say the Lord has made in your life?

3) Skills and experience - a) What experience do you have of working with young people? b) Why do you want to lead on a camp? c) What gifts and skills (spiritual and practical) do you think you could bring to camp? (Please list any formal training and/or qualifications in outdoor pursuits, sports or first aid)

Knock // 23-30 July
Waged: £150
Unwaged: £95
Brecon // 6-13 August
Waged: £255
Unwaged: £200
Family: £700
Note: We are aware that coming on camp can be quite expensive and some people may genuinely find it hard to pay the full amount. If you are unable to pay the full amount, but would still like to come on camp, then please contact the office to discuss further.
Misterton // 6-13 August
Waged: Dontation
Unwaged: Donation
Knock Christian Centre
Appleby-in-Westmorland Cumbria
Christ College Brecon
South Wales
Misterton Camp Centre
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