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As our lives become more digital and interaction becomes more impersonal, it’s more important than ever to meet new people, discover new experiences, attend exciting events and engage with your community. At EventCreate, our goal is to build tools that makes that just a little bit easier.

EventCreate was founded by two friends, Mark Bushy and Richard Saethang. Mark, a former event planner turned web designer, and Rich, a seasoned software developer, conceived the idea for a new kind of ticketing platform in the fall of 2015. Their idea become a reality in January 2016 when the two quit their days jobs to build an awesome new ticketing platform, EventCreate.

Today, EventCreate is one of the the fastest growing ticketing and event marketing platforms, trusted by thousands of planners across 36 countries, including Nike, MIT and TEDx. In 2022, Capterra independently ranked EventCreate as one of the best event management platforms worldwide.

But enough about us. Go create. Plan awesome events. Be eventful.

Meet the Founders

Mark Bushy

Boston-native Mark Bushy planned events for MIT for nearly six years before pursing a new career in web design and product development. Mark quit his day job in the fall of 2016 to build EventCreate.

Rich Saethang

Seasoned software engineer Rich Saethang has been building web applications for more than 10 years, and has worked with numerous corporate clients including Sony Pictures and Disney. Rich and Mark teamed up in 2015 to start EventCreate.