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Event Types

As a leading event management platform, EventCreate is perfectly-suited for many different event types, ranging from large festivals to small parties. Browse samples and case studies of different event types below.

Anniversary Party Websites

Not for generations has there been such a desire to reconnect with others in this world. An anniversary celebration is not just an excuse to get together – it is a reason to experience joy...learn more

Baptism Websites

Our lives are marked by certain events. For so many, the ritual of baptism has deep meaning for families and friends. Why not share the invitation for a Baptism with your family...learn more

Baby Shower Websites

This is the time in every person’s life that they want to share the joy of a new baby entering their family! A baby shower brings together those close to you - be they family, friends or those special... learn more

Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Websites

It used to be the precursor to the main event, but some people think that the Bachelorette or Bachelor Party might even eclipse the wedding for just plain fun! Use EventCreate to create the most stunning... learn more

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Websites

The traditional ceremony celebrating entry into adulthood is one of the most meaningful steps a young Jewish girl or boy makes in their life. “Today, I am a man,” and “Today, I am a woman,” are words... learn more

Birthday Party Websites

Getting ready to celebrate the “Big Three-Oh?” How about any other birthday? It doesn’t have to be a milestone to hold a party! Why not invite your friends over to share in the good-natured fun and celebration... learn more

Calendar Websites

You’ve worked hard to create a unique brand. Your business is successful and yet you know that the key to that success is continued innovation and evolution in the marketplace... learn more

Concert Websites

The joy of listening to live music is returning to the world. Not only have we all missed the beautiful sounds emanating from an in-person performance of our favorite groups, bands or orchestras... learn more

Conference Websites

Conferences are the lifeblood of organizations, with the revenues supporting annual operating budgets and vendor attendance ensuring continued financial commitment to the organization... learn more

Festival Websites

Festivals are magical, helping people share common passions and interests – creating a buzz that announces to the world who you are and what excites you. Everyone enjoys a festival, whether its focus is on beer... learn more

Graduation Party Websites

Not in a century have students gone through such challenges in gaining an education. Faced with remote learning, it has not been the same for any young people. Yet they have...learn more

Internal Corporate Event Websites

Pushing out an email to your employees to tell them about a Town Hall meeting or a Strategic Planning Session is likely only one step better than posting a notice on the company bulletin board... learn more

Memorial Service Websites

The loss of a loved one is one of life’s great challenges. How do you get a sense of closure while helping to celebrate a life well-lived? More and more people are taking their time after the funeral... learn more

Non-Profit Event Websites

The best architects begin the process of building beautiful homes first by understanding their client’s needs and desires. They do so by joining with them on their journey, effectively co-creating a vision... learn more

Open House Websites

Everyone likes the idea of an open house. It’s exciting to see a new real estate listing or visit that model home to dream about your next big move! And it’s rewarding for the listing agent... learn more

Party Websites

Thousands of people have used our website to connect with others at events to share in the fun. In fact, they inspired our name – we help you put together events that are memorable – hence the name EventCreate... learn more

Recruiting Event Websites

Hire for just the right “fit!” Easy words to say and so difficult to achieve. So much of enticing the right candidates and determining how they will fit into your company and organization is to have... learn more

Reunion Websites

Reunion is a powerful word that is fundamentally about renewing connection and relationships with those who are important to us. Like you, we at EventCreate believe that it is all about those people whose... learn more

Tournament Websites

Your next golf tournament or road race won’t have to wait to begin on its scheduled day! Start it now with an EventCreate website that not only manages vendor and sponsor registrations, but opens a portal to the event itself... learn more

Trip Websites

An ancient saying goes that a journey of a thousand miles begins with but one step. Planning that perfect trip of any distance can begin with just one step as well – in this case a click... learn more

Virtual Event Websites

The world changes, sometimes overnight. EventCreate is positioned to help you adapt to these dramatic changes in order to retain and build your business. We all know that those who adapt quickly are the most successful... learn more

Wedding Websites

Your wedding. It’s a magical day to think about and plan. When the day finally arrives, it becomes one of the most beautiful memories of your life. Planning for the event should be equally magical... learn more

Workshop Websites

As an all-in-one, powerful e-commerce and event marketing platform, EventCreate is perfect for planning and executing any workshop or class. Whether you’re starting a small business or managing a robust... learn more

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