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Our lives are marked by certain events. For so many, the ritual of baptism has deep meaning for families and friends.

Why not share the invitation for a Baptism with your family, your friends and your community of faith? Using an EventCreate-tailored website allows you to not just invite everyone – it also allows you to display your favorite scriptures, photos of previous family baptisms and even personal messages from your pastor.

EventCreate provides you behind-the-scenes tools so that the website you create is yours alone – there are no advertisements or even our logo on the bottom. Our job is to transparently support the blessed event and let the messaging be created uniquely by each user. Our library of screens and the capabilities we provide will allow you to send invitations, capture RSVP’s and invite each person to write personal messages and even post photos after the baptism.

EventCreate affords possibilities far beyond the text, email or snail-mail invite – it brings lives and people together to celebrate a blessed event that touches all of us and brings home the meaning of life and the future for all of us.

Let EventCreate be your portal to the future and the celebration of a new life!

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