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Choose from a variety of handcrafted, stunning party templates to get started. EventCreate's websites include a variety of pre-built sections, including maps, photos, and videos. And don't worry, it's easy, and everything is fully customizable.

Thousands of people have used our website to connect with others at events to share in the fun. In fact, they inspired our name – we help you put together events that are memorable – hence the name EventCreate. Our backgrounds in event planning taught us that anyone – ranging from professional event planners - to individuals new to putting parties together – all deserve to be able to use EventCreate’s unique tools to inspire their imagination for a fun and inspiring invite. Let your uniqueness speak through us.

Everyone loves a party. And we all remember the unique and awesome feel of the best ones we’ve attended. Whether your party is for thousands of people or just a small get together with friends, EventCreate provides that feel and that vibe.

Best of all, EventCreate is free. So you can impress your guests without breaking the bank.

Our platform works for a myriad number of ideas for parties, be they birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, wedding or baby showers, holiday parties and company picnics. You find the venue and we will give you the tools to get people there! Choose from dozens of awesome templates that match the unique brand and feel of your event.

It’s easy to market your event on EventCreate. You can share a link, send invites, put it on FaceBook or Twitter, or just use an email or text message. EventCreate makes it simple to show off your marketing expertise and tools in order to pack the house. And you can collect RSVP’s and even ask for ideas and preferences for gifts or ideas for activities – all on an EventCreate website.

Life is about our experiences with others and the relationships we build in the workplace and during times of leisure and fun. Make that connection today by planning and launching your next party on the most beautiful websites in the business - EventCreate!

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