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Zouk Mountain July 2025
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Weekly Classes
Broadway Dance Studio
893 Boise Ave
Boise, ID 83706
Date & Time
Every Thursday
7:00pm-8:00pm Level 1: Beginner friendly                                                         Drop-In Class
8:10pm-9:10pm Level 2: Progressive Series
9:10pm-10:00pm Open Practica
-> $10 per Beginner Friendly Drop-In Class

-> $50 per Month Progressive Series
      Includes: ALL 
           - Drop-in classes
           - Progressive classes
           - Practicas
Welcome to all those interested in learning Brazilian Zouk! Zouk Boise has class options available whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned zouk dancer. We're passionate about creating a community of people who value inclusiveness, friendliness, and positivity! Come dance with us!

$10 per class 7:00pm-8:00pm
All levels class from anyone from the absolute beginner to the advanced student.

~Each weekly class in the month will go through different fundamental movements of Brazilian Zouk (the "8 Pillars").
~Beginners start with this class.
~For the more intermediate/advanced individuals, we encourage you to attend as either the opposite role or to more finely train and learn variations on the fundamentals for your primary role.
~For more information on what skills are required, please begin to register for an Auditions ticket for further info. Note starting to register for a ticket does not actually register you, it first brings you to the informational page.

$50 per month - Includes all classes in the monthly progressive series 8:10p-9:10p + all drop in classes that month 7:00p-8:00p + practica 9:10p-10:00p
This progressive series is on a 4 week cycle, which will build on the Pillars fundamentals to level up your zouk dancing.

~In order to register for the progressive series you are required to do the following in order to ensure that all students have the necessary fundamentals to effectively build on top of the Pillars material covered in the drop-in classes:
1. Attend all weeks of the Pillars drop-in classes at least once through in any order. (Attendance for each of the Pillars class topics is non-negotiable)
2. Register for "Audition" ticket and register for a test time slot
3. Pass the progressive test auditions, demonstrating a clear grasp on the fundamentals to register for the progressive series.

**Progressive series classes are paid in advance of the month and are non-refundable. Therefore, no proration for explained or unexplained absences will be granted. If you miss a class, you are encouraged to book a private lesson with any of the instructors (extra charge) to ensure you are all caught up in time for next week's upcoming class. Note if you are unsure of whether you are able to attend all weeks, instead of paying for the entire series - we have individual class passes available as well**
Join us for this special Level 3 Head Movement Guided Practice class led by Claudina Zafferani.

This class is meant for more intermediate and advanced dancers to go over head movement introduced by Igor Fraga during his residency.

Each day we will go over specific warm-ups for head movements as well as drills to practice our footwork and head movement technique. Followed by a guided practica where we will focus on head movement in place, balaõ, bonus and viradinha. Topics vary by day.

Auditions are required to attend. Please reach out to Zouk Boise, Claudina or attend an open-levels class to learn more.

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