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Choose from a variety of handcrafted, stunning fundraiser websites templates to get started. EventCreate's websites include a variety of pre-built sections, including schedules, photos, videos and donation areas.

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If you're planning a fundraiser, look no further than EventCreate to plan your event online. Built for any type of non-profit or individual fundraising event, EventCreate allows you to easily create a fundraising page, sell tickets and collect donations in minutes. With our tracking tools, you can manage donors, donations, ticket sales and registrants all in one place. And best of all of all, we offer special pricing for non-profits and absolutely no fees, ever.

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The best architects begin the process of building beautiful homes first by understanding their client’s needs and desires. They do so by joining with them on their journey, effectively co-creating a vision, a foundation and then a structure that leads to a fulfilled dream. Without that deep understanding and commitment to the non-profit world, the critical tool of an event website can ring hollow and fail to connect with those critical donors who propel your organization into the future.

EventCreate was built by people who understand the non-profit world and the highly competitive landscape of fundraising. We worked in fundraising long before we built websites. We were blessed to be a small part of the stories that contributed to the success of organizations and the dreams of those they serve. When you knock on doors with a commitment to a cause and later pound nails to help build a home for a family in need, it becomes part of who you are in a way that transcends just building software tools. Thanks to those years of experience we intuitively understand the needs and desires of the non-profit world. We’ve worked with MIT, Habitat for Humanity and a number of research groups. We have joined with so many others serving on teams with meaningful and heartfelt missions. Together we are able to achieve more than we could have alone. EventCreate wants to join with you to create a better future for those people who are so core to your goals and success.

We know that you deal with tight budgets and aim to put as high a percentage of donations as possible into the needs of those you serve. We are not just the most creative and beautiful website platform on the planet with endless possibilities – we are also the most cost-effective solution for your event website needs.

EventCreate provides a host of features for fund-raising events, including the ability to invite donors into your world, as well as to collect donations and sell tickets. You can also include custom form questions and even track donors and sponsors.

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Highly-rated and thousands of reviews worldwide, EventCreate is independently ranked a top event management platform.

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