Saturday Schedule  
Arrival and Opening Ceremony with Konkow Maidu 
 If you'd like to arrive early, gates open at 11:00 am. The local Konkow Maidu tribe will be blessing the land with an opening ceremony at 11:15am. If you'd like to witness the ceremony as a guest, please exit your vehicles quietly and leave your belongings behind for now. Follow the marked path and observe the circle with reverence.  Once it is over, you can start to settle in for the day or the night! Camping spots are on a first come, first served basis with certain areas set aside for families with small children. Music starts at 11:30am on the main stage. 
11:30am - 12pm 
STREETBEATS w/ John F. King "King Drums"
Relying on his versatility, John has played every style of music but some say the "F" in his middle name stands for "Funk-Master"! Ironically his latest genre/style came unexpectedly December 27, 2006 when his entire cache of drums and percussion instruments were stolen from his vehicle. Showing his tenacity he ingeniously reinvented himself by playing pots and pans! You won't believe your eyes and ears during his performances!  This man is as fun to watch as he is to listen to! 
12:15pm -1:00pm
Henry Cook Bird
Born in a supply closet in a now-defunct hospital in Yuba City, Henry Crook Bird was almost destined to become a country folk songwriter. With his signature fingerpicking guitar and ukulele technique and powerful yet conversational singing, Henry weaves through tales of hope and perseverance from the northern Central Valley to the Sierra Nevada foothills where he grew up. His most recent record, Beyond the Gate, won the Chico News & Review’s 2022 Devo Award for best local album, with editor Jason Cassidy appropriately exclaiming, “You’re killing me, Hank!
1:15pm -2:00pm
One Up
A 3 piece rock band lead by singer / songwriter, Aaron Stroh out of Chico, California. One Up is fundamentally driven with a focus on Originality, Conscious Wordplay, and stoking good vibes everywhere their music can be heard.
2:15pm - 3pm
Zi & Baynz
Aziah and Baynayah McConnell are a dynamic musical duo whose bond as brothers extends seamlessly into their harmonious melodies. United by their shared passion for music, the McConnell brothers have been crafting captivating tunes together since childhood. With an unbreakable connection formed by a lifetime of shared experiences, their music reflects not only their musical talent but also the depth of their sibling camaraderie. From humble beginnings in Chico, they've grown into a powerhouse collaboration, delighting audiences with their unique sound and heartfelt performances.
3:15pm - 4pm
Pat Hull
Pat Hull is a singer-songwriter from Northern, CA. He has released multiple studio albums in the last decade, just recently releasing 'et al.' on new record label Only One on the Mountain. This release, as well as his back catalog, showcase layered compositions, songs written for piano, and rich vocal harmonies. In addition to being a musician, Hull also writes poetry, teaches non-violent communication and public speaking at Chico State & Butte College, and has three children who are the light of his life.
4:00pm - 4:15pm
Lake Anthony 
Lake, a 6-year old singer/songwriter, who plays keyboards, drums & produces. He loves performing live.
4:15pm - 5pm 
Mystic Roots
Mystic Roots Band (MRB) is a Chico, CA born, 5-piece pop reggae fusion band. With two feet solidly in reggae, the band seamlessly juggles elements of dancehall, Hip-Hop, EDM, pop, and a taste of rock. The band is always sharpening their evolving musical arrangements of vocal harmonies that are made richer by the groups’ female/male dynamic. The music and lyrics are catchy and upbeat, yet with a powerful, positive message. Attending a Mystic Roots live concert guarantees not just music for your ears, but also a high-energy show and powerful experience you’ll never forget. MRB promotes positivity and spreads a conscious message while still having a good time and keeping the party going!" 
5:00pm - 5:30pm 
Konkow Maidu Ceremonial Dance
Cherry Ghoul
Cherry Ghoul is a garage punk rock band based out of Chico, CA since the beginning of 2023. Their energetic performances hype up any crowd with ease using their fast paced music, charming lyrics, and running-through-the-crowd antics. Whether they are playing at a local college bar or at an old folks nursing home, they bring the classic 90s garage punk sound with them. Just be sure to watch out for flying chunks of wood off of their drumsticks!
Second Hand Smoke 
Second Hand Smoke is good for what ails you! 
Furlough Fridays
After taking a short FURLOUGH, Furlough Fridays re-formed in 2018 and began the songwriting process once again. They released their newest album "TGIFF" in December, 2020 which is streamable everywhere. The band is currently embarking on releasing a set of singles between now and October, before debuting their upcoming album "Whimsical Sweatshirts" on November 18th 2023.
IRAYZ Fire Movement 
Irayz Fire and Aerial Movement is a circle of mothers, sisters, and friends deeply rooted and dedicated to fire and aerial arts on and off the stage. 
Melli Farias
Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting melodies and electrifying performances of Melli Farias. With a voice that effortlessly traverses octaves and emotions, Melli stands as a true powerhouse vocalist, captivating audiences with her remarkable talent. Melli is backed by a supergroup of talented local musicians, including Kevin Killion, Tim Knight, Jacob McDonald, Reese Villafranca, Aman Cowell and Alex Benitez
Sunday Schedule
7:30 AM-10:30am
Coffee, Juice and Pancake Breakfast 
The Konkow Maidu Tribe will be offering a pancake breakfast fundraiser Sunday morning. It's included in your camping fee! ENJOY! 
Pack It Up & Pack It Out
Please break down your campsite and leave the area free of anything that wasn't there when you arrived. If it didn't come from the land, pack it out! Thank you for being a good land steward.
We're sorry to see the festival end, but we know we'll see you all very soon! Please check our events on our website and social media for Kai Music and Arts to see how you can participate with us all year long through classes and fundraising events. See ya soon!
Workshops & Events 
While you're enjoying the music on the main stage, step aside and join one of our experiential workshops, visit a local non-profit booth, shop local creators with an eye for sustainable practices, or grab a treat from our food vendors! Some, but not all, of our vendors and presenters are listed below. 
Maidu Land- Educational Tour
konkow maidu cultural preservation 
Children's story time and land blessing 
Interactive Composting Project
butte environmental council
Lend a hand and volunteer with Butte Environmental Council during the festival!   
Native Plant Identification Walk
Kid's Village
Hosted by wendy kentfield garden
Hey kids! We've set aside a fun and interactive play space just for you, including fun activities and a bounce house! 
Food & Beverages
Food options and non-alcoholic bevs brought to you by D'emilio's and Toni's for vegetarian's and omnivores alike! Water refill station donated by Klean Kanteen; Beer by Sierra Nevada Brewing. 
IRAYZ Fire Dancing
After the sun goes down, just before our headlining act, pull up a stump and watch the spectacular fire show!
LOCATION:  Lake Concow Campground: 12967 CONCOW ROAD OROVILLE, CA
SATURDAY SEPT 23rd; Overnight Camping Optional

Welcome to the 1st annual Kai Music and Arts Festival – a harmonious convergence of music, art, and sustainability, nestled on sacred Maidu land at Lake Concow. Our festival is more than just an event; it's an immersive experience where we celebrate music, creativity, and community while honoring our commitment to zero waste.

Join us for a full day of lively music, as bands from diverse genres weave their magic, filling the mountain air with rhythm and harmony. Konkow Maidu tribal members will be presenting their gifts of ceremonial dance and songs. After the sun sets, gather around the flickering flames of our acoustic music circle, where artists and attendees come together, sharing stories and songs that touch the soul. It will be a day and night to remember!

At Kai Fest, we embrace sustainability, cherishing the land we stand on and the Maidu heritage that graces it. We are dedicated to creating a zero waste event, where steps towards a greener future are thoughtfully taken as the land and community of Concow continues to heal from fire damage.

Workshops and vendors inspire eco-consciousness and community building, showcasing sustainable practices, artisanal crafts, and products that align with our values. Non-profit groups are invited to host a booth and to raise funds by receiving 10% of the proceeds from ticket sales for every festival goer who chooses their non-profit from the drop down menu.

As we gather to dance, to learn, to feast, and to connect, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Duets Across America and From the Ground Up, our main charitable partners. Together, we harmonize efforts, using the power of music, art, and unity to create positive impacts across the nation.

Come be a part of Kai Music and Arts Festival – a celebration of togetherness, artistry, and sustainability. Let's cultivate a vibrant tapestry of harmony and purpose on this sacred land, leaving only footprints of inspiration as we shape a better tomorrow.

The Kai Music Festival is a Family Friendly Event. 
Children 12 and under are FREE!
No Pets Allowed.

Festival Guidelines: 
  • Absolutely NO PETS allowed on the festival grounds or parking lots (qualified service animals permitted, defined as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. This will be strictly enforced.

This is a ZERO-WASTE event! Please bring your own picnic tableware and refillable water bottles. Please pack out any non-compostable, non-recyclable trash you create during your stay.

Festival attendees must abide by all local, state, and federal laws. No alcohol or drug sales will be tolerated! Please remember that public marijuana consumption is illegal. Use common sense and keep the family-friendly nature of the festival at heart. If it is illegal outside, it is illegal inside the festival grounds as well!

First Aid and Hydration Stations are onsite and will be covered by local nursing staff. Water refill stations are being provided by Klean Kanteen. Please bring your refillable water bottle to avoid plastic single use bottles. Kai Music and Arts, LLC. and Lake Concow Campground are not responsible for lost or missing items.

  • Sunscreen
  • Refillable Water Bottles
  • Reusable tableware for enjoying meals
  • Day bag or backpack for securing items at festival
  • Blanket, low back chairs 
  • Positive vibes and a smile for your neighbor! 

Join us on September 23
We look forward to hosting you!

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