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Festivals are magical, helping people share common passions and interests – creating a buzz that announces to the world who you are and what excites you. Everyone enjoys a festival, whether its focus is on beer or wine, comedy or a car show. Once you are there, the world slips away and the participants can experience the joy that a well-planned and organized festival can offer. Your brand as a festival begins with your EventCreate partner.

EventCreate provides the means to get the word out, advertise your festival, organize your vendor participants and tell the world that they are invited! Think of the pre and post-festival photos you can display. You can sell tickets and easily manage huge amounts of people on your own tailored EventCreate website. You can accept major credit cards easily on your site and our servers are capable of handling hundreds of thousands of participants, efficiently and seamlessly.

The website you create on our EventCreate platform speaks to your unique interests and those of your attendees. You can use us to send out invitations to thousands, sell tickets to all of those people and even poll who is coming and what their particular interests are. Ever walk into a festival and the most popular part of the festival is not well-marked or accessible? You can put maps of your festival on your EventCreate website and even strategically place the vendors, exhibits, stages or performance times, based on the number of tickets sold and the results of the meta-level polling that you can gain from the EventCreate tools we provide you. Or perhaps you want to post live-streaming of the event on your website to do the real-time advertising that will bring in those extra attendees on the days of the festival?

From the beginning of your planning, through the advertisement, ticket sales, pre-event polling and even post-festival questionnaires, EventCreate stands ready to be your partner in ensuring success of your festival!

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