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At EventCreate we use common sense to guide our product and services. For instance, did you ever start a home improvement project and discover you were missing the right tools to successfully complete it? Worse yet, the nearest hardware store just closed and you are forced to make-do without the correct equipment. What you thought would be a masterful creation sadly comes out far less perfect than what you imagined.

Don’t let something like that happen when you plan and execute what is for you just as important as that home improvement project - be it a concert, conference or a meaningful life event like a wedding, shower or reunion. By selecting EventCreate, we ensure your ability to have all the event management software you need at your fingerprints. We provide you the resources and platforms to manage anything from the smallest gatherings of a few people to enterprise-level events involving thousands.

The EventCreate toolkit we provide as part of our product to you allows both creativity for fun events and business tools to ensure success.

Website - Why hire someone to build your own website when EventCreate offers it as part of our software package? We start with a custom website that is both easy to use and able to meet the needs of any user. A neophyte can build their website in minutes, using our software to guide them, seamlessly creating something that is unique to you or your business. Your website is dedicated to you and can seamlessly dovetail with your domain name. And you don’t share the credit with our company – the site is yours alone – we call it “white-labeled” - with no mention of EventCreate. Our job is to support your efforts with the best software around – not take credit for it!

The Best User Experience in the Business – Our product was designed by a talented and knowledgeable User Experience Team. We had wasted so much time on so many websites, searching for the next step in a process, or pondering why so many of the necessary information was hidden on screens that seemed to go nowhere. We learned from those experiences – ensuring that you and your customers don’t have to suffer like we did.

Software Support – Our team of experts will work with you on any questions you have about our basic or advanced packages – and we’ll stand ready to help you modify your platform for enterprise-level solutions.

Vigilance and Prevention of Malware – We have invested heavily in software that is designed to protect you from the effects of malware. We work hard with our team and with our industry partners to stay one step ahead of anyone who would do EventCreate or our products harm and negatively effect your results.

Domains – Let EventCreate create the right domain for your enterprise. Once you have it in place, you will be in position to use other tools in our toolkit.

SEO and Ad Search Optimization – You can use our software to assist you in optimizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and help your site pop up higher on any ad searches on the web.

Text and Email Management – In today’s rapidly moving world, the ability to easily get the word out through various vehicles helps ensure the success of your event. From importing CSV files for sending out invitations to tracking RSVP’s, you can easily invite thousands of people and just as easily monitor of who is attending that special event.

Tracking Inquiries – How many hits have you had on your unique website? EventCreate allows you to monitor the hits and easily know your “conversion rate” for acceptances or sales.

Real-Time Updates to Your EventCreate Website - Knowing the facts about your conversion rates helps you to easily make real-time changes to your website. Add the right hashtags and spin-off some key words and you can readily see the effect of the changes you make – all with EventCreate!

Interface with Social Media – Our software integrates well with any of the major social media platforms, allowing your site to be displayed to those who follow you on whatever platform or devices you use. It’s all about making sure that your personalized EventCreate website gets the hits that will ensure your success!

Streaming Videos – the ability to stream a video can make a huge difference in the success of your event. That’s why we’ve provided that capability at EventCreate.

Details, Details, Details – There are no simple events, but a software platform needs to be simple to use and easy to tailor to your needs. That is especially true when it comes to the myriad details associated with everything you plan. EventCreate is unique in its ease of use and intuitive tools that can easily meet all of your needs!

Think about a wedding – from the dates and times of the ceremony and the reception to the bridal registry, you need the ability to import “fields” to provide all the necessary information to those invited and, more importantly, to capture information from them. Are there food allergies or special needs that need to be known and accommodated prior to the event? EventCreate’s software allows you to learn that information and even respond back to each individual invitee.

Is it a concert? No problem – you can use our software to map the seating and sell tickets by section, seat number and row – and you can even display a map of the venue so everyone can have a better idea of what it looks like.

Ticket Sales – The days of asking someone to go to call a box office or even a separate website are over. It’s easy as can be with our software – sell the tickets online on your EventCreate platform and we make it easy – capturing the sales proceeds for you and seamlessly transferring it to your bank or financial institution. Let us do the hard work in collecting the proceeds from your event – leaving you with enjoying the experience!

Integration with other platforms – It’s never easy asking one software platform to talk with another, but that’s what we can do for you. With enterprise-level solutions from EventCreate, our developers are ready to work with you to make sure that your system interfaces with ours to meet your needs.

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