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Easy words to say and so difficult to achieve. So much of enticing the right candidates and determining how they will fit into your company and organization is to have them understand who you are and what you stand for. You can do that with an EventCreate Recruiting Website, created with our powerful tools and made unique by your own personal cultural touch.

From photos to video links and testimonials, you can provide the prospective candidates with an insight, appreciation and understanding of just how unique your company is, inviting them into your world and helping them know why they are drawn to it. You can tailor the site to gain information about the candidate’s qualifications, their education, their professional goals or even their hobbies.

And the canvas upon which you paint a picture of you and your team will help each candidate know how much they want to join your company! EventCreate provides you the ability to create new recruiting tools and to modify them as your company and your needs grow and change!

Build your own recruiting website with EventCreate. If you choose, you can have candidates download links to brochures about your company. Conversely, let the potential employee upload a resume onto your personalized recruiting portal link.

And you can utilize the email contacts you have to push out the website to thousands of people with the touch of a button. We build in the capability to send out files using csv or even manual input of addresses. Either way, you can provide the personal touch and display your own culture with the power of EventCreate!

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