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Use a QR Scanner To Scan Tickets For Your Event

February 12, 2024 | Written by: Nicole Steyn

Say goodbye to paper tickets and endless check-in lines! The QR code scanner has revolutionized the event check-in process to be convenient and efficient. With EventCreate, you can now join the revolution and embrace this tech-savvy way to quickly and effortlessly check in attendees at your events.

What are QR code scanners for events?

Imagine a ticket with next-level accuracy and reliability. A QR code, similar to a standard barcode, can store a wealth of encrypted information, including your event tickets. The QR scanner acts as a ticket authenticator – all you’ll need to do is point your smartphone camera or dedicated scanner at the QR code to give guests instant access to the code's stored information.

In the context of events, QR scanners become powerful tools for ticket verification and check-ins. Attendees simply present their QR code (usually on their phone or printed ticket) to the scanner, and they're in. No more paper trails, no more messy spreadsheets, just a seamless and speedy entry process.

To make use of QR code scanning, you will need a device with camera access which usually doubles as a QR reader to easily scan a QR code. There's no need for a separate QR code scanner.

What are the benefits of using a QR scanner at your event?

You might be wondering why you should use QR scanners at your events? The benefits of QR scanners for event organizers are numerous and multifaceted. Here are a few key reasons to ditch the old ways and embrace the QR revolution:

1. Speed

Say goodbye to those long snaking lines at your event entrance by using QR codes on your tickets. This allows you to check in attendees and process tickets in seconds, making the check-in process quicker and smoother for both organizers and attendees. This also translates to happier guests and an overall better event experience. 

2. Accuracy

No more manually checking names and tickets which is often prone to human error. QR codes can intently verify the authenticity of tickets, eliminating the risk of fraud and ensuring only registered guests have access to the event venue. It’s great for added security and peace of mind for both organizers and guests.

3. Data capturing

QR scanners are data-gathering goldmines. Capture valuable data with your scan history like attendance times and entry points, which can be valuable to optimize future events, and improve the overall attendee experience.

4. Eco-friendly

Checking in with QR codes also eliminates the need for paper tickets and the hassle of printing. It’s a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper tickets. Attendees can simply present their QR code on their phone for scanning. QR codes are a great way to impress your environmentally conscious attendees with a forward-thinking approach.

5. Tech-savvy

Demonstrate your commitment to providing a modern and efficient event experience by using digital tickets with QR codes. This can give you a competitive edge and attract more tech-savvy attendees too.

Embrace efficiency with EventCreate’s QR code capabilities

By selecting a ticketed registration type for your event in EventCreate, all registrants will be issued with a ticket. These tickets bear a QR code that can be used for check-in purposes with no need to create a additional QR code online as they are automatically included.

When attendees arrive at your event, you have a few options to process their check-ins and scan their QR code:

Option 1: Desktop Check In

The Desktop Check In option can be accessed on your desktop browser by logging into your EventCreate account with your username and password. This can be done directly in the event dashboard.

Option 2: EventCreate Mobile Check In

The Mobile Check In option is available by logging into EventCreate on any mobile web browser, such as Google Chrome. This option allows for both manual check-ins and to quickly scan QR codes online. 

Option 3: EventCreate App Check In

For iPhone devices, organizers can download the EventCreate Check-In app for iOS from the Apple Store. Check-ins can be completed manually with the attendees list or using the efficient QR code option. Alternatively, for Android devices, EventCreate integrates seamlessly with the Chrome QR code scanner, available for download from the Android store.

Unleash the Power of a QR Code Reader and EventCreate

Don't just host an event, create an experience. Use EventCreate's QR scanning feature and witness the magic of efficiency, security, and attendee satisfaction.

Imagine: attendees breeze through check-in when you scan a QR code on their mobile phone or printed ticket. No more tedious lineups, frustrated guests, or mountains of paper waste.

EventCreate's intuitive system will instantly verify tickets, track attendance, and gather valuable data, empowering you to optimize future events and deliver truly unforgettable experiences.

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