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Not for generations has there been such a desire to reconnect with others in this world. An anniversary celebration is not just an excuse to get together – it is a reason to experience joy in human contact and engagement! EventCreate gives you a way to share that joy with a beautiful invitation that starts the celebration even before the guests arrive!

Think about your experiences in this world. Your wedding album probably has an original copy of your invitation – copy it or take a photo and display it on your personally-created website invitation. Include photos of “then” and “now,” be it for that special wedding anniversary, or an event that marks a milestone in your career. Whatever you need, EventCreate can supply the tools to invite those you care about and to make them feel connected and excited to share in the moment with you.

EventCreate allows you to send out invitations via text or email, receive RSVP’s and lets you invite people to write special “Anniversary Messages” to those you are honoring. You can even ask people to tell them about themselves and to send photos or videos that provide more meaning to those who will attend.

Life is meant to be celebrated! Whether it’s the first year of a job or living through one year of remote work, we need to join together as people to make sure we mark any and all milestones that hold meaning to us. EventCreate is there for you to express your humanity and your caring for others.

Let EventCreate be your tool to open up the infinite possibilities of anniversary celebrations! Whether it’s a “Reopening” anniversary, or a milestone birthday, that’s really just another way to say “Let’s get together because this is important for all of us!”

EventCreate invites you to join with is in that celebration!

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