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Reunion is a powerful word that is fundamentally about renewing connection and relationships with those who are important to us. Like you, we at EventCreate believe that it is all about those people whose lives have touched ours in unique ways, with whom we share a bond and a desire to stay in touch. Our platform does that and more.

You can use EventCreate to build a unique website to plan and then execute any reunion. Think of your friends in the military with whom you served. Imagine seeing their photos displayed in uniform on your website and then putting together the details so well that it will make old NCO proud. You can do that with EventCreate. How about those times in high school or college when the future lay ahead of you to be explored? Entice your old classmates to click on the website and then enter into that future that has unfolded for them, into a world of continued and renewed friendships at a reunion that will not just be a get get together – but an experience to be remembered.

Then there are the bonds of family that entwine us and support our lives. Reach out to those cousins, sisters, brothers, parents and grandparents and bring them together by using our tools of connection that will welcome them home to the family reunion twice – when they see the beautiful invitation and when they embrace each other at the gathering. Add all the details you need, including those photos or videos of holidays from years gone by. Send location and activity material, or links to interesting side trips people can make.

You can easily collect RSVP’s or sell tickets on-line for any type of reunion using EventCreate’s easy to use all-in-one platform.

Leave the hard part to us and get set up in seconds. Your perfect reunion is just clicks away.

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EventCreate was independently ranked a Top Event Management Software by Capterra.

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Simply awesome. EventCreate makes it incredibly easy to create an impressive event website. We received rave reviews from our attendees.
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