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Pushing out an email to your employees to tell them about a Town Hall meeting or a Strategic Planning Session is likely only one step better than posting a notice on the company bulletin board. But it’s only one step. Why not take a leap forward with the powerful advantages of an invitation you can build with EventCreate’s amazing tools?

Don’t just tell your people about the upcoming event - make them so curious about it that they want to attend! You can create interactive platforms, posing questions that might be asked and inviting input through “fields” you can easily create. You can invite via text, or email. You can post a link to a video or display photos of previous events and generate new ideas and excitement in the process. EventCreate allows you to open your people up to ideas and to celebrate the culture of the organization. Do it with color, innovation and brand-focused layouts – all while using our tools. And don’t worry about displaying the name or brand of EventCreate’s beautiful tools. The site is yours and yours alone – that’s one of the key differentiators of EventCreate’s platform – it’s yours to use in the background, so that you and your company are center stage in just the way you want to be displayed.

For your next town meeting or any company-event – even if it’s a brainstorming session over coffee – EventCreate is there for you and your team to use and to leverage for a stronger culture and company!

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