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An ancient saying goes that a journey of a thousand miles begins with but one step. Planning that perfect trip of any distance can begin with just one step as well – in this case a click - all on your beautiful EventCreate website. Inspiring others to participate in that upcoming adventure is an art form, as you let others feel as if they have begun the adventure by entering your website. Yours is a portal to the start of the journey for former co-workers, far-flung colleagues, family or friends.

Sending out a single email with even the most inviting descriptions can inform someone about a trip, yet it often fails to connect. An EventCreate website excites the imagination and presents possibilities, by providing photos, videos, maps and travel details that help build excitement for the adventure. It will also answer so many questions, including options for accommodations and diet, such as those who are in need of assistance, or are travelling alone, as well as those with dietary restrictions.

A trip is meant to excite wonder and welcome curiosity and EventCreate does that with its beautiful websites. Once you inspire your travelers, you still need to give logistical information, collect relevant travel document data, give detailed itineraries and even provide frequently asked questions. Your sophisticated tourist also wants links to the weather forecasts for the destinations, as well possible optional side-trips. And she or he will need to download a pdf with full descriptions of the trip and even emergency contact information.

With EventCreate, you can also easily collect RSVP’s or collect credit card payments as needed – all on one platform.

After the travels, you can post photos of those who have signed up for the trip, and later, when they get back home, they can continually return to their adventure by viewing photos shared on the website. Theirs is the world to explore and EventCreate is the vehicle to take them there and back.

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