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Everyone likes the idea of an open house. It’s exciting to see a new real estate listing or visit that model home to dream about your next big move! And it’s rewarding for the listing agent and prospective buyer to know that enough interest has been created to attract prospective buyers. Having a registration for the event helps you do that and much more – all with EventCreate!

And how do you advertise your next open house to ensure the greatest draw of prospective buyers. And how do you replicate that again and again for future listings? EventCreate provides you the tools and solutions you need to get the word out about your open house.

Not only can you provide links to a virtual tour, you can innovate in ways you never imagined, like collecting registrations for those who want to attend, even allowing scheduling of specific time-blocks on your website for that personalized tour. In the process, you can collect information from those website attendees, including their interest in purchasing, when they might be in the market and any other information that will benefit them in their home-purchase needs. That data can serve you as you build a potential customer base, using EventCreate as your technology platform. And you can easily follow up with those clients with future open houses and new listings!

Our beautiful websites at EventCreate are second to none and invite clients into your world in a way like no other. You are unique – why not choose a unique platform like EventCreate?

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