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Meet EventCreate, the top-rated, all-in-one event marketing platform. Create an event website and promote your event online (and offline) with one affordable and easy-to-use platform.

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At EventCreate we provide not just the software you need to hold a successful event, but the tools to successfully market it! Both go hand in hand to provide the springboard to launch an event website and capture the attention of those you want to attend.

Marshall McLuhan had the right idea when he wrote about media years ago: “The medium is the message.” That is especially true when it comes to your event website and how you use the tools we provide at EventCreate. Our marketing tools begin with a wide selection of fonts, colors and the ability to import your own photos and graphics. With those, you establish a platform whose shapes, colors and sizes invite someone in to learn more. Then the content itself, using the capabilities we provide you, our customer, serve to capture the imagination of a viewer, letting them feel that they have virtually joined the event before they’ve even registered. The medium serves to propel your marketing efforts forward, creating a sensory experience for the user – a subliminal invitation, if you will, to invite someone into your world!

And our event marketing Tools tools are mobile-ready, so you can push out and market your events on any mobile device. Most of live on our devices – why not let your event attendees do the same?

A critical step in any marketing endeavor is to create the right messaging and provide it in the format that captures the attention of those who see it. That’s what we do best at EventCreate – providing a site that is uniquely you that is both inviting and informative.

And your website is white-labeled – it’s uniquely yours. At EventCreate we believe in supporting you behind the scenes, not using your event to advertise our services! Others might need to take credit for your site – at EventCreate we believe our own best marketing tool is to practice what we preach in marketing. We don’t want to confuse a viewer with two messages – just your unique invitation to join in on the fun, the conference or the concert – whatever it may be! Your event marketing success and word of mouth through your social media platforms is all we need for our own marketing success.

And it is so easy to use EventCreate to share with your preferred CRM software, sharing contacts and increasing sales as a result.

Selling tickets and not sure of the pricing? Use our A/B and price-testing to assess interest and the right mix of demand and revenue. Only at EventCreate can you do this so easily.

And you can use the EventCreate network to publish and advertise your event, expanding your reach to 4 million users worldwide. Combine that with Attendee Lead-Generation tools that EventCreate offers lead generation technology is in itself “leading edge.” If you’re holding an art festival in your city, why not reach out to all the people in the area who might have an interest in art, using our unique geo-fencing capabilities? It puts you ahead of others in the space and ensures your success.

Not everyone uses electronic confirmation of ticketing for display on your mobile device (some of us even prefer to leave them at home when we are enjoying an event – but don’t tell anyone!) Why not use the option of letting attendees decide to print pdf tickets to both remind them of the upcoming event and to use them to enter the venue the night it is held. We offer that capability, thereby enhancing your marketing and expanding your reach to all users.

Part of that involves selecting just the right branding for your event – that includes both the name of the event, but also the look and feel of it on your unique website. And consider this – you can assign a unique domain name to your website that will better reflect your brand – just check out how to do it once you see our software. It’s super easy!

We provide you the capability to use our EventCreate tools to interface with social media, allowing your event to be displayed on a dozen different media simultaneously, all linked back to your unique and beautiful website. That allows you to get the marketing you need, with a conversion rate that is enviable compared to your competitors. It’s all about the clicks you get and the sales you make as a result.

The ability to effectively manage the myriad tasks associated with an event is important to you – that’s why EventCreate is designed to give you so many tools to manage your marketing campaign, from the ability to handle and monitor clicks to identify conversion rate and actual ticket sales – and if you need something unique for your enterprise-level solution, feel free to call us – we stand ready to help with your next project.

There are inevitably times when you need to integrate with other platforms and marketing tools. We can help you seamlessly integrate your messaging and site with the other tools that might be available – all without losing your unique identity and the website you have created to advertise your event. And that includes updating your social profiles.

Today’s world is all about data – and its use. At EventCreate, we can also provide you the data analytics that can better manage your next event. This includes the ability to distribute unique URLs to track your progress and the metrics associated with your event. EventCreate can track affiliate links, for instance, with no setup needed.

We can offer other unique services like coupons to help generate more sales – and they can be customized with a fixed amount of even using percentages.

And if you are an expert in CSS, it’s easy to add custom CSS to any of our websites to enhance your marketing efforts.

Whatever you can dream of for marketing, we stand ready to assist you in your endeavors. Our job is to serve you so that you can serve your customers – marketing to them is the first step – and keeping them coming back – that’s the true test of marketing! Check us out at EventCreate – we are always here for you.

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