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Build a stunning event website in minutes using our WYSIWYG editor. Don't worry, there's no coding required. And everything is customizable.

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Your website is fully customizable. Easily add one of our pre-built "content blocks" to include maps, schedules, speakers. Or add a custom section.

Planning a large conference? Or a small get-to-together with friends? An event website will be a vital part of marketing your event and collecting event registrations/RSVPs online.

Some people ask, why use an event website when you can just send a simple email? The reason is simple: We can no longer rely on email as a single means of communications in today’s modern world.

Using email exclusively is often unreliable--and we are all prone to ignore or forget a single email. That’s why you’ll need to rely on a variety of communication modes, including: Email, Text Messages, Link Sharing, Social Medial (e.g. FaceBook or Twitter or Linked In), Event Posters.

By using an event website, you can easily share a single page with a unique link in any number of ways. Post the link, send via email or text and social media - or just read it over the phone - you’ll be sharing your event easily and widely, ensuring that all your guests get invited and your event sells out.

EventCreate comes pre-built with a sophisticated event website WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) editor, so you can build an event without writing a single line of code. Our websites are fully white labeled and highly customizable—you can edit photos, add custom fonts, edit styles, include videos or even add custom plugins. Moreover, our editor has a built in library of pre-built “content blocks” that are designed specifically for events. With content blocks, you’ll be able to easily add a speaker section, a map, a list of attendees or any custom content that you need. It’s that easy.

Your EventCreate website, once published, will become a living record of your event and a space to post event updates, share a dynamic list of attendees—and most importantly—collect event registrations and RSVPs online. And don’t worry, you won’t need to spend hours setting up your form—EventCreate’s registration and setup are ready to go with every event!

And don’t worry, for the more sophisticated planner, you can also easily add custom css, install tailored fonts, white label your experience or even add unique snippets. We’ve got your needs covered there.

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EventCreate was independently ranked a Top Event Management Software by Capterra.

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Simply awesome. EventCreate makes it incredibly easy to create an impressive event website. We received rave reviews from our attendees.
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