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This is the time in every person’s life that they want to share the joy of a new baby entering their family! A baby shower brings together those close to you - be they family, friends or those special people who happen to be both! Invite each of them to share in the celebration of your baby’s entry into this world by using a website from EventCreate. We specialize in helping our clients build the easiest to use, most beautiful websites in the world.

With EventCreate you can send one-of-a kind invitations to those who you want to include in your special day. Fill them with photos of all kinds – and then when the baby arrives, you can use the same website to display photos of the new arrival and her or his parents.

Adding a gift registry makes it easy for those invited to get something for the baby. Include the registry on the website and track them so you can have thank you notes ready to go after the event. Every person who is invited will want to share your joy – and even if they can’t attend, will want to send a gift.

You can collect RSVP’s on your EventCreate website with ease and even include directions to the venue, along with everything from food preferences to special needs requests. This special day is sure to be success by using a website that you make your own. Who knows, maybe the baby will even be able to EventCreate in the future!

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EventCreate was independently ranked a Top Event Management Software by Capterra.

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