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The world changes, sometimes overnight. EventCreate is positioned to help you adapt to these dramatic changes in order to retain and build your business. We all know that those who adapt quickly are the most successful in the long-term. Not long ago, everything from a corporate management meeting to a board meeting or a strategic planning session was held in person. Today companies are either delaying or cancelling meetings, losing valuable time where their teams can share, communicate, innovate and succeed together!

Virtual Conferences - Why not plan and execute a corporate event using the unique tools of EventCreate? Our platform allows a visual display of agendas, visual aids and easy invitations and receipt of RSVP's from your corporate team. Combine this with easily-integrated video platforms, including Zoom, YouTube and a host of other high-fidelity streaming platforms, and you will be able to achieve the productivity and collective power of your team.

Your calendar tools are limited and can never communicate the goals and meaning that EventCreate can easily handle. Only EventCreate will enable live stream on-line, engage attendees digitally through chat-enabled contacts and allow for real-time feedback during the meeting!

Webinars - There are myriad other ways in which you can use EventCreate to host virtual events. Think about the most successful webinars. The successful ones push out EventCreate websites that pique the attendees' interest, energizing them to RSVP to attend the webinar and to be able to pre-post questions for the Webinar hosts, and use real-time feedback during the webinar. EventCreate provides a cost-effective solution to host these webinars, even allowing you to accept credit cards for payment.

Virtual Classes and Workshops - Why not hold a class online? With the tools that EventCreate provides, you can make sure all of your regular attendees get the word and you can personalize the site to entice them to come visit the class on-line, using on-line video streaming tools that allow individual businesses to show and demonstrate their products and to ask questions real-time. You can even use EventCreate to sell the products and we'll enable credit card collection on the site!

Virtual Real Estate Open House – People still need to buy and sell homes. With travel limited and most people housebound, why not host an Open House Virtually, using the power of an EventCreate website? You can easily invite hundreds of people to visit you, hosting live video streams of key rooms in the house and having the Real Estate Agents available on-line to answer questions and to provide perspective to interested clients. You can readily accept RSVP's and even schedule specific times for the virtual visits, and then display the link to the photo-spread of the house on your dedicated EventCreate website!

Online Baby and Bridal Showers - Even a Baby or Bridal Shower can be held online using the tools we have available to you at EventCreate! You can advertise the shower using our unique tools, providing links to on-line registries and collect RSVP's. Then, the day of the shower, you can use our tools, combined with on-line video screening to share the fun day together!

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