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It's simple, yet powerful, with hundreds of easy-to use features. Whether you're planning a small get-together or a large festival, EventCreate is perfect for events of any size or any occasion.

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Choose a Beautiful Event Template

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First things first, choose from one our dozens of beautiful, handcrafted (and also free) design templates. Templates are the foundation of your event website and invitation design, so choose one that matches the look and feel or your event. Once you choose a template, you'll be able to customize just about everything, from the photos, the content, to even the design itself. Make it your own!


Build your Event Website in Minutes

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EventCreate makes it easy to create a beautiful, professional-looking event website in minutes using EventCreate’s easy-to-use website builder. Get started by choosing one of EventCreate's event website themes, each handcrafted by our award winning design team. From there, you can quickly add content, import images or videos, customize your fonts, and modify the design to make the website your own. And don't worry. No coding skills are required and no server setup is needed. It's that easy.

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Collect Event Registrations and Track Attendees

All the tools you need, built-in.

Whether your event is a conference with thousands of attendees or a small party with friends, EventCreate gives you the power to fully-customize your event registration process. Sell tickets, accept credit cards, and quickly tweak your registration form by adding unlimited custom questions (like “Are you bringing a guest?”). EventCreate's powerful analytics allow you to easily track and manage your attendees in one place. We take analytics seriously, giving you unprecendented power to understand your event performance. EventCreate also helps you identify VIPs, influencers and learn more about who is attending your events.


Send Invites, Text Messages or Share a Link

Seamlessly and Beautifully.

Your event website is ready; now, it's time to build your guestlist. Invite attendees to your event with beautifully-simple and fully customizable email invitations. In addition to powerful design customization, EventCreate's invite system comes pre-built with a host of features including delivery tracking, bulk list upload and automatic reminders. Don't want to send invites for your event? No problem. You can promote your event website in other ways, including partner site promotion, search engine optimization, social sharing, referrals or by embedding buttons on another website.

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Highly-rated and thousands of reviews worldwide, EventCreate is independently ranked a top event management platform.

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