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The loss of a loved one has never been more difficult than during these times.

As a culture, we have always sought closure by making meaning of the life of a loved one. And traditionally, we have come together with family, friends and colleagues, celebrating a life well-lived and taking the time to recognize the way that we have been so touched by another. With such a celebration we can draw the courage and faith that allows new beginnings and sense of purpose, knowing and feeling that the loved one remains in our hearts forever.

William Bridges wrote “Without an ending there is no beginning.” It is even more true today than when he first wrote about life’s transitions thirty years ago.

For so many, the lingering effects of 2020 have delayed their plans and not granted them that time to focus on a loss and help them move forward.

Today, more and more people are realizing that something is missing for them. They feel an ache and an emptiness that time has not diminished. The feeling of loss and sense of isolation demands action, even weeks and months after a loss. Those feelings have motivated people to carefully plan a meaningful and appropriate memorial service to honor the memory of a loved one. And it holds even more value for them as a result, because they are giving themselves permission to accept their grief and loss of closure by moving forward with a true celebration of life.

What greater gift can we provide?

So many people are using an EventCreate website as their partner to create a one-of-a-kind portrait of their relative or friend, who meant so much to them. From including photos of the person during different stages of their life to graduation certificates and professional awards, you can use the canvas of EventCreate’s website to paint a picture of the person whose life you want to celebrate.

After all, the person you are honoring was unique. Why not use the creative attributes of EventCreate’s tools to celebrate life and help come full circle with your thoughts, emotions and feelings? At EventCreate, we stand ready to support your personal journey through these times, with compassion and appreciation of life’s passages. We are all human and each of us has lived through a period of time like no other in the past century. EventCreate was created by people who, like you, know life’s losses and have been supported by others in the celebrations of lives well-lived. We stand ready to serve you to help do that for others.

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